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amberstorm-splash·8 days agoText

Once again, sorry for lack of posting

I feel like I say this a lot, but Tumblr isn’t my life so I don’t feel to bad. However, I care about the people who follow me, so I felt I should give an explanation.

My mom has been having some medical problems, my phones been clutching, and though this last one sounds stupid, I’ve been struggling with the variety of emotions that come from having a crush. Spring break is coming soon, so I’ll have some time to calm down, and hopefully get some more inspiration for posting. Thanks for your time! :)

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being touchstarved makes u absolutely buckwild when someone does smth simple like .share a chair with u

like having someone touch your hand with the tips of their fingers shouldn’t feel like So Much it shouldn’t feel like your whole body is going into anaphylactic shock but here we are. here we are.

ok 2 many of u relate

Someone gave me a compliment and reached out and squeezed my hand and I fell in love and couldn’t speak for several minutes

I was just gonna type this in the tags but I have to say this.

Growing up in North America is surreal
Every tiny little blip of physical affection is deemed as sexual interest.
Boys aren’t allowed to hug eachother because “that’s gay.”
Girls can’t hold hands because “are they going out?”
And GOD FORBID a female friend hugs a male friend.

Having lived in the Netherlands, and reading up about shit like this, Canadians and Americans are starving

I went to Japan for a school trip in 2012. I went to a highschool there.
There were boys hugging, lounging on those blue gym floor mats, holding hands, trowing their arms around eachother.
I was startled by how shocked I was.

This mentality of “if you’re touching you must have sexual interest in the other person” is so fucking disgusting. Hug your friends. Hold hands with them. Touch their hands when you want to reassure them.

Unfortunately that is… Very true

Me and my friends love to break the North America social norms of physical contanct. I don’t want to reveal their real names, so I’ll make fake names for this post.

Kyle and Jude, two of my dude friends, hug all the time. Both of them are huge on hugs, so they hug all their friends constantly too.

It’s a common contest between my strong friends to pick eachother up. Doreen, Kyle, Berry and Taylor all participate in this mock-constest (I would too if I had muscles). Jude also occasionally rides on Kyle’s shoulders for fun.

I like to charge or suprise hug my friends that enjoy hugs, such as Evelyn and Dillan.

Basically, we all said fuck social norms for physical contact norms, and decided to hug eachother as much as each person wants to be hugged.

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amberstorm-splash·a month agoText

Lack of posting recently

Got really busy with performing Legally Blonde at my school. However, our 3 performances and cast party are finished now, so I’ll be making more art, memes, and analysis again. The musical was really fun, and I’m dedinently going to miss hanging put with my friends before plays and during practice, but I’m happy to have free time again.

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send me a character and i’ll tell you…

  • a song that reminds me of them
  • what they smell like
  • an otp
  • a notp
  • favorite platonic/familial relationships
  • a headcanon that is popular in the fandom but that i disagree with
  • the position they sleep in
  • a crossover au i’d love to see them in
  • my favorite outfit they’ve ever worn

Feel free to ask me about any charcters of the fandoms I’ve put in the tags.

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hrrgnh Ed im trying to defend Gotham but im dummy thicc and the clap of my ass cheeks keeps drawing enemy fire

I want to erase this post from my memory… But I also wish to cherish it.

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You know what sucks about the decline of AMVs not being as popular anymore? In the early to mid-2000s… that literally used to be how I found new songs to listen to. Having music that made me think directly of one character/show, and then I’d just blast that on loop, while keeping the amv for visuals.

Those were good days. To the people who still make amvs… I appreciate and respect the heck outta ya, you beautiful creators you. Rock on.

The Warrior Cats fandom is still making tons of really original ones, and it’s so beautiful to see this fandom as strong as it has ever been after more then 15 years.

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Johnny Depp said that he was innocent 3 yeas ago, he said she abused him 3 years ago, he had evidence 3 years ago

and the internet didn’t believe him because………….. he’s a man

we still have a very long way to go when it comes to dealing with male victims of domestic violence

please learn from this and give johnny all the love, respect and support that you can

I’m actually really mad that the internet put Johnny through this. I don’t want to blame people who thought they were doing the right thing, but please do research before ‘cancelling’ someone, or jumping onto a bandwagon of hating someone. We’re supposed to learn to make our own decisions in our teenage years. Please, be careful, or you may just end up damaging someone’s whole life.

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amberstorm-splash·a month agoText

Just heard the news about Johnny Depp and I’m legit shaking at the fact some of y'all still have the audacity to be hating on him for this. Amber Heard had proved herself to be a lying, manipulative person long before her false accusations of abuse. I never talked about it on Social media before, because when the accusations first came out I wasn’t as sure of if I should post my opinions on these things. I understand why everyone immediately blamed Depp, but if some people had done some research into Amber Heard’s character, we could have saved this man a lot of mental trauma. I’m sorry I was too young and scared of posting my opinions on the internet back then to try and defend Johnny.

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amberstorm-splash·2 months agoText

~Click for better image quality~

Some more Oswalds, but with no shading this time. I’m trying to do a project where I draw every hair style Oswald has had… Lets just say he’s had a lot.

The Oswald to the left is from S1E2

The Oswald to the right is from S1E3 - S1E6

The bottom versions of the drawings are transparent.

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amberstorm-splash·2 months agoText





A scene not enough people have talked about

In S3E11, Barbra shares with Edward that Oswald killed his girlfriend, and that his motive for the murder was love. Now, when I first watched this scene, my mind was thinking about what Edward’s future actions would be when he knew for sure Oswald killed his girlfriend, and not as much about Edward’s reaction to everything Barbra was saying in the present of that scene. I wouldn’t be suprised if many people watched that scene with similar thoughts in mind. However, when I recently watched that scene over, I focused a lot more on Edward, and I found his reaction… Rather fascinating.

Barbra: *Coughs* Penguin!

Edward: Did you just fake cough, ‘Penguin’

In this scene, Barbra has accused Penguin of being the one who killed Isabella. Notice the slight smile mixed with confusion on Edward’s face. This is the face of a man who haddn’t even entertained the thought of that yet. This is new to him, and a bit amusing. Oswald would never do that, why would he?

Edward: Needless to say, that is absurd on a number of levels.

Edward laughs slightly. From other scenes in the series, we know Ed sometimes laughs when he’s nervouse. For example, when he killed Kristen Kringle’s abusive boyfriend. What Barbra has presented is obviously frightening to him. He almost seems defensive, his hands holding onto the chair as if for support and his knees slightly bent. Why would Barbra even accuse Oswald of this horrible crime? He desperately wants to believe Oswald wouldn’t do something like this to him… And yet, as Barbara goes on…

Barbra: Really? All a crime requirs is means, motive and opportunity, and your beacky little buddy certaintly has the means and oppurtunity.

For a second, Ed just sort of stairs at the ground, a strange smile on his face that doesn’t seem real. In fact, it seems like the smile is very forced, as if he doesn’t just want Barbra to be convinced what she’s saying is absurd, but himself too. He seems to be in contemplation. As Barbara said, Oswald most certaintly has the means and opportunity, but what about motive? No, surely Oswald would have had no reason to want Isabella dead…

Edward: But no motive.

He looks away, and finally moves his one hand off the chair, as if him saying these words has made them true, and therefore released a huge weight off his soul. This needs to be true, or else… Well, Edward doesn’t seem sure of that yet.

Barbra: Ooh, I would say he had the oldest motive in the book. Rich men want it, wise men know it, the poor all need it.

Edward: Love.

He answeres the riddle immediately after it’s said. After all, not to long ago he shared it with Oswald, and had it shared back in return. He looks a bit upset when he says the words, most likely as his last love has recently perished. He doesn’t seem to have connected this to Oswald yet, to focused on the riddle and on Isabella.

Edward: What does that have to do w-

Edward stops mid-sentence, just as he was most likely about to say Oswald’s name. He can’t bear to even say ‘Oswald’ and ‘love’ in the same sentence. His eyebrows are slightly turned down, and his eyes squinted. He even releases a small gasp. This is not the face of a man who is thinking about how his best friend killed his girlfriend. If he was thinking of that, he would look a lot more enraged and or frustrated. No, Edward just looks… Sort of despaired and concentrated, like he’s pondering a melancholy thought. All he can think about is that Oswald loves him. Oswald must have realized he loved Edward before or during the time Ed was with Isabella. Maybe that was why he kept on saying to Ed there was something he needed to tell him, but could never force that something into words. Maybe that’s why he invited Edward to dinner, to confess his feelings. Edward doesn’t seem offended either, if anything, it looks like he recipricates those feelings. Or at least, did at some point. He looks like a man who lost his chance at love. And in Edward’s mind, there’s no way to save that feeling. It has passed, and so it must die.

He looks like a man who lost his chance at love. And in Edward’s mind, there’s no way to save that feeling. It has passed, and so it must die.

Ugh that kills me!

This is a great analysis of Eddie’s body language in this scene. All fits perfectly to me. Though I might add - that last shot could maybe also be read as Ed having not known he reciprocated Ozzie’s feelings, but in that moment he starts to recognise that maybe he did, or that he could. It’s him reassessing every moment with Ozzie, not just to analyse Ozzie’s behaviour with new understanding but also his own, recontextualising every feeling he experienced over their time together and concluding that, oh no, was he in love as well?

And then, yes, like you say he goes on to dismiss it - even if Ozzie loves him, even if he might have loved him back, even if he still loves him back, it’s too late. Anything they might have had or could still have had is impossible now because of Ozzie’s betrayal. So easier to reject it all. Tell himself he never loved Ozzie anyway and never could.

Oh the angst!

Oh my gosh, I think your interpretation broke my heart even more! Edward is an idiot genious, so I wouldn’t be suprised if he didn’t even realize he loved Oswald. Props to you for making me squel while reading your response, causing my mother to ask who I was texting.

Always happy to break hearts :P

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