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anna-le-fay·a day agoVideo






what was he gonna say after “merlin-” when lancelot interrupts him, lancelot how could u, it was clearly going to be something like “if anything happened to you i couldn’t bear it”/ “your safety means more than anything to me, do you understand”

look having arthur tell merlin he loves him or kiss him here would’ve had so much angst potential bc arthur would’ve done it directly in front of the man who’s in love with arthur’s wife like,, that’s fucked up

then after merlin heals w/e lancelot just has to sit there and know that arthur loves merlin, but is married to gwen, and,, not.. tell… gwen…

Lancelot definitely knew how much Merlin loved Arthur… He saw that Merlin was ready to die for Arthur and he couldn’t bear to see them separated so he sacrificed himself for merthur love basically.

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anna-le-fay·2 days agoQuote

“Merlin,” came Arthur’s indignant cry a moment later, and Merlin’s heart ached at the familiar sound. “I thought I told you not to go. I command it,” he added, a note of desperation in his voice now.

Merlin smiled sadly. “But now you know why I need to.” He looked back over his shoulder, catching and holding Arthur’s gaze for a brief, glorious moment. Memorising the shade of his blue eyes, the curve of his lip, the way the sunlight streaming in through the window set his blonde hair alight. “You have a family now, Arthur, and I’m not a part of it. Maybe some time apart will help you remember that.”

And he turned away, wishing that Arthur’s frozen look of dawning realisation and heartbreak wouldn’t be the last thing he’d see on the King’s face, but knowing that this was how it had to be.

After a moment, he heard the quiet click of the door, and he knew that Arthur was gone.

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anna-le-fay·2 days agoText


in times like these it’s more important than ever to stay united, especially as a small fandom such as ours. if i may suggest joining the merlin chat, that is where most of the fandom meets up on a regular basis. writers /artists /readers /lurkers / etc etc are all welcome!

please boost this. if you are shy about joining on your own, feel free to message me and we can arrange to go together

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Writer sign ups: March 20 - May 20
Artist sign ups: March 20 - June 20
Beta Sign ups: March 20 (open)
Hype Reader Sign ups: March 20 (open)
Writer Check in: May 20
Rough Drafts (15k min/60% of final story) & Summaries due: June 20
Summary Posting: June 25
Summary Claiming: June 30
Artist check in: August 5
Writer’s Final Drafts (25k min) Due: August 25
Artist’s Rough Drafts Due: August 31
Posting Begins: September 1 (tentative)

FAQ can be found HERE

NOTE: Hype Readers are new for this year and will replace the sign ups previously for Cheerleaders, please check out our sign up posts to find out what exactly a Hype Reader is. We have also given the FAQs a bit of an update this year, so even if you have participated in ACBB in previous years, please do give them a once over. Thanks!

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anna-le-fay·3 days agoAnswer
Hi! Do you know any other active fic blogs like yours?

Hiya! I’m assuming you mean Merlin blogs? There’s a few that are still mostly active! :D






And @fy-merlinxarthur has fanfic recs as well!

Here’s some that aren’t active anymore but still have a bunch of fics:






And there’s always the ao3 feed blogs! @ao3feed-merlinarthur and @ao3feed-merlin

Hope that helps! :)) And if anyone knows of more blogs, feel free to add them on!

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Enchanted Gwen: I heard he’s off with some girl, that’s why he’s not here. Merlin isn’t missing, I’m sure he’s fine.

Arthur, knowing this is bullshit cause he’s been sleeping with Merlin since like season 2: Umm

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Literally whenever Merlin insults Arthur, Arthur gets this Did-He-Actually-Just look which always morphs into a That-Sexy-Boi, Love-Of-My-Life look followed by heart eyes and a big dopey smile like oh my gosh Arthur control yourself, is subtlety not in your vocabulary

I didn’t even need a gif because of how vivid and true this discription was

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anna-le-fay·5 days agoText


I love that Merlin is simultaneously the best and worst liar ever. 

Like he obviously kept what is possibly the kingdom’s biggest secret for years but it was also mostly on accident. Most of his lies were just other people’s assumptions. He has literally come clean and said that he was a sorcerer and people did not believe him. Why? Because of course he isn’t a sorcerer. He’s weak, he’s a clutz, he’s hopeless. If he were a sorcerer, he’d be of more use in a fight or more cunning or more evil. Merlin didn’t have to lie because the whole kingdom collectively decided that he was loyal to a fault but in the way that he was absolutely idiotic and had a death wish. They saw him foolishly try to save the prince/king and get lucky from time to time, not someone with a secret weapon so powerful that he would always pull through. 

And Merlin plays into this facade because he believes it to. To an extent it is real. If he put his mind to it, he could probably stop himself from tripping all of the time, get better at at least basic physical self defense, or stop making a fool of himself. But he doesn’t, and it’s only partially intentional. Most of that is just who he is behind the magic and the lies. And even as he grows and develops, he maintains those traits because they help him stay safe and stop him from becoming to hard hearted. They help him to be Merlin and Emrys rather than Emrys instead of Merlin. 

And when Merlin actually does lie, his eyes shift about and he has trouble keeping his voice even. He’s so terribly rubbish at lying and it’s all because he’s never actually had to practice. He almost thinks that he can lie because it very much does seem like he is. He’s always hiding and sneaking around, keeping secrets. But those aren’t lies. When he speaks out loud, he rarely says things that are not the truth. 

He lives a lie but very rarely tells one. 

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anna-le-fay·5 days agoText


Morgana: how was the honeymoon?

Arthur: Merlin got so drunk and tried to set our marriage certificate on fire.

Arthur: he said “good luck trying to return me without the receipt.”

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anna-le-fay·5 days agoText

I s2g 50% of BBC Merlin is just Arthur and Merlin eyefucking staring at each other like I know everyone talks about it but sometimes you never really fully realize how ridiculous it is until you try to make a gifset of literally any scene with the two of them. Do you know how many frames I have to cut to make it fit?? Like jfc you two aren’t fooling a n y o n e

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