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You darn right it is! Black Panther fan. Ship quite a few things including low key yet high key T'Cherik. I just wanna chill. P.S. 馃摚 ERIK KILLMONGER IS A BOTTOM BOY!

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happy Thursday the 20th

I鈥檇 have to wait months or even years for another chance to reblog this, so why the fuck not?

next days you can reblog this on a Thursday the 20th

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You know, just in case you wanted to set your queue for the next 6 years


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awakandangoddessa month agoAnswer
Is t’challa tickilish?

For SURE! Unless he has ingested the heart-shaped herb then he鈥檚 not.聽

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awakandangoddessa month agoAnswer
How would erik handle walking around with a Butt plug in him all day that vibrates?(it was out there by t’challa of course)

Imagine this:

Erik is walking around the palace while T'Challa is in another meeting. While doing this he feels the butt plug vibrate and slightly move making him wince, but let out a loud moan at the same time. He’s thankful no one was around to hear him, but T'Challa is getting on his last good nerve with this plug. Although, it was Erik’s idea as a way to spice things up.

“This nigga here,” Erik struggles to mumble. “How can he do this in a meeting?”

The plug is still active for about another minute before it stops. Erik is leaning against the wall trying to regain his composure.

“Shit! He’s really trynna get it tonight,” Erik says to himself as he straightens up and acts as if nothing happened.


It’s the end of the day and Erik should be chilling in him and T'Challa’s quarters. Instead he’s on the bed, face down, back arched, and ass up in the air moaning and screaming as loud as he could. The butt plug is set on the highest level possible which sends Erik into overdrive.

“Ah fuck!” He screams. He knows T'Challa’s doing this so Erik would be prepared for him when he gets back, but damn it’s tortuous as hell.

Erik can’t take it anymore as he feels himself about to cum until the plug stops all together. He’s breathing heavily as he opens his eyes to see T'Challa standing in the doorway with a smirk on his face.

“Hello, Erik. Did you enjoy yourself today?” Erik doesn’t say anything as he’s too worn out to answer.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” T'Challa walks further in the room towards Erik. He strips him of his clothes and removes the butt plug throwing it in a chair in the room.

“Are you ready for me?” T'Challa asks as he kisses Erik on the lips.

“Just…fuck me already,” Erik mumbles.

“My pleasure,” T'Challa teases as he strips himself of his clothes before placing himself on the bed ready to make love to his consort.

So I had to do it. I had to turn this into a short story. I hoped it answered your question and that you enjoyed the one shot.

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awakandangoddessa month agoText

Tumblr really needs to have a save draft button for asks. I start writing, forget what I’m going to say next, but I have to keep going because I can’t save it.

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awakandangoddessa month agoAnswer
What do you think T’challa would have to do to get Erik to say he hated him? (Like after they’ve confessed their feelings and shit)

I’ve been thinking about this question. It’s a good one.

T'Challa would have to hit Erik where it hurts most. And that would be not being actually sensitive to all Erik has been through in his life. From his mom being away in jail, his dad’s murder, growing up quickly, and wanting to avenge his dad’s death. T'Challa empathized with him, but if it all turned out to be a lie just to get Erik to not destroy Wakanda, he’d do more than hate T'Challa, he would want to kill him all over again.

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Black girls deserve to learn free from bias and stereotypes.

Most black girls experience this hatred at schools. And classmates are not the only problem, there is no support from teachers, too. That鈥檚 why they get so affected by their school experiences. Black kids deserve to be treated just like everybody else, they want to study, they want to learn something ,too. However due to prejudice they are 5 times more likely to be suspended than their white peers and it can ruin their lives forever.聽 National Women鈥檚 Law Center聽created this video to change the situation. Join the movement to help black girls feel normal and get the same opportunities everybody else has.


Finally something focusing on black girls!

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Holy shit

I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees this. Are wombats really that big? I know it’s Australia but I thought they were wayyyyy smaller. Dang just dang.

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awakandangoddess3 months agoAnswer
What would t’challa do if he caught Erik masturbating?

If you can鈥檛 beat聽鈥榚m, join聽鈥榚m!

馃槀馃槀I鈥檓 half kidding yet serious.

Just picture T鈥機halla coming in from a long day of meetings, ready to see his baby and chill out with him until dinner. As he enters they鈥檙e shared space, he hears the sound of moaning. He definitely knows Erik鈥檚 moans from anywhere. T鈥機halla walks quietly to the entrance of their bedroom to see Erik laid out on the bed, eyes closed, back arching off the bed, mouth open wide, all while jerking himself stick with his hand back and forth. Seeing this sight of Erik has T鈥機halla on hard immediately. He wants to interrupt, but doesn鈥檛 want to ruin the moment. Instead, he stands there and watches Erik like he鈥檚 a move until he starts moaning out T鈥機halla鈥檚 name.聽

鈥淯gh, T鈥機halla! Fuck!鈥 That right there was enough to make the panther come out of T鈥機halla.聽

T鈥機halla clears his throat loud enough to where Erik stops what he鈥檚 doing and opens his eyes to see his partner standing there with a smirk on his face.聽

鈥淪o you were just going to cum without me being physically present?鈥 T鈥機halla asks as we walks further into the bedroom.聽

Erik shrugs his shoulders.聽鈥淵ou haven鈥檛 been giving it to me lately, so I gotta do what I gotta do.鈥澛

T鈥機halla lays himself on Erik鈥檚 body with that smirk still on his face. He kisses him lightly before pulling away and going towards Erik鈥檚 ear.

鈥淟et Daddy take care of you,鈥 T鈥機halla whispers.聽

鈥淭ake care of me then,鈥 Erik tells him before they start kissing deeply while he鈥檚 tearing off T鈥機halla鈥檚 clothes for a round of love-making.聽

To the person who asked this, I鈥檓 just now getting your ask and I鈥檓 sorry it took so long. I hope you like this. I wanted to write a quick short anyway. 馃榾

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awakandangoddess3 months agoAnswer
Do Wakandans have Christmas??

Wakandans have a different form of Christmas. It鈥檚 not exactly called Christmas either, but something else instead. What it is I can鈥檛 remember. Oops! But when N鈥橨adaka aka Erik gets to Wakanda and introduces the idea of Christmas to the royal family, both T鈥機halla and Erik combine their traditions to have the best dang holiday celebration ever!聽

I hope this answered your question!聽

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.锝.:*鉁 black panther christmas icons鉁*:.锝.
聽鈫 饾槺饾槶饾槮饾槩饾槾饾槮 饾槶饾槳饾槵饾槮 饾槳饾槯 饾樅饾槹饾樁 饾槾饾槩饾樂饾槮 饾槹饾槼 饾樁饾槾饾槮



I need this!!

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Erik riding T鈥機halla like no tomorrow.

That鈥檚 it that鈥檚 the post.

This 鈽濔煆

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@kida114 us after discussing tcherik sex ideas馃拃馃拃


just watch this video after you read smut to cleanse your soul

Where has this video been for the past 7 years of my life?

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Sooo Chadwick Boseman is a husband now.

He’s been a husband. My husband. 馃拲馃槀

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