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Little is known about the origins of this practice, although there is some unfounded speculation that it is loosely derived from or perhaps inspired by ancient Aegean notions about bees’ ability to bridge the natural world with the afterlife.

#me shoving my head into a beehive: yall would not fuckin BELIEVE the day i’ve had


I love the mental image that tag creates

The bees when you give them the tea:

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Me in ancient Greece: *Accidentally steps on someone’s 300 Drachmae sandals they spent their life savings on*

Them: May you live in interesting times.


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Hamlet adaptation where Hamlet is a vlogger and all his soliloquies are breakdowns he uploads to YouTube

… I am unironically here for this

this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life

This is - legitimately - my favourite delivery of Shakespeare I have EVER seen (and I have seen some good-ass productions yo, in the Globe Theatre itself even). Like seriously, even though the words are unchanged, he’s stripped away ALL of the archaic pretense and assumed grandeur of ~presenting the bard~ that makes even the most wildly talented of actors and innovative of productions inherently inaccessible to a modern audience. Like, they’re still great, they can still communicate the message and (some) of the nuance, but they’re still always a step removed from being identifiable to any viewer’s lived experience. They’re still always reciting 15th century poetry. But this guy? This guy is like, screw iambic pentameter, to hell with being precious about the material, HOW WOULD AN ACTUAL PERSON SAY THIS SHIT?

Like this. And it’s beautiful. It’s beautiful to hear a soliloquy I loved so much already, and have it come to life in a way it never, ever, did before. I feel like I grasp his motivations, his twists and turns, no longer on an academic level but on a visceral, instinctive one. Because he’s presenting his mental and emotional journey in a way that speaks honestly, like a real person.

So yeah, this shit post? I love it. Deeply and sincerely.

His name is Gary Cook, and he’s got a channel where he did several of these Hamlet vlogs!

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I had an accident close to a school, I was in car that crashed near and the magnitude of the impact was so bad that my body flew through a window and landed in the middle of a classroom. I knew I was going to die so I thought, please let it be quick, and I closed my eyes bracing for my imminent death. When I opened them, I was standing at the door of the same classroom but there were no traces of the accident and the window I went through was repaired, the room was full of people I didn’t know. I walked to see out the window if the car was there while I heard the teacher saying, “Alright, so let’s all say the bad things we did.”

When I approached the window, there was nothing outside, no car, just trees in the dark. One of the girls that was at a seat close to where I was standing said, “Well, I laughed at all the things that I shouldn’t have, like at the death of someone I didn’t know.” When she said that I made a face of disconcert, I looked at her and she looked at me and that’s when it hit me - I looked at everyone else and realized all the people inside were me, every single one of them. They were my personalities and I was dead and they were all judging me by saying all the things I’ve done, bad and good, because the teacher was weighing my soul.

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*starts typing on bottom of shoe*

Hacker voice: I’m in.

confused person looking at snow prints: who the fcuk strapped fucking keyboards to their shoes

police detective examines footprints leading away from the crime ‘why did we ever anger the machines,’ he asks himself sorrowfully

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