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The majority of Tumblr users, 36%, are aged 18-34, a coveted market for most companies.

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Pelle: My friends are going to love Hårga so much! This festival is going to be an amazing experience!

The rest of Hårga, about to kick off festivities with the ättestupa:

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Honestly, forget the cult plot in Ari Aster’s ‘Midsommar’ the true horrifying concept is the idea of travelling with a group of people who don’t like me and didn’t want me to come

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Damn those McElroy boys are Woke as Fuck™ though

And honestly I’m super on board with it – they have a level of awareness and understanding, not only of their audience, but of the wider social and historical context in which they present their ideas, that I don’t think I’ve ever seen in any other content creators, and they are hyper-conscious of the impact they have on people and the responsibility they have to make that impact as positive as possible

They also show how goddamn easy it is to be diverse and inclusive and respectful if you just do your research and ask for input from the relevant folks

And yeah they’re not infallible and every so often maybe they don’t quite hit the mark for some people but it’s their willingness to apologise and learn and, most importantly, try again next time that makes me so full of joy and respect for these dudes 

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I’m sobbing at this being a serious graf in a vanity fair article.

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Travis, Justin, or Clint: *compliments Griffin’s DMing*

Griffin: keeps describing things but you can tell he’s smiling

Me: :) :) :)

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Griffin McElroy: To understand this next part, I need you to imagine the apocalypse. Imagine it happens… tomorrow. And that everyone you ever knew, every place you’ve ever been, every performer whose work you admired, every band who’s ever written a song that meant something to you- all of it was gone. And that you survived. Imagine that feeling of loss, image that guilt, the pressure it would put on you. How you would change beneath that pressure. Now imagine that apocalypse occurring annually, a hundred times over. What would you do to stop it? What would you do to protect the ones you loved, the ones who also felt that terrible weight? That is the reality of our heroes. That is what will lead them down the path to their destinies.

 Also Griffin McElroy: My name is SPRITE PEPSI and I’m ABSTINENCE TILL I DIE

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Travis: Here’s a yahoo I got it’s from lvl 9000 yahoo druid Drew Davenport thank you Drew. and maybe we don’t wanna do this one, it’s anonymous user I’mma call him Rooood asks “on the podast ‘My Brother My Brother and Me how do you tell which one is talking?”

Griffin: oh!

Justin: “I’ve listened to many episodes and clips of mbmbam and watched the show and I can still never tell who is talking! If I’m actively trying I can distinguish Griffin but I have never once known if it is Justin or Travis. Please I know fans mine this forum for content is there a hack or a guide or anything?”

Griffin: Well I think one of the issues people run into is I also don’t know which one of us is talking at any given time, and that’s why I interrupt so much. ‘cause sometimes like Justin will be talking and I’ll think “that’s me talking!”

Justin: It’s just you! yeah.

Griffin: I’m not going anywhere! I should interrupt myself!

Justin: Yeah! What am I saying, this is garbage! This is a bad joke!

Travis: Griffin, here’s the first thing I’ll say: it doesn’t fuckin matter. Who even cares. it doesn’t fucking matter. it doesn’t matter which one of us is talking.

Justin: Yeah, this is a widespread problem

Griffin: Yeah, we get this all the time, we are very rarely giving in-order instructions on how to fix your kitchen sink that would necessitate proper order and, and, you being really clued in to who the advice is coming from. Just like, it doesn’t fucking matter.

Justin: I do get tweets just like “dude your whole mango shit? that was a real funny run dude!”

Griffin: See, but at least that’s on the same show! ‘cause I get tweets a lot that are like “I love you on Sawbones” and, and, that’s not me! I also don’t do Monster Factory? Or Quality Control. That’s Justin!

Justin: Damn dude, what do you do?

Travis: Someone once tweeted that they don’t listen to Schmanners because they don’t like me? and it’s like hold on a second! listen, give it a chance, I’m not on that show!

Justin: umm, I don’t know if we want to do this one.

Griffin: I would love to h- no I have to hear what people have answered

Travis: oh, there’s no answers, so that’s bad for us

Griffin: That’s not good for our brand I would say

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