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Hi name is Mike, mid 20's from Tampa Florida. I have been obsessed with The Hunger Games since 2009. I am Jennifer Lawrence's and Jena Malone's boy toy. I also love Once Upon a Time and many anime series and video games. KINGDOM HEARTS III IS FINALLY HERE AND NOTHING ELSE MATTERS #track captainpoe Gifs Edits

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Stephanie Beatriz on the set of “In the Heights”’ on June 21, 2019 in New York City.

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Gal Gadot sings The Girl From Ipanema

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hey there,

i’m back again with another fic! so a) i didn’t edit this, it’s really bad and i wrote lowkey smut (barely but still) in the middle and it freaks me out so please just ignore that and b) i am VERY SENSITIVE about relationships where the age of consent is concerned. this is based on my friend’s relationship (basically an exact retelling but with Gendrya) and if it weirds anyone out i’m super sorry. i myself have never been in a relationship so it’s weird writing this stuff, but here i am.
other than that, please enjoy and tell me what you think!

~ laura

p.s. this is also posted under my AO3 (same as my tumblr username)

Gendry didn’t like to whine about his misfortunes. And he hated pity. There was no feeling worse than someone feeling sorry for him and becoming his friend to make him “feel better” about being an orphan or being poor.

But he was undeniably lucky to know the Starks.

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so while i’ve been procrastinating taking healthy breaks from dissertating, i’ve been reading fic! & time to do some of that promo time because there’s so many good ones <3 i plan to do another list for theonsa + got f/f, but it’s gendrya time baby!

pre-season 8

five times gendry treated arya like a girl by vixleonard
five times arya stark shared a bed with gendry by vixleonard

these are Required Reading– vixleonard’s stuff were the first gendrya fics i read and i love these two so much <3 

season 8

sing more absurd by scintillio_coil (post-finale)
man does this deserve more kudos. the prose is beautiful, and there’s so much wonderful detail!!! i’m a sucker for gendry-centric fic that explores what it’s like for him to be Lording and this one executes it so well. plus, gilly + gendry is the friendship i didn’t know i needed

letters from winterfell by jeeno2
FEEL GOOD EPISTOLARY. i loved seeing gendry’s progress with learning to write and read, the dynamics and humor are so great. warm and fuzzy after the angst disaster of eps 4-6

5 things series by jeeno2
mix of pre- and during and post- s8. a bunch of one-shots and i love every single one of them

vindicated by meltedflames
okay this one is a tbr for me, but it looks awesome and im excited for it!

canon aus/asoiaf speculative

no featherbed for me by vixleonard
hahahaaaaaaaaa kill me. prince!gendry au that is chock full of angst but beautiful.

encounters by jeeno2
this is my favorite WIP at the moment. role reversal au – prince!gendry, bastard!arya. featuring gendry having a relationship with baratheons and queen!lyanna 

5 times someone threatened to murder gendry (and 1 time he didn’t mind) by vixleonard
au post 8x3. im a sucker for 5+1 fics and this was just a lot of fun to read

beyond the end by crossingwinter
gendry + arya roadtrip au to save bran after he becomes the 3-eyed raven/stuck in a tree. amazing dynamics and one of my favorite fics

sleeping arrangements by missunderstood 88
look i love sexually frustrated gendry.

modern aus

dream until your dreams come true by crossingwinter
this is my favorite soulmate!au, possibly ever. the Soulmate System so creative, and the pacing is killer. 

next time ‘round by rosalui
romance isn’t the focus, but the gendrya scenes fucking killed me. this whole fic fucking killed me. A+ humor and this might be my favorite GOT oneshot because goddamn it’s fun

the wolf’s vengeance by smediterranea
bar au? bar au. i always love fics that translate canon events in a creative way. that gendry pov? A+++

re: weapons (and you) by scrubclub
i want to cry in happiness everytime i read an academic!au that doesn’t do teacher/student. THE NERD LOVE IS OFF THE CHARTS. im also a sucker for epistolary fic and this one does it in such a fun way! there’s so many fun details too, like the titles/authors of textbooks

as milady commands by ghostofbambi
it’s only 2 chapters in right now, but i’m already sold. reminds me of the hating game by sally thorne in all the best ways. office!au, zippy dialogue! 

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“Captain America gets back up because it’s the right thing to do. Carol gets back up because ‘Fuck you.’" — Kelly Sue DeConnick

CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019) dir. Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck

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They’re not for Ginny. They’re for you.

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