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cgoodin·3 days agoVideo

This is page 16 of my Graphic novel. The parts that are animated on this page is Ben rubbing his tired eyes, Dasher looking from left to right, and Fracture stepping into view with his foot showing on panel 3.

I like this page, because in panel one, I have designed the lighting to show that it is morning where Ben is. It will prove to the reader that 7 hours has truly passed. Plus, I chose it to be yellow because I wanted to us a different method of showing lighting inside a room.

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cgoodin·4 days agoText

He is a writer, illustrator, and a cartoonist whose work as beaten others in the New York Times. He has worked for Marvel Entertainment for 15 years and has made and illustrated spider-man, avengers, x-men, deadpool, Guardians of the galaxy and Magneto.

For five years, he has worked on the adaptation series of Oz comics, written by L. Frank Baum for the marvel entertainment.

In my opinion, this looks like the same art style as you would see on children’s television programs. It has a sort of likeness to the art style that attracts attention from readers to see this comic series. I like the art style on the front covers of the Oz series because the art is already speaking to me, as if it has a soul trying to reach into my eyes and pulling me away from the real world.

Skottie’s art work seems to me like it is made for children than it is for adults. The characters look great in a way that it was drawn towards younger eyes. The characters don’t look series enough to be for adults or for teens.

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cgoodin·4 days agoPhoto


I have been working on the layouts of my Graphic novel to help me map out where the characters are positioned. I will think about doing some more layouts, but at the time I was mainly thinking about the indoor layouts. I wanted to improve on my skills as a graphic novelist, because by doing layouts I can position my characters to where ever I want them to be in the future. I have uploaded these into my art book.

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cgoodin·5 days agoVideo

This is page 15 of my Graphic novel. I have used Photoshop to build this animated page and has turned out to be my second best page I have ever made. What I love about it is the background of the new environment when Dasher is running through now. I have also experimented the design of the panels to see which of them will be better presenting the animated characters.

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cgoodin·6 days agoPhoto

This is page 14 of my graphic novel. Again, not animated, but I think this is my favourite page that I have ever done for my graphic novel. I have made the background effective that presents Dasher in the most epic way that I have ever done him. I have originally designed this pose of Dasher off my phone and imported it into my page as a PNG image. I can honestly say that I am glad that I have done this pose of him on my phone when I had the chance.

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cgoodin·7 days agoPhoto

I have been looking up on how CV’s are designed, and I have come across this. Someone has based their CV on a page from a graphic novel. This has struck an idea to me. This struck a chord with me as it links a CV (my skills) with a visualization of what I could do (a graphic novel background).

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cgoodin·7 days agoText

Tom Taylor is a multi-award winning comic book writer who has created DC’s Injustice: gods among us. The art of the front cover of this Graphic novel looks amazing. It has lighting that makes the characters look realistic, and the shading on the bodies has me thinking about how serious the front cover looks.

However, the art in the pages don’t look as epic as the front cover. Instead, the look colourful and brighter than the front cover. That is what I like about that, because it helps me see the world as a bright place. In my eyes, I like images that show bright colours, because bright colours symbolizes joy in the world.

Tom Taylor is not only a writer, but a play-writer and a screenwriter. He was also involved in other projects too, such as Darth Maul: Death Sentence And Star Wars: Blood Ties. After writing for the star wars series, he has moved onto the DC comics to write his own dc superhero stories.

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cgoodin·7 days agoPhoto

I have went out today and bought this from WHSmiths. Alex Rider is based on the best seller novel series that has also got its own graphic novel version of the same story.

I have been looking up on one of the artists named Antony Johnston who was part of creating this graphic novel. In his other projects, he has worked on “The coldest city”, The coldest winter” and mainly “Wasteland”. Upon looking at his artwork, he possesses different art styles to creating graphic novels.

His art style for Alex rider is amazing in my eyes. The colour on the characters looks easy to do, and the drawings of the environments look just as simple to do.

They also happen to look cinematic based on the viewing angle of the locations the characters are in. These graphic drawings of every panel look ruff to draw, but simple in my eyes. The city on the last panel is just as simple to make.

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cgoodin·9 days agoVideo

This is page 13 of my animated Graphic novel. In this page, Lucas finally starts to transform into Dasher. I have animated him taking his shirt off, putting his gauntlet on, and taking his shoes and trousers off. It was hard to animate this page because I had to focus on how to get every detail done right. If this page wasn’t animated, then It would have been easier. I was planning to add sound effects onto the page, but then I thought that I didn’t need to.

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cgoodin·10 days agoText

I have been doing some more research on graphic novels and I have come across a man’s name, Farhan Qureshi. Farhan Qureshi is an animator, film maker and film writer who lives in London as a lead artist for film and gaming companies.

He has worked on a graphic novel called “Digitopia” as a kickstarter project.

The key difference between animated film’s and graphic novels is that one method of story telling is much more easier to work with than the other. You won’t be lucky publish your animated film in any animation industry, but publishing Graphic novels will be a whole lot simpler. Frahan had worked with a guy called James who have developed this story and tried to get it into the animation industry, but it all goes down hill for the duo. So it gets them into finding another way to finance the film.

A comic or a graphic novel has a fewer moving parts than an animated film. Elements in a graphic novel come into a sharper focus than on animation. The point in comics to have a few moving parts is that our expectations would have  exponentially increased.

When making a Graphic novel, the team that work on it is not as much as a team of animators that make an animation. Fortunately, having a smaller team can make life easier for you. Graphic novelists spend most of their time talking about their art work generated for their work. But animators don’t plan to waist their time, they just get on with it and avoid distractions.

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cgoodin·10 days agoVideo

Graphic novel animation

I have come across this Video on google showing an animated graphic novel. Unfortunately, the computer I was using has no sound so I had to watch it instead. I thought the animation of the movements of the characters and the rocket were great. Its as if someone had drawn still images, exported them as Jpegs, and put them onto after effects or premiere pro to move them around to make it into an animation.

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cgoodin·10 days agoPhoto

This is page 12 of my Graphic novel. I have been thinking about animated this page in the bottom panel, but I quickly realised that it would be to complicated for me. My original plan was to animate Ben spitting out a pickle and then communicating with Lucas with his headphones. I have made basic drawings of the planned animation, but I realised that I wouldn’t be able to finish it off before the day I start to make the next page.

I realised from another student that not all the pages have to be animated, because I can leave some pages to be still images. I think it is fair to animate most of the Graphic novel, and let some pages stay still. I am hoping that what I have done will still be approved by my Lecturers.

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cgoodin·12 days agoText

Ryan is an american graphic designer who had worked on movies such as “Thought of you” and “The turtle and the shark”. He was born in Salt Lake City and was graduated in Brigham Young University.

I have been trying to research on other graphic novels that are animated and his name came up on the research. He has done an animated graphic novel called “Bottom of the ninth”, which I think looks amazing. To me, it looks like that the comic was animated using Toon Boom Harmony, because the video of the animation is as smooth as the real world. in fact, the animation looks to have been done by a 3-d software called Maya.

The page panels show each relevant bit of it’s story, and have gotten me thinking about adding more panels onto my graphic novel.

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cgoodin·13 days agoVideo

This is page 11 of my animated Graphic novel of Dasher broken reality. I am proud of finishing this today, because I have managed to stay on my time table sheet and worked harder to animate and draw faster on Photoshop. I have animated panel 1 where the glass shards are falling over the panels, panel 3 where the Snatcher has motion lines in the background, and panel 4 where the Snatcher has Julie in it’s grasp. Personally, panel 4 is my best panel so far.

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cgoodin·13 days agoText

I have just shown my CV to my lecturer Mario and asked him to take a look at it so I’ll know what changes I will need to make. Mario likes how I have started my CV, but he had crossed out my education, days attending, and university course from the top.

My Personal statement is fine, but I need to get rid of the words student and university because I would have left by then. He told me that I don’t need my capabilities until after I present my skills and knowledge information.

He has said to me that I don’t need achievements on my CV. He has suggested to me to add my employments/professional experience at the end of my CV.

Based on Mario’s comments, I will think about making those changes to my CV. I am glad that I have shown this to Mario and will start to get the changes done as soon as.

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cgoodin·14 days agoText

I have been looking on YouTube to see some blur effects that would help me think of new ideas for my Dasher graphic novel. I have found a short clip video of an episode of Ben 10 that has given me some new ideas. Soon in my graphic novel, I’ll plan to draw Dasher’s legs in a circular motion that will show his super speed run. I’m hoping that it’ll work on Adobe Photoshop, just because it’s a different animation software.

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cgoodin·14 days agoText

I have been trying to research the spectacular spider man and find out who the artists were who created it. The only thing I found was that the people who developed the show was Greg Weisman and Victor Cook.

However, I have come across a website called that has a list of tutorial videos that instruct you how to do certain things that you want to get done.

I didn’t know that this website had existed, but in my opinion it reminds me of LinkedIn. So this website isn’t really for me.

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cgoodin·15 days agoVideo

This is page 10 of my animated Graphic novel. This was the most hardest that I have done so far, because I had to work for 3 days straight to finish this page. I had to animate panel 2, 3 and 4. I am impressed with the animation, but I am not impressed of the amount of time I have put into making this. Sunday was suppose to be my resting day, and even then I had to finish it on that day.

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