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Boost this please



He’s been found

I’m so glad he was found and is safe.

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(Un)written in the Stars part 1/3

(Un)written in the Stars part 2/3

(Un)written in the Stars part 3/3

TRIGGER WARNINGS- Mentions of gun violence, hospitals, surgeries, pregnancies, near death experiences, jail, forbidden love, sneaking around, and concussions. The incessant  beeping is the first thing that you notice.

    The next thing that you take notice of is the pain that is rattling your head, making it throb like it never has before.

    Finally, voices register. Their muffled and their managed as you slip out of the haze that you are in, but they’re there.

    It’s your mother. Your mother and Sam.

    They’re familiar in an unfamiliar context, and they are the rope that you use to pull yourself out of the darkness.

    ‘’Mom,’’ you croak out,but this voice is not your own. It’s tired.


    Laced with pain.

    ‘’Sweetheart,’’ she breathes out, rushing over to you, ‘’Baby, are you alright?’’

    ‘’Hurts,’’ you whisper,  ‘’Head. Hurts.’’

    ‘’She’s probably thirsty, ma. Here, I’ve got her,’’ Sam reassures your mother, taking the water from a nearby table and helping you sip gingerly from the straw that was supplied with it.

    You take slow sips. The water doing wonders to clear away the dry feeling in your throat.

    ‘’Is that better, baby,’’ your mother coos, her voice drowning out that beeping noise.

    ‘’It is.’’

    ‘’Why am I here,’’ you move to lift your hand, only to discover an IV in your arm.

    ‘’You fell. You hit your head against concrete. You’re going to be okay, though. And the baby is just fine, thank goodness,’’ your mother informs you, a hand over her heart, ‘’Now you hold tight. I’m going to go get a nurse.’’

Your mother exits then, leaving you alone with Sam, who is barely looking at you.

    There’s a silence now. Your mother is looking to you, but your brother is looking anywhere but at you.   

    You? You are trying to piece together the moments from the last time you were awake.

    You remember it faintly.

    A loud banging noise.

    Hitting the ground.


    Erik’s voice begging, pleading, ‘’Tell her I love her.’’   





    ‘’Daddy shot me, didn’t he,’’ you whisper, not trusting your voice to not break on you.

    ‘’Dad didn’t shoot you, Jules. He… he’s in police custody right now because he shot Erik.’’

    You feel your empty stomach turn, wondering why you aren’t as surprised as you should be.

    ‘’You’re hurt because when the gunshot went off, Erik pushed you. He threw you to the ground to protect you and the baby,’’ Sam explains, still looking anywhere but at you,’’That’s what happened. And I promise you, I am telling the whole truth.’’

    His words comfort you, but only slightly. They are a small source of solace in this moment,

    Because you’re real question is…

    ‘’Sam? Where is Erik now?’’

    Who knew that a quiet room could be so loud?

    ‘’Sam, you have to tell me. Please. Even if it breaks my heart, tell me.’’

    Sam sighs then, running a hand down his face in frustration. You see that he is just as exhausted as you feel.

    ‘’The last I saw Erik,’’he finally speaks, ‘’He was going in for surgery. And he was unconscious. Mind you, that was the last time I saw him.’’

    ‘’Surely you’ve heard an update on it,’’ you implore, and Sam winces, confirm such a thing, ‘’Sam, please. You’re my brother, and I love you, but I can’t protect you from everything.’’

    You can tell that while he is releasing the burden of holding whatever he is inside, it’s also hurting him.

    Proving that the words that come out of his mouth are about to hurt you.

So you sit back and brace yourself not knowing that whatever comes out of Sam’s mouth next is your new reality.

You and Erik thought that you were meant to be. Written in the stars. But perhaps your dad’s actions ripped that page from your book, causing the future with Erik to be unwritten. A blank space.

A page that should have been splashed and splotched with new memories that you’d create with him, suddenly ripped from the love story of you and Work.

So you brace yourself. Like a strap you’re ready to take his words and accept the reality of them.

   You and Erik were supposed to be written in the stars.

So something like this,no matter how devastating  it is, could never unwrite you in said stars.


Disclaimer- I own no Marvel characters or their fictional worlds, planets, galaxies, cities or countries.   

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Wow Dad’s in police custody? I’m glad the baby’s okay! What isn’t Sam telling me?!? Erik’s okay right!?! My heart!!😭😫🙌🏾👍🏾❤️👏🏾!!!

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A/N: Hey guysss! I really feel so bad for not writing at all but I finally have something out for you guys. For all those who are still wondering, yes I am still going to write my Summer Walker inspired BP series. I just have to get all these drafts posted for yall before I post them. This one kind of took a while so I hope you all enjoy it. Also if you want to read all my stories I do have a masterlist posted but all my works are on my wattpad (@zxddy_panther)

Erik X Black!reader

Summary: A breakup between you and Erik has led you both into a deep hole of despair but there is still a light at the end of the tunnel.

Warning: Self harm, depression, some fluff later on

 You wandered the rainy streets of Albany with your dark hoodie, walking slowly in despair. Body slouched and face drooping with sorrow, your mind replaying the moments of weeks ago. The yelling, the harsh words, the tears, and worst of all: the breakup. The relationship truly wasn’t bad but you woke up to the harsh reality that it was you. It was your own mind that was pressuring you to believe things that weren’t true, that weren’t real. It ultimately broke your relationship and you had no one to blame but yourself. It has become your biggest and deepest regret letting him go because you truly did love this man.    

You loved Erik Stevens but you just didn’t know if he loved you too.      


The key allowed access to your cold, dark apartment as you tracked your wet rain boots onto your floor. You slipped them off and set them near the door and headed towards the bathroom, ready to commit yourself to the same miserable regime. Turning on the lights and looking forward, you stared into the eyes of a now lost soul. You were disgusted by the person in the mirror because THEY ruined your conscience. THEY ruined your self esteem and THEY ruined your relationship but you soon realized that they… you. Your eyes welled with tears as you threw off your damp sweater and opened the drawer under the sink. Grabbing the razor you quickly put it against the skin of your arm and pulled back with speed. Your actions slowed as you watched the dark red blood begin to rise up from the long cut along your brown skin. A numb feeling washed over you as you continued the motion over and over and over again. Place, push, and drag. Place, push, and drag.

You looked down at your numb and bloody arm with tears streaming down your face. Tear drops fell onto the many wounds and made you hiss in pain. “I’ve gotta get this shit cleaned up” you thought. Your body makes its way towards the bathtub to fill it with warm water. After you removed all your clothes you looked at yourself once more in the mirror. The now scarred lines that ran across your thighs and your new stripes shone red all across your arm. This will always remind you that you deserved this. Your head slowly turned back to the tub that was done filling up, you headed towards it. Placing one leg after another into the bath water, you allowed yourself to completely submerge yourself in the liquid and drowned yourself in utter silence.    


Its been about 40 minutes since you started staring at the ceiling fan in your room just mindlessly thinking. You felt so empty and physically drained from all the tears and emotions that you have been letting out. A silent buzzing from your phone woke you from your trance. You rolled on your bed towards your night stand and grabbed the phone to check who was calling you. The caller ID read: Erik. Everything froze and your world stood completely still. You were shocked and had no idea what to do as your hands shook frantically. The vibrating stopped and you took a look at your phone again to see that you had 10 missed calls from him prior to this. “How did I not hear this?” you thought to yourself. “Do I call him back?” The ring quickly started back up and you hit the answer button as fast as you could. Putting the phone to your ear, you took a deep breath and spoke for the first time in weeks.    

“Hello?” you whispered. All that could be heard was ragged breathing on the other line. You sat and listened, waiting for any type of response.    

A hushed “Y/N?” came from the other side. Your eyes shot opened and your heart rate increased.    

“Yes Erik….”    

“Y/N..” you waited. “I-I need you please. Im freaking out baby please come back I cant do this without you. I need you here with me Y/N. Please come back to me.”    

You quickly ended the call and shot up from your bed. Throwing on some clothes, you headed towards the kitchen and grabbed your car keys.    


You arrived at Erik’s door step feeling crazy for even doing this. You fumbled with your keys to find his spare house key still attached. Inserting the key into the lock, turning it, and pushing the door open you were greeted with a body curled up in corner of the living room. Erik was rocking himself back and forth, sobbing, repeatedly saying your name. You used your foot to close the door and his head shot up.    

He looked just as tired and drained as you. His once beautifully braided locs were now frizzed and out of braids. Dark brown bags surrounded his eyes as if he hasn’t slept for days. You slowly walked towards him while he rose to his feet. The two of you kept your distance, standing awkwardly in the middle of his living room, until his eyes met yours. When your eyes locked it was like your emotions were also in sync with one another. You watched his eyes start to well up and his face begin to distort as he tried to hold his tears back. Closing the distance, you began to walk towards him and cupped your hand on his cheek. His eyes slowly closed as he leaned into your touch, allowing his tears to finally fall.    

“Baby…” he let out. “I-I need you in my life. Its like I-I.” His hands began to shake as he brought them up, clenching his fists.“ Its like I cant live without you Y/N. I don’t want to live without you.” He looked down and quickly grabbed your hands to hold. “What happened? What happened to us? Was it me? Because if it was I swear to Bast that I’ll fix it just- just give me another chance” The volume of his voice started to pick up. “Please come back to me Y/N.” His hands gradually rose up to grab your arms softly but, even his gentle touch caused great pain to your wounds. You snatched your arms away and hissed in pain. He looked up at you with a confused look plastered on his face. 

Erik had a feeling to what was going on but, he just didnt want to belive it. You promised him months ago that you wouldn’t revert back to hurting yourself. He prayed that he was wrong but  lifting up your sleeves revealed the harsh red lines across your arms. He closed his eyes as more tears fell from his droppy eyes.    

“Y/n. Did I do this to you?” He brought his hand up to your face and brushed your tear away with his thumb.     

“No no. It wasnt you Erik. It was never you.” You decided that it was time to let him know the truth. The weight that you’ve been carrying on your shoulders has gotten heavy enough.    


“Y/N…Im sorry. I shouldnt have left-” You placed a finger over his lips which stopped his words. Your eyes took him in again once more. His skin and lips still as soft as you remembered. The message was clear as day when the two of you locked eyes. Erik took your face in his hands once and placed his lips on yours. Both of your lips moved in sync while tears came streaming down your faces. He slowly sucked on your bottom lip and let out a small sigh. He missed this. He missed you.

You pulled away for breath but held fast to his body.      

“No Erik. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry that I made you feel like this. That I made you feel like this was all your fault when it wasn’t. It was mine. I was always so insecure about how you truly felt about me and-” Tears started to choke you up but this time you let them fall. You were so tired of holding back your feelings and thoughts. “And I always felt like you didn’t love me as much as I love you.”    

The phrase replayed itself in his mind. This was the first time that anyone had said that they loved him. His troubled past had put him in the mindset that he could never be loved. Today was the day that he was finally proven wrong. He always knew that he had a great girl who always found time to see him, even in the worst circumstances. Someone who was always down for him, and someone who would never leave his side.

You heard him begin to chuckle as his smile spread across his face. You looked up at him confused, feeling stupid for confessing your deepest feelings.    

“Whatever Erik” You began to turn away from him and started heading towards the door until he grabbed your hand, pulling you back into his chest. He looked down at you while resting his hand on the small of your back. His dark ember eyes starred deeply into yours, unraveling you as you stood.    

“If only you knew how much I love you. I’m so blessed to have you in my life but I need you to know that-” He brought his face closer to yours, looking from your lips to your eyes. “ I love you more than words can say.”    

(Please message/repost to let me know if you want to be on the taglist because im still tagging random people :/ )

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Omg!!! That’s tew much!!😭😭🥺🤧!!! But I’m glad we reunited!🤧! You did your thing with this!!👏🏾👍🏾🙌🏾❤️😭🤧!!

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Yahya Abdul Mateen II x OFC Nyorie Kane

Warning: Plot

Words: 1.4k

Summary: Yahya is thirty-three, and his friends and family all seem to believe that it is long overdue for him to have a wife. He’s been set up more times than he can count and with his busy schedule and rising Hollywood star, it is becoming even more difficult to meet people, well people who aren’t looking for a come up. In the beginning, he said he didn’t want anything serious; his motto was “I’m was here for a good time not a long time.” Then it became he didn’t want anything that would distract him from where he wanted to go and what he wanted to accomplish. Now that his fame is rising and he’s approaching a sweet spot in his career he decides what the hell the time might be right.

In comes “A Match”, an exclusive matchmaking company run by his best friend Ramel’s wife Tamika. He gives Tamika and Ramel free rein and all his trust to find him, someone, he’d mesh well with. Instead of going through her clientele Tamika has just the right woman in mind, her best friend, Nyorie. Things are done a little unorthodox at “A Match” though. This unconventional route is credited for a near-perfect success rate.

Note: I’ve only tagged those who have expressed to be on a forever tag list. 

****Also, please keep an open mind.

**Loosely Proofread/Edited**



 Chapter One


“Man, you not getting any younger. Plus we all know how important family is to you the rate you’re going you not even gonna have one till you fifty,” Ramel said as he came back into the living room with his hands full of food. Ramel stopped in front of the U-shaped sectional and handed out bags to their owners. He stood up and took the cream-colored plastic bag Ramel held out for him.

“I don’t know how many times you’re going to keep saying this.”

“As many times as need be. I mean really, is uncle Ya good enough bruh?”

He pulled out the containers of food and thought about Ramel’s words for a few moments. He loved being uncle Ya, loved picking his niece Havea and nephew Rami up for their biweekly ice-cream and bowling night. He loved showing up to their school functions and trips to Disney and tagging along to kid movie premiers. He wouldn’t change anything about it.

Keep reading

I mean Ramel is just lookin out for him! And hearing it from everyone else doesn’t help. I’m not surprised that he decided not to call the woman who ask for a photo. I’m intrigued to see what happens next!👍🏾🙌🏾👏🏾🧐❤️

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There's this one Erik Killmonger fic where he ends up being a sex you brought to life but I can't find it. Do you know who the writer is or link it?

By the good sis @theegoldenchild who previously went by eriknutinthispoosy. I only have the second chapter (for some reason. I thought i reblogged the both chapters🙈😩) chapter and am not sure if she’s gonna bring the story back.



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Erik Killmonger x Reader

Word Count: 3k

Lightly Proofread. Please excuse any errors.

A/N: I’m sorry for how long this took to get out you guys. This is my first time writing Dadmonger and I’m a little nervous. I hope y’all enjoy it. As always please like, comment, and reblog.

9:48 a.m.

‘I should be up by now.’ Erik thought to himself. He sighed lowly and continued staring at the ceiling like he had been doing for the past hour. He should be sitting in his office prepping for the meeting he had at 10, but he isn’t. He’s at home, in bed, lying comfortably next to his favorite person in the world. Now, in his defense, he really did try to go to work this morning. He had woken up late, a little after 8, which never happens. He’s usually up well before 6, but this morning the sensors in his brain seemed to malfunction this morning. When he finally woke up he managed to, begrudgingly, pull himself out of bed to complete his morning routine. He emptied his bladder, brushed his teeth, and showered all in less than 20 minutes. He got dressed and made his way to his car, where he sat for about 15 minutes before going back into the house, trading his clothes for a pair of basketball shorts and crawling back into bed. So, yeah. He really did try but for some reason he just couldn’t do it. 

Well, maybe not just some reason

Keep reading

He listened to what i said and took the necessary steps to make things better. Aww the kids were so excited to see him!!😭. Ooh a lil play time!😉. Poor Elijah🥺. Poor Erik😩. I guess he’s just gonna have to wait! Can’t wait for the last part!!👍🏾🙌🏾👏🏾❤️!!!

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