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ay I'm Gaia and I post my shitty art here. Art tag: #cgart // #cgdoodlesPlease don't tag my art as kin! ✿STORE (under maintenance) ✿COMMISSIONS✿ ✿REDBUBBLE ✿KO-FI

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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

chibigaia-art·16 hours agoText

Everyone should have received an e-mail except for one, that can’t get received because either the e-mail address is incorrect or there’s some weird block preventing me from contacting that specific mail address.


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chibigaia-art·2 days agoAnswer
Hey sorry abt this if it's annoying but have you shipped out all charms yet? I'm sorry if this sounds rude or like I'm rushing you! I was just curious :<

I’m almost all done!! There’s just one batch left and if I have time I’ll go to the post office tomorrow and all pre-orders will be officially shipped out!!

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chibigaia-art·2 days agoAnswer
Wait u have a reject bin? Can we see??

More like I have a drawer where I’m planning to put all the acrylic charms I’m keeping for myself and they must be contained because they’re a LOT

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chibigaia-art·2 days agoAnswer
hello!!! I recently received one of your ndrv3 acrylic charms (shuichi saihara specifically!) and it's a little scratched up on the clear side even though I haven't even taken it out of the plastic it came in - did you receive them like this or do you think it happened while they were being shipped? (I live just about as far west as you can get in the US so I wouldn't be surprised,,) I'm very happy with it!! and my guess is that it was probably just the clip rubbing up against it.. thank you!!

Hi anon!! Unfortunately you’re correct, sometimes the clip may rub against the charm and leave little scratches on the surface y_y it probably happened when the supplier shipped them to me, because I didn’t take them out their lil plastic bags either (except the ones I’ve taken out to take pictures, but those are mine and aren’t going to be shipped out) and they were all close together, so there has probably been a fight club of acrylic charms at some point

It’s not something I can control unfortunately but thank you for appreciating the lil dud ❤️

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chibigaia-art·2 days agoAnswer
UN FUMETTO COMICO SULLA COMMEDIA STO GIÀ SBAVANDO E IL CAMEO DI ALBERTO ANGELA PURA GODURIA ... Scherzi a parte, non ho mai visto un approccio comico così originale, lo adoro il tuo fumetto di già!

ci tengo un sacco a questo progetto quindi mi fa piacere sapere che risulti carino ai lettori!

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chibigaia-art·4 days agoAnswer
Do you speak Italian? Is it your first language or?

I’m Italian so that’s my first language

which is a shame because us Italians have the universal ‘move your hands like crazy’ vocabulary addition, so you’ll never be able to fully experience a real conversation with me if you don’t see me moving my hands real fast to emphasize all the points I’m making 😔

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chibigaia-art·4 days agoAnswer
E' da un pò che non guardavo la tua galleria e oggi ho notato i tuoi mp100 fanworks, mi sono appena rinnamorato del tuo lavoro e i tuoi Serirei mi stanno facendo impazzire ❤️❤️❤️👍😘

ODDIO GRAZIEEEEEE MI FA PIACERE!!!! also good taste con mp100

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chibigaia-art·5 days agoText

i tried drawing for two hours and nothing happened so im gonna watch smth but hhfhdj at the same time i ache for art this is terrible

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chibigaia-art·5 days agoAnswer
Aaaa srry if this question is annoying but would it be ok to make a character themed blog and reblog ur art to it? (Not in a kin way of course tho) bc I saw the last ask so I was just wondering!

That’s absolutely fine, don’t worry!! 👌👌

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chibigaia-art·5 days agoAnswer
You give off soft queer vibes (apologies in advance if you don't like that word i know not everyone reclaims it)

Whahfnsngs thanks

And I have no problem with that word, I basically learned it once I came to know what the LGBT community is and I’ve never seen it /heard it used as a slur before in my life so I’m fine with it

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chibigaia-art·5 days agoAnswer
why dont you like your art being tagged as kin?

It just makes me feel uneasy, like someone is saying the art I made is a portrait or smth of them and I feel like they’re,, claiming the art for themselves or smth which is different than the “I relate to this” kinda thing? I’m sorry I’m terrible at explaining but the bottom line is I feel kinda uncomfortable

And before you ask no, I’m not a kin

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chibigaia-art·5 days agoAnswer
For me you dont give off a specifically lesbian energy it's more like.... a not definitely not straight energy

i dont know why i find this so funny but thank you for telling me this because yeah, that’s definitely true

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