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cute asks ♡

1. who was the last person you sent a text to?

2. who was the last person you said ‘I love you’ to?

3. favourite type of weather?

4. what’s your zodiac sign? do you relate to it?

5. showers or baths?

6. favourite movie? (outside of mcu)

7. favourite colour?

8. person your closest to in your family?

9. last movie you watched?

10. show you’re currently binging?

11. what’s your lockscreen?

12. f*ck, marry, kill (pick three people)

13. opinion on…

14. a celebrity you hate?

15. a celebrity you love?

16. a character you relate to the most?

17. someone you’re looking forward to seeing?

18. what does the last text you sent say?

19. do you believe in true love?

20. have you ever been in love?

21. if your ex texted you now how would you react?

22. baths or showers?

23. summer or winter?

24. favourite memory from this year? (so far)

25. favourite food?

26. put your music on shuffle and say the line you like most in the song

27. last book you read?

28. can you sleep if there’s noise?

29. bad habits?

30. one regret you have?

31. one bad thing that happened that worked out in the end?

32. earliest memory?

33. what do you want to do when you leave school?

34. what’s stressing you out right now?

35. ever been drunk or high?

36. favourite type of clothing?

37. most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?

38. give me a song and I’ll tell you who it reminds me of (character or real person)

39. who do you miss right now?

40. have any siblings? are you close to them?

41. tumblr friends or irl friends?

42. do you want kids?

43. do you want to get married?

44. describe your dream girl/boy

45. one place you’d love to visit?

46. what’s on your bucket list?

47. are you outgoing or shy?

48. one piece of advice you live by?

49. how tall are you?

50. anything you want to ask!

if this flops it didn’t happen

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Road trip dark academia:

- Spending all your money on fancy cheese and crackers for the drive

- sweet talking your way out of a ticket for having one head light

- lying in the bath tub at 6 am after talking ‘til dawn

- endless champagne at the motel

- sheet masks and declarations of eternal love

- midnight podcasts of the British news

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New to the studyblr community!

My name is Schmoo (not my birth name but that’s what everyone calls me) and I’ve started this studyblr blog in the hopes of being productive every day and documenting my journey to getting my undergraduate degree in psychology. I am in my second (repeat first year) at the University of Hull. I will be (hopefully) posting photos and stuff every day of my studies and activities :) I would love to follow some other studyblrs in order to motivate me and get me involved 😊

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02.14.20// I got a latte at school, and the barista made a heart on top of it. Thought that was really sweet for Valentine’s Day. We got to go to a museum exhibit today for my seminar class though, and it was so interactive and interesting. Also ordered a sweater from my department to rep the merch!! Finally got my italian midterm mark back and it’s okay but I thought I did much better than that. The thing I always tell myself though is that you still have time, this is not the be all end all. Anyways, happy studying and Valentine’s Day loves!!! 💗✨☕️

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02.13.20// spending a great galentine’s day with friends by sleeping over at her residence building. Been pretty productive today though, submitted an application for a peer helper position and got an article done. Also had a beautiful meeting before our volunteer program next week, and I’m getting so excited for it and I’m grateful I get to be a part of it.

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Oh my goodness oh my goodness we’ve hit 500 followers! Y’all are insane!!! Thanks so much for supporting this blog, I’m so happy that we can share these experiences together. When I started this blog I thought I would be talking into the void but holy cow!! You’ve blown my expectations out of the water. Happy studying, and if someone hasn’t told you they love you today, well I’m telling you now ✨💗☕️

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Say it with me 

We are privileged to study.

I see people cribbing and crying about not wanting to study but all those of you who say that do you realise how special and privileged we are?

We all must make complete use of our resources and the gift our parents have given to us which is education. Millions around the world would rather want to study than do anything else. We can be tired of studying but we must never not want to study. Don’t study for your parents or for your teachers study for yourself and those who aren’t able to.

Study and give back the opportunity you received to others.

Study to absorb knowledge 

Study to change the world 

Just study 

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looking for new studyblrs to follow! like/reblog this post if you will be an active studyblr in 2020! thank you! ✨

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- ̗ ̀ study break ideas  ̖ ́-

if you have 5 minutes…

  • watch a TED talk
  • light a candle
  • paint your nails
  • put on a hair/face mask
  • splash your face with cold water
  • walk around your house
  • stretch
  • have a small snack
  • make a cup of tea/coffee
  • clear your desk

if you have 10-15 minutes…

  • watch a longer TED talk
  • watch a youtube video on studying/something educational
  • do some yoga
  • go for a quick run
  • have a shower
  • make a smoothie
  • power nap
  • workout
  • organise your desk

if you have 20-35 minutes…

  • watch a longer TED talk
  • watch one short episode of a tv programme
  • do a longer workout
  • go for a longer run
  • go for a walk
  • bake something
  • call a friend

if you have 40-60 minutes…

  • watch a documentary
  • watch one longer episode of a tv programme
  • go for an even longer walk/run
  • have a bath
  • have a one hour nap to help you remember things
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20 important study skills/tips i’ve learned from my professors

1. start studying a week before every quiz/test. seriously.

2. watch youtube videos/ted talks on the topics you are learning about.

3. get lots of sleep! sleep helps you process the day’s events, including what you learned.

4. write out your notes. it’s proven that handwritten notes help you learn better than typed out notes.

5. don’t just read what your professor gives you. find academic journals, books, etc. that correspond with your subjects.

6. read the news! especially in the social sciences/humanities, connecting concepts with current events helps you understand and process more easily.

7. exercise! this doesn’t have to be going on runs or lifting weights, it could even just be going for a 20 minute walk. just get your blood pumping, it’ll help you focus.

8. study at your desk. it may be tempting to study in bed, but your brain connects your bed with sleep, so you’ll get tired more quickly.

9. reviewing notes doesn’t have to be something you sit down and do for an hour. skim through them and test your memory while eating breakfast!

10. expand your study time throughout the day to avoid burnout. for example, rather than studying for 5 hours straight, study for an hour here and there in between your activities.

11. make your notes organized and easy to read, but not distracting. bright colors and flashy notes may seem better, but can sometimes distract from the purpose of the notes.

12. use apps such as quizlet. this way, you can go through definitions while waiting in lines or walking to class.

13. it’s more important to know concepts rather than facts. for example, you should be able to take what you know and apply it to different situations, not just the situation the textbook gives you.

14. just because the professor doesn’t require you to read textbook, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. it helps explain concepts in a different way than your professor, and a lot of times hearing two different explanations for the same concept helps you understand it.

15. read in advance. read the textbook before your professor begins going over the chapter, so when he/she does, you can easily follow what they are saying.

16. do any extra credit work that comes your way. even if you don’t need the extra boost now, you might later.

17. go to class!! if you always skip class and show up at office hours completely lost on the concepts, they’ll laugh in your face. they’ll take you 100x more seriously if you show up.

18. however, if you are sick, take a day off. it’s more beneficial to you in the long run. 

19. learn how to say “no”. if you have an 8 am the next day, don’t stay out until midnight with your friends. 

20. don’t stress too hard over quizzes. if you expect them to go horribly, they will. you got this.

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02.12.20// spent a pretty chill day today after my midterm in the morning, and now I’m finishing my philosophy paper for tomorrow’s seminar. But do you guys ever feel kind of alone? I don’t know why, been feeling that way a bit more lately. Hopefully it’s just something that’s coming for a bit. Maybe when I go away for reading week will help a bit.

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#4, #9, #98? 😊

4. How did your teachers describe you in elementary school?

In elementary school (and today too) I was pretty engaged in class and I was super into school. So my teachers would always say that I was confident, organized, passionate. In grade eight, my teacher actually told me I raised my hand too much and that I needed to let other kids speak. This is an announcement- DO NOT listen to people who say that.

9. Favourite smell in the summer?

I really like the smell of the flowers, it’s just so light and dainty. I also love the smell of a faint breeze and the dew after it rains.

98. Favourite historical era?

I guess the early seventies count as a historical era, right? Super groovy, I feel like I belong back in that time, and there was so much going on too. Lately though I’ve been super into the Civil War period after watching Little Women, absolutely love that movie

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