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cyber-phobiaa day agoAnswer
Toga could be under love tap forevor /Pre-All might/ and the LoV wouldn't even notice lolol

Yep! They’d probably wouldn’t be surprised if she did whatever Izuku said anyway…

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cyber-phobia2 days agoAnswer
Okay but if deku had inherited a combination of his parents powers he'd either get pulling fire towards him (cool) or breathing small objects (not cool)

I’m sorry but spitting Legos at people is very cool.

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cyber-phobia2 days agoAnswer
i like to think in the love tap au that izukunis really reserved with touch outside of training and it takes a really long time for him to accept physical affection from his friends bc hes so worried that its his quirks effect and not genuine and anyway, que dekusquad cuddle session to make this boy feel the love he DESERVES also im in love with the love tap au!!! keep it up its amazing!!

He was a very nervous lad at first.

Luckily he found some friends to help him out.

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cyber-phobia5 days agoAnswer
I am really enjoying the love tap au! I was wondering if it would be cool if I wrote a fic loosely based off the love tap quirk concept? It’s cool if not though!

I would prefer not, since I’m planning on writing a fic about it myself.

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cyber-phobia5 days agoAnswer
p,,,please give me more izuku looking like afo and all mights & Gran Torino’s reactions and izuku being confused 馃ズ馃ズ

Gran Torino has doubts. All Might is having a Time鈩

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cyber-phobia6 days agoAnswer
I've seen the word here and there but I don't have an actual definition of it, what does queerplatonic mean???

Here’s the Urban dictionary definition:

“Adjective describing a relationship which is more intense and intimate than is considered common or normal for a "friendship”, but doesn’t fit the traditional sexual-romantic couple model.“

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cyber-phobia6 days agoAnswer
Wait why is Izuku's hair white? Is it a from-birth thing from Dad for One or did this happen recently in the au?

That post is unrelated to Love Tap.

In Dad for One I like to think that Izuku was born with white hair, but dyed it green for whatever reason.

I actually had a comic about that but it’s still stuck in my old hard drive.

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cyber-phobia7 days agoAnswer
Ooh, How would Stain react to Love Tap /After all, he sees Izuku as a 'True hero' therefore, doesn't hate him/

Stain doesn’t seem the type to care much about what quirk someone has, but I think he would find it amusing that he was apprehended in such a similar way he used his own quirk (paralysis).

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cyber-phobia7 days agoAnswer
Do Todoroki and Izuku get along better after Izuku used love tap??

Not necessarily. They both know that Todoroki’s reaction to Love Tap’s effect isn’t exactly healthy…

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