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Artist, writer, children's book illustrator, comics creator, and all-around nerd. See more of my work at danijones.com. Requests: Happy to take them, but can't guarantee I'll draw them. danidraws.tumblr.com/ask Commissions: Check out my Patreon page patreon.com/danidraws or my store danijones.com/store.

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danidraws·3 days agoText

I’m thinking of doing “Q&A” editions of my webcomic, so I’ve set up a page where people can send questions here:


Kinda like the ask-me-a-question-and-i’ll-draw-you-an-answer things that I already do here on tumblr, but for my comic!

I probably won’t get to it right away, but thought I’d set up the page and get the ball rolling for when I eventually do.

So if you’ve been enjoying the comic and have something specific you want to ask for it, send it my way!

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danidraws·5 days agoText

Someone asked if I plan to post my comic to Webtoons. I had considered using Webtoons, Tapastic, etc. but ultimately decided to concentrate on posting to social media. Is there a big demand to put it on these sites as well? Let me know so I can consider it.

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danidraws·5 days agoAnswer
Your comics are so wholesome, and they make me feel happy inside! Thank you for drawing them!

Awww, this is the best compliment. 😄

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danidraws·5 days agoAnswer
I love your art! Your comics are inspiring and helping a lot. I’m going through a rough patch right now and it helps to see your encouraging comics. Thank you for creating them and sharing them with the world. You are a star!

Thanks. You have no idea how much this means to me. ❤️

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danidraws·5 days agoAnswer
so i just found u over a post that i saw, and i just want to say, as a fellow artist, you inspire me. keep up the good work!

Thank you so much! ☺️

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danidraws·6 days agoPhoto



New comic! How comparison is the thief of joy because no one ever gives me pie.

Check out my new webcomic at everythingisgoingtobeokcomic.com!

Shout out to the friend who made me a birthday cake and I cried because no one had made me a cake for years. Decades, even. I make cakes for other people, I make cakes for my own birthday even when it’s last minute because they’re disappointed there isn’t cake.

One person since I was in Primary school has made me a cake. And I still wanna cry because of how happy I was.

I just really liked this story in response to this comic. Also, I want to share that after I posted this, someone sent me a pie and it was the highlight of my week.

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danidraws·10 days agoText

Tomorrow! I’ll be at Barnes & Noble in Holyoke, Massachusetts to participate in their Hangout event and talk about the PopularMMOs books. See you there.

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danidraws·19 days agoAnswer
Good Day. I just discovered your art and I absolutely love your latest comic "Well-Behaved Women." Not only is it educational, but as a quiet, everyday hero myself, I would love to own this. Therefore, is there any chance you'd color this work and make it into a poster? I'd be willing to pay for something like this. Please let me know and, either way, thank you for this comic.

I have considered doing posters, but I have no immediate plans. The comic has just barely launched, and I want to focus on creating the comics first. Even if I do create posters however, they will likely be based on only portions or single panels, not entire comics.

Other than that, the only other commercial plans I have for this comic is to eventually compile a collection into a book. All these plans are further down the road though. You can also support the comic via my Patreon page.

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danidraws·19 days agoAnswer
I LOVE your comic on well behaved women!!! Thank you so much for making it!!! I get so bummed out sometimes, thinking, oh, I'm too introverted to make much of a difference, I'm always in the background, I don't make an impact. But just because I don't always leave an impression doesn't mean I'm not making an impact! The little things matter so much. Even if I haven't done anything big with my life yet, I've still done so many small things nobody noticed, and my life matters because of that.


This comic seems to be resonating with lots of folks for lots of these reasons. I’m so glad. <3

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