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22 / (they/them) / germany im amelie/domino and i try very hard to not be bad at art

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dominodamsel·22 days agoAnswer
Kyle: Hello! Theres this person name Apple-Melons and I am a bit curious, was he always on hiatus? (I am aware of the account change)

whyd you put your name before your message? just dont hit anonymous and we’d all know youre kyle? you sound like a jrpg character i dont know how to react to that

also apple melons is more active on twitter nowadays iirc

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dominodamsel·a month agoAnswer
Who is Robin's mother? How does she even look like?

we don’t really know anything about her. just an unnamed woman - robin doesnt even really ask validar about her, either. its a bit of a shame.

she ran away when it became apparent robin was a suitable vessel for grima, because she didnt want her child to suffer, so we can assume she had a good enough heart to love her baby, but beyond that, i still wonder. did she really love validar, or was it a political marriage? did she hope to fix him? did she follow until she realized her child was in danger, was she always critical?

robin lost his memories when grima came back through the same time portal as lucina. however, before then, they must have been together with their mother; she managed to hide robin from validar for years! thats quite a feat, considering validar has the grimleal at his disposal. however, at the start of the game, shes not around anymore. 

still, robin must have learned about war tactics, magic, and swords from her. from who else? i doubt she could trust anyone when she was busy hiding her child from her husband. on the run, she managed to raise robin into the person we see in the game. in other words, shes honestly a badass!

thinking about her made me kind of emotional, honestly, so i decided to imagine what she could look like.

here is my design for her before she ran away. younger than validar (20-25), raised by wealthy, devout parents whose goal from the beginning was to become important among the grimleal. she was raised to be pious and is very devoted to validar, although he does not care for her beyond her status as his wife. although shes skilled as a tactician and a swordswoman, she is little more than an ornament. 

and here she is after robin was born and she decided to run away! she cut her hair, both symbolically to start a new life and in order to change her well-known appearance. she sold her jewelry bit by bit to pay for their expenses. although its hard in the beginning, she loves her robin dearly, and this gives her the power to live a life shes never known before.

however, the one thing she hasnt yet sold is her wedding ring.

how does she die? who knows. maybe she decides to trust validar one last time and goes to meet him only to be betrayed. maybe she falls ill. or, most excitingly… maybe she isnt dead at all, but just missing! 

this post is already way too long, but i cant really decide on a name for her. i guess ill think of one later. if anyone has suggestions, hmu

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dominodamsel·a month agoAnswer
What's your secret to being a good artist? I swear your drawings are so kawaii!

1) don’t take it too seriously you’ll ruin yourself over tiny details if you don’t learn not to give that much of a shit. In that vein, don’t zoom in too much. I know it’s tempting, but it’s not efficient or fun to obsess over pixel placement

2) draw what you want, not what you think others want to see. Stuff that you draw because you think it’ll get a lot of notes never get popular, while stuff you had fun making and genuinely love usually do. People can intuitively tell when there’s heart behind something, so do what you want

3) like really, that’s what it all comes down to, just do what’s fun. This is supposed to make you happy. If you don’t like drawing lineart or doing colors, somehow find a way around it. There isn’t a right way to do it, so there’s no reason to be miserable trying to be like others

4) do hand stretch excercises.

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dominodamsel·a month agoAnswer
oo i saw ur len and rin post and i'm just getting into vocaloid, do you have any song recs from them like the ones u had in mind for the post?

i used to be extremely into vocaloid back when i was in middle school, and i only just recently rediscovered it. i remember having my life changed by a lot of songs where rin and len like, switch clothes, or switch roles, or are the same person, stuff like that, but when i tried proving it to my girlfriend, it was hard to think of specific songs bc its been such a long time… however, off the top of my head, i can think of

Servant of Evil, the sequel to Daughter of Evil where its revealed that rin and len switched clothes so she could escape

Alluring Secret - Black Vow, in which Rin turns into Len so she can be with Miku bc Miku is having a gay panic which, holy shit

Alice in New York which is a more recent song in which Rin is just straight-up a trans woman

Reincarnated Girl and Reincarnated Boy in which Rin tries to be a boy in order to be with the girl she loves

and probably a thousand more but i just cant think of them right now… if anyone cares to add onto this feel free.

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dominodamsel·2 months agoPhoto

commission for @esquimantsic! they asked me to draw a pirate captain with coral hair and four eyepatches. i do have to wonder how they lost all four of their eyes… it was fun to design and work on, though! :^)

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dominodamsel·2 months agoAnswer
You’re not alone, doing the same thing you did in your recent comic because I cried killing Flayn

i feel like we had slightly different experiences with that chapter cause mine was like

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dominodamsel·3 months agoPhoto

it is @strawberry-tops birthday today!!! please go wish them a happy birthday!!!!
mimi, youre my best friend in this whole world and i love you more than anything. my life really wouldnt be the same if we hadnt met.
in thanks for all that youve done for me, i bestow upon you this sort of horny ryomarx drawing bc i know you love these two so much.

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