daenerys targaryen deserved better

fear is not a choice. what you do with it is. #userharmony

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drunkmarvel·8 hours agoAnswer
"then does that mean he KNEW dany was gonna burn king’s landing all along but he decided to let her do it because then he’d be king?" yeah with the inclusion of that line they basically wrote a story of "what if strange handed over the time stone to allow the snap, but only as a setup for him to eventually rule earth." wtf, bran

literally it’s been a week and instead of less questions i just have more questions. namely, why did i ever let myself get invested in that show since it ended in such a shitshow lmao

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drunkmarvel·8 hours agoText

so wait what was the point of jon being half targaryen? how did dany NOT see the iron fleet from three thousand feet in the air? why did jaime have so much of his arc be “i’m not that man anymore” only to have him be exactly that man anymore? if bran says “why do you think i came all this way” then does that mean he KNEW dany was gonna burn king’s landing all along but he decided to let her do it because then he’d be king? what was the point of the night king and the white walkers if he was so easily killed? why did dany go dark in the most unfulfilling way? why did arya train to be a faceless man only to literally never use that talent save for ONE time? why is there still anyone left at the night’s watch, you know, since the night king is defeated? are they gonna watch some snow? why doesn’t any of this make sense?


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drunkmarvel·11 hours agoText

I’m seriously still just sat here digesting everything I just saw. What Remains of Edith Finch is less like a video game and more like a story told in a beautiful, heart-wrenching way. Little anecdotes about our own world, or things that don’t make sense until the end. I’m still in awe. Play this game (it’s free on PlayStation if you have PlayStation plus or whatever). Avoid spoilers for it (not that it ruins the game but it takes away the shock).

This game is beautiful. Made me cry. Made me ponder my own existence. So good.

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drunkmarvel·11 hours agoText

You guys holy fuck.

I just played through What Remains of Edith Finch and I’m in AWE. My jaw dropped. So interesting and beautiful and thought-provoking, truly.

It’s free for PlayStation + members and it only takes about 2 hours ish of playtime but it’s so incredible. And I’d absolutely recommend it. The storytelling techniques really make the game.

Please consider playing it. I’m just… wow. What a good game.

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drunkmarvel·12 hours agoAnswer
I love your writing 3000

The best thing anyone could say to me tbh

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drunkmarvel·13 hours agoText


Friendly reminder: when people say ‘as long as you tried your best’ it doesn’t mean ‘the best you could possibly have done ever’ it means ‘the best you were capable of at the time.’ Sometimes ‘trying your best’ is just getting out of bed in the morning. Just because you weren’t working yourself to the bone doesn’t mean you weren’t trying your best. 

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drunkmarvel·13 hours agoAnswer
IM SCREAMING HARMONY “bitch me too you ain’t special” what a legend

listen. no one hates me more than i hate me like it’s not even a CONTEST

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drunkmarvel·13 hours agoText



me online: *will talk everyone’s ear off about my interests given the slightest chance*

person i know irl: so what are your interests/hobbies?



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drunkmarvel·14 hours agoText

Oh my god guys. I just remembered last year this dude and I saw a movie (NOT A DATE OKAY) and he leans over and goes “hey…you wanna be my first kiss in a movie theatre?” and I just go “…no” and we had to watch the last hour of the movie in the most awkward silence EVER lmao

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drunkmarvel·14 hours agoAnswer
Your writing is so freaking amazing omfg. Harmony. How dare you make me feel so many things?!?!?! I follow most of your blogs and adore them, and you, so dang much. Sending positive vibes from the east coast! 💙💙💙💙

Ahh thank you!! I’m so glad to hear it. You’re so sweet, thank you. <3

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drunkmarvel·14 hours agoAnswer
I have post notifications on for your poetry blog and I get do excited whenever I see you've posted something new. Also, almost every time, I go back and re-read everything else and 10/10, it's all incredible.

YO THIS IS INCREDIBLE. Holy shit, post notifications….that means so fucking much to me, honest to god. Thank you for that, wow. Anon, fuck. This means so much to me. Thank you for existing, thank you for telling me this, thank you in general. This means the world to me. I love you so much. 💖

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