that's a hate crime, alex

britt. 24. icon by @afarai. was jeffrey-winger.

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There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.

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we need to stop doing litterary analysis……. like maybe kafka just litteraly turned into an insect who are we to tell him that he didnt

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The fact that the straights™️ have convinced themselves that wresting isn’t gay erotic foreplay is truly the greatest mystery known to mankind

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Honestly “queer” is so useful for people like me w/ a “complicated orientation” b/c instead of having to say I’m “asexual panromantic” and explain what that means, I can just say “I’m queer” and it tells you all you need to know (that I’m not straight).

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A Guide To Exploring Abandoned Churches

  • If you go alone, don’t bring a flashlight. You’ll see things you don’t want to.
  • Don’t bring groups bigger than 12.
  • Bring water and some snacks, but no wine.
  • If you have to sleep there, sleep in the sanctuary, but not on a pew.
  • If you try to read the hymnal, the words won’t be english anymore.
  • The Bibles will be blank until you confess.
  • Don’t go into the confession booth. The man talking to you is not the priest, and you don’t want to know what he really is.
  • The cross on the wall changes locations, don’t look at it for too long.
  • If you see someone praying at the altar, don’t approach them. If they approach you, don’t talk to them. Leave immediately.
  • If you hear the organ playing while you’re in the basement, know that your time is running out.
  • If it plays while you’re in the sanctuary, your time is up.
  • Take whatever you want, but if you find that one of your possesions is missing, don’t look for it. Let them have it. It’s not worth your life.
  • If you find a rosary, don’t put it on. It won’t help.
  • The water isn’t holy anymore. Throwing it on the demons in the shadows won’t work.
  • Drink the wine if you wish to never leave.
  • Don’t get seperated from your friends.
  • If you spend the night, leave at sunrise otherwise you’ll enter another plane of reality with no way back.
  • If you don’t spend the night, leave through the doors you came in.
  • You might look behind you after leaving and see that the church isn’t there anymore. It means that they took what they wanted.
  • Never enter the same abandoned church twice. Even (especially) if you forgot something inside. That’s a lure. On your second tour through, they will know enough about you to keep you there.
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don’t ever let anyone make you feel ashamed for not going down a conventional path (e.g. not finishing college or starting college later in life, doing an internship in your late 20s, not having a "career” by a certain age). all of this is arbitrary. do not create a life that aims to satisfy everyone but yourself. you worked hard as fuck to get to where you are. don’t you dare let others including yourself diminish those efforts. you do not deserve that. especially if you did it all while battling mental illness. 

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when jonny sims has to come up w/ a new fear avatar he just flips a coin and if it’s tails he makes a ridiculously hot woman with a dominating personality and if it’s heads he makes a crusty old man. 

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nothing will be more terrifying then the wolf 359 liveshow when scotty shoemaker stood up in the crowd and started voicing cutter because he was just sitting there the whole fucking time 

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it’s really interesting how in cop shows it’s only ever the Bad Guy that won’t let police into their house without a warrant, asks for legal counsel, refuses to talk to police, won’t let themselves be searched without probable cause, or exercises their legal rights at all. wonder who that could possibly benefit

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going to a movie theater with a friend is like absolutely my idea of the best time ever. the movie does not matter literally all that matters is sitting next to a loved one in a dark room and watching trailers and sharing a popcorn.


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sometimes you gotta draw what your heart tells you to draw and sometimes what your heart tells you to draw is sleepy hand holding

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i went to my first physics lecture this quarter and the professor literally told us “i wrote the textbook for this course but i’m going to pirate it for you guys because i hate my publishers”

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