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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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A Better Life for Sharmaine.

Hi, I’m Danneil John Flores (22 years Old) and I’m asking some donations for my sister’s condition since me and my parents are incapable of supporting her right now and most of my savings are all dried out now. Both of my parents does not have a stable Job, my father is just a pedicab driver and my mother is a housewife. I had a job way back a year ago. I can’t find a job in here since I’m the only one who can do the labors of getting her oxygen refilled daily and also in case of some emergencies, luckily right now (Sept 2019) I was selected to join a free course study of Tesda which can help me get a job! Thank God!

Me and my family are also trying to start a small business so that we can also sustain on our own.

Most of the Donations from February 2019 to this day have been all put in good use. We already have repaired her room and put an AC on it since the doctor advise us. Also aside from that the money goes to our family needs, her check ups and medicines.

If you want to read more about our story please visit this blog by using your laptop/computer.

For donations please send to:

PS: Sorry for not updating this long.

Please also share our gofundme campaign (through your facebook or friends)

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emmatheward·4 days agoAnswer
Just discovered your art and *holy shit* I love it so much??? Like... damn lol. I gotta ask though, whomst the FUCK makes Abraham's pants because he sure is Long

Fft thank you so much! That last thing I drew of Abe is in a less realistic style. He is pretty ridiculously stick figure long. I have no idea who makes his pants but he’s got like 11 pairs.

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emmatheward·4 days agoPhoto

- I was gonna do an early start of studying for an exam but I procrastinated & drew Abe instead.

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emmatheward·5 days agoAnswer
Have you watched Steven universe the movie yet?

I have not & idk if I ever will. I’m not a fan of sing alongs.

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Please, do NOT use any monster designs I made without asking me first! 

If you want to use any creature designs I made, either by copying or through inspiration, ask me first. Also give credit by adding @outlander-s-3-s​ in the description.

Please read the whole thing. I need to get this out there.

Recently, an artist used my take on a realistic plant dragon Cagney for their comic. Yesterday, I asked if they can give me credit for the inspiration and/or design, but they claimed it to be theirs and “I don’t own Cagney”. Yes, I don’t own Cagney Carnation, Studio MDHR does, but the realistic creature design I made for him was my doing. Even fanart, which includes fan interpretations, are vulnerable to thievery!

The clone also has the exact same body for my final form Cagney, regardless if it’s covered. The way the front paw is shaped and that the tail is a single bundle of vines was an original idea I thought of last year, back in 2018. Since then, I don’t think anyone had thought of a lizard/dinosaur shape to Cagney other than myself.  (The blue one to the bottom-right is a Morning Glory strain I made based off of a dream. You can say it’s an OC lol)

I do hope this will get resolved soon. Yes, there are slight differences, but one follower said that the resemblance is uncanny: same eyebrows, snout, head shape, etc. If it doesn’t have the same features as one of my drawings, then I would let it pass. Sometimes, an artist has to speak out to avoid theft/plagiarism of their works.

To conclude, it is important NOT to send them hate messages! Please block and report them. Ignore them if they begin to harass you.

Source of the artwork: https://askcupsandcasinos.tumblr.com/post/188244850011/askcupsandcasinos-meanwhile-prev

Thanks for reading this and have a great day/night!

Source: http://www.dorkly.com/post/82313/gumball-just-roasted-its-crappy-chinese-ripoff

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emmatheward·8 days agoAnswer
Your 3D art is incredible!! Also I think I asked this before but I don't remember. Does your 3D art have the potential to be 3D printed?

Thank you!! I have never 3D printed any of my stuff but I believe the final renders are printable since they’re not heavily detailed & don’t have tight spaces. The school I go to has like 8 3D printers & I definitely plan on getting something printed! 

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emmatheward·9 days agoText

Someone on Instagram asked me how a knight & a railroad engineer can exist at the same time. I had an idea of Bernadette coming from an underground city at the end of the world that still acts as if it’s the 12th century. Man I gotta teach myself how to draw cities now.

Also Henry has dated both the past and the future tssssssss

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emmatheward·9 days agoText

Sometimes Hen & the twins can’t work because the train is sick.

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emmatheward·11 days agoAnswer
hello hello i’m new here and i can’t really piece together the story of Henry + the twins and the robot boyf?? a quick rundown on the story and whatever else would be really cool bc i LOVE your art and i wanna appreciate it more 😭😭

Ooh thanks so much!! Oh boy how do I shorten this?? Henry is a modern railroad engineer who married a powerful Knight named Bernadette. They conceived twins together but shortly after that family build, Bernadette was killed & decapitated from another knight (who I still have to design). The enemies of Bernadette hated her so much they wanted to curse those she loved the most. Henry and the twins died from a train robbery but reawakened from their undead curse which they knew absolutely nothing about. It’s their goal to find out why they’re undead. Henry is ridiculously lonely cause no one wants to be around a dead man that can’t speak. After 70 years that is where Abraham the cyborg comes in noticing Henry through his musical talents in public. Abraham and Henry both share very similar issues in their lives. 

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emmatheward·12 days agoAnswer
russian accents are h o t

Oh yeees agreed. 

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emmatheward·14 days agoAnswer
do you have headcanon voices for any of your characters?/what do they sound like if you could describe them? (i especially wanna know about abe, he's my favorite!)

I have all voices heard in my head but picking voice actor names is difficult to me. I imagine Abraham having the same voice as Vitaly from Madagascar 3 who is casted by Bryan Cranston acting a Russian accent. It would also have a robotic atmosphere sound to it as well. 

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emmatheward·14 days agoText

Abraham’s cyborg body was originally built to be an experimental surgeon in the holocaust. The unsuccessful body was found in scraps and was stolen by the Russians. When Abe’s brain was implanted the Russians made him into a spy by making him act parallel to what the body was made for so ghoulish information could be gathered from the Nazis. It was hands down the worst moments of Abe’s life. What he saw made him wish he could die from the cancer he had. The last moment he gathered information was the day he killed every Nazi in the building he was standing in & set the remains on fire. Every Nazi logo on his body was scratched & welded off. He’s hoping there’s no other cyborgs out there that has the same purpose as his suit so it gives him a chance to be seen as a modern human stuck in a mechanical body.

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emmatheward·14 days agoAnswer
It has come to my attention that you have a wool blanket. If you don't mind my asking, what's it like? I've only owned fleece ones.

SUPER comfy. Even though it’s filled with holes it keeps you incredibly warm because of how heavy it is. I highly recommend them!

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