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fuckglossier·13 hours agoText

omg i’ve been away from social media for almost a month and typing this out feels so weird because there’s a post below a few other posts i made when i was in a really bad place where i basically said i’m going to be away and i was away and i’ll still be away for a while but it’s like… right there so it feels a little weird but i also literally forgot to fucking type omfg but i’m not taking it down - me making this post isn’t like some type of failure or mistake in fact i’m actually really proud of myself for being away for almost a month and not feeling dumb for logging in! life’s been quite chaotic but i’m in a good mood today so i just wanted to answer a few people here and on other platforms and yeah that’s really it :) omg it’s so weird talking here again lol but yeah i’m still on a break and so far i’m really happy with my little journey! thank you to all the people who checked up on me and wished me well and thank you for being so patient, i really appreciate it. i just need my alone time! i totally forgot that i’m perfectly fine with being by myself which is one of the reasons why i’ve completely disconnected from everything and everyone - i felt a need to come back to myself and ngl it’s doing me really good but regardless, thank you a lot! 

ps i’m also working on some projects… music too… so dw your girl is fine. 

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fuckglossier·14 hours agoText

*looks at everyone from my treehouse with a motherly gaze*

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fuckglossier·14 hours agoAnswer
happy gone girl day

i’m like 10 years late but happy gone girl day (every day)

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fuckglossier·19 days agoText

not to get too deep because i genuinely want to have as little as possible with the people here and this place like no offense to anyone though lol but tumblr really is that one social platform that enables a person to be their like… meanest self? you have that everywhere literally no social media is safe but tumblr including twitter? guillotine. the amount of enabled cyber bullying (even though people like to pretend that this is a made up term and something that stops at getting off the computer/phone) thats concentrated on here is awful like people don’t even know how to argue anymore its literally just going for the most vulnerable parts of someone’s life and hammering them onto the floor until they snap and leave… lmao and staff enables all of this, staff is perfectly aware but yeah idk people are incredibly aggressive, extremely rude and when people call it ‘’having an attitude’’ like you have a problem and the only one who can help is a damn therapist lol fix yourselves and stop acting like bad bitches when you’re just bitches who get off to hurting people! i’m genuinely growing out of using tumblr and talking to people here. i’m tuning out but before i leave i just wanna tell u all a little something… the audience will never hug back. they will clap and they will laugh but they wont give u the love, appreciation and respect i know people here crave. ciao <3

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fuckglossier·19 days agoText

some of you really behave like people who were bullied in hs and now you wanna avenge yourself by being a bitter bitch to everyone and brushing it off as ‘’having an attitude’’

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fuckglossier·a month agoPhoto

thx 2 my friend for this hyper realistic edit <3

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fuckglossier·2 months agoText

did someone put womanhood in my drink cause im feeling a little too aware

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fuckglossier·2 months agoText

happy gemini season

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fuckglossier·2 months agoText


i hate when im high and multiple people are trying to talk to me god shut up

im fr about to punch someone out im nervous as SHITE let me be in peace

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fuckglossier·2 months agoText

i hate when im high and multiple people are trying to talk to me god shut up

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fuckglossier·2 months agoText

nice airpods i hope you lose them

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fuckglossier·2 months agoText

im so close to finishing this damn powerpoint presentation but my brain is like… how about u look at pics of baby pigs on instagram instead

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