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girl-of-fantasy·6 days agoText

Mind-Reader Concept:

This whole, some people think in images/concepts while others think in words has my imagination going wild over how this changes the abilities of mind readers. Like, just think about it, people aren’t able to understand the other way of thinking that’s not their own, but there’s no way that one type could be translated into the other. It’s literally a language barrier and a mind reader would end up reading the minds of people that think in a different way than them. How would they react? A person who thinks in words would end up being hit with a bunch of images that they’d have to learn how to interpret, which is incredible cause that means that no matter what language the other person spoke, a mind reader could understand them as long as they could interpret their thoughts. And what about the other way around? A mind reader that thinks in images reading the mind a person who thinks in words and being lost in what they’re actually thinking about cause it’s fragments of sentences not given any context.

There’s a whole new creative avenue to go down with this new knowledge and I will not be satisfied until there is a show about a mind reader who becomes an expert on people because they’re multilingual in thoughts.

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girl-of-fantasy·15 days agoText


John Mulaney was accidentally made immortal in the early 20th century by a witch named Petunia who later turned herself into a dog by accident and John takes it upon himself to care for her to his annoyance because she promised him she’d reverse the spell on his immortality one day

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girl-of-fantasy·15 days agoText

Hello everyone! I’m writing a research paper on Untitled Goose Game (yes really it’s for a college class) and my main focus is essentially “why do people like being a horrible goose?” So! If you wouldn’t mind, anyone who has played the game (or even just watched play throughs) could answer for me a couple questions-

Why did you play it?

What do you like about it?

That’s really all, you can be as specific or in depth as you want, I’m just starting to work on the paper so I don’t know what all will be included but I’m asking so I can get as many opinions as possible (Also if you have any academic/scholarly sources that might be helpful that’d be absolutely fantastic but I’m not being very specific so don’t worry about it)

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girl-of-fantasy·19 days agoText

Hey I’ve finally figured out that I’m not funny so we’re just gonna run with that over here

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girl-of-fantasy·a month agoText

You know, I’m not a big fan of soda. Carbonation builds up in my system and it lowers my internal body temperature enough for me to be shivering in the middle of hot summer temperatures, but I WILL slurp down a soft drink like a crazed lunatic for the sole purpose of crunching down on the ice because that’s the type of person I am.

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girl-of-fantasy·2 months agoText

Okay so I have this idea,

You know how there’s the Seven Heavenly Virtues as the opposite of the Seven Deadly Sins, but is there an opposite of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse?

I propose, The Four Horsewomen of Paradise: Life, Peace, Health, and Prosperity

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girl-of-fantasy·2 months agoText

Having just watched The Polar Express as my family’s Christmas tradition, I am blown away by the fact that this movie deserves a live-action adaptation.

The only problem is the hot chocolate scene cause if that wasn’t exactly the same the adaptation would be trash

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girl-of-fantasy·2 months agoText

I got this dumb little fish plushie and I love him with my entire heart and soul, and I want to name him but I cannot stop calling him The Dapper Boi and I’m physically incapable of saying anything else

A Dapper Boi, The Good Lad

a delightsome young fellow

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girl-of-fantasy·3 months agoText

I keep forgetting that it’s flu and cold season and I swear if I get sick imma throw hands with the universe itself

I hate taking medicine so I’ll be keeping infectious diseases out of my system by shear force of will and anyone who tries to stop me will be sorely mistaken and destroyed by my jacked up immune system

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girl-of-fantasy·3 months agoText

People used to always hound me whenever I order diet soda being like, “YoU kNoW iTs AcTuAlLy WoRsE fOr YoU rIgHt???!?”

Like, my dude, I am making a conscious decision to drink roughly 30 ounces of a sugary carbonated beverage do you honestly think I care about which option is healthier

Then of course I’m shamed for preferring diet soda

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girl-of-fantasy·3 months agoText

Me, new to theater: “yeah I’ve never listened to Hamilton”

Everyone rages. One person attempts to physically attack me and is held back by three other people. The lead female faints and is comforted by two of her friends. The quiet kids have burst into tears and are huddling together. There is screaming. There are sirens in the distance but the cops are already there. Wait no it’s students wearing cop costumes. They start to drag me away. Through the chaos I make eye contact with a lone individual in the back of the room. They nod once and mouth, “same”. At least I have one comrade.

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girl-of-fantasy·3 months agoText


My sister rescued one of those meme Kermit plushies from a thrift shop yesterday…the poor thing is pale/faded

Today I woke up to a text from her containing nothing but this

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girl-of-fantasy·3 months agoText

So since Christmas music is gonna hit us at full force I propose writing out lyrics to Christmas songs but changed to be vaguely threatening and/or ominous

For starters,

“I don’t care about the presence, underneath the Christmas tree”

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