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incorrect-acadamy·12 days agoText


why is this so specific but believable?


Mcr comes back but frank does vocales and Gerard just sits there playing the pan flute. He also plays the wrong song (ie he plays sleep while the band is playing teenagers). The pan flute is the only thing connected to a microphone or an amp.

It’s not a shit post it’s a prophecy. I can see the future.

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incorrect-acadamy·16 days agoText


Luther: people always ask me how I manage the academy

Luther: The secret is, I don’t. I have no control over them whatsoever. This morning, Diego called my name, and when I showed up to see what’s going on, Five shot me in the throat with a nerf gun.

H o w did we just make the exact same post at the exact same time I am s c a r e d

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incorrect-acadamy·16 days agoText

Luther: this morning, someone asked me how I manage the team.

Luther: the truth is, I don’t. This morning, Diego called me into a room and klaus shot me in the throat with a nerf gun.

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incorrect-acadamy·16 days agoText

Klaus: hey, Ive been looking at this paper for a while and I just cannot read it. Can any of you guys tell what it says?

Vanya: what does it say?

Five: not a clue. Hey, Allison, can you read this?

Allison: oh yeah, it says “only-” I mean nope. I can’t read it at all.

Diego: I can only read half of it, then it cuts off.

Luther: you guys are all idiots. It obviously says “only gay people can read this”. Are you guys stu- oh.

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incorrect-acadamy·a month agoAnswer
I LOVE LOVE your blog, it makes me smile and laugh a lot, thank you! And you choose perfectly the characters each time!!

Awww thank you so much! It means the world to me that anyone would think this :)

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incorrect-acadamy·a month agoText

Vanya: I’ll go with you!

Five: No, I could never risk someone I care about getting hurt.

Luther: I’ll go with you!

Five: how about you go alone so that I don’t have to spend all that extra time with you :)

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incorrect-acadamy·a month agoText

Dave: in French, we don’t say “I love you”, we say “tu me manques”, which means “ you are missing from me” and I think that’s beautiful.

Klaus: in America, we don’t say you all, we say y’all, which means you all, unless you’re with more than one person, in which case you say all y’all which means all you all and I think that’s beautiful.

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incorrect-acadamy·2 months agoText

Klaus: i don’t think I identify as male 100%

Diego: yes, but you still have a man’s body.

Klaus: oh shit you’re right we should probably bury this instead of talking about my gender.

Diego: I’ll get the shovels

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incorrect-acadamy·3 months agoText

Klaus: yeeted!

Diego: yote!

Klaus and Vanya: YEETED!

Diego and Ben: YOTE!

Allison: I just want to know what the fUCK threw Luther out of the third floor window.

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incorrect-acadamy·4 months agoText

Luther: so what’s your spirit animal? Mine is a wolf!

Diego: you’re white, dumbass. Neither of us get spirit animals. Ask me what my fursona is like you meant to you coward


Klaus: Luther you’re literally part ape what do you mean “wolf”

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incorrect-acadamy·6 months agoText

Allison: you shouldn’t be using a plastic straw.

Klaus: i know it’s bad for the environment, but it’s free.

Allison: that, and it’s a weird was to eat spaghetti. We have clean forks.

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incorrect-acadamy·6 months agoText


Gerard Way deserves credit for like… 99.9% of my personality. Like, do you think I go around drinking ungodly amounts of fucking coffee, and being the most melodramatic piece of shit because I WANT to. YES!!!, but also because it’s what Gerard Would Have Wanted.

I’m in this post and you know what? I like it.

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