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incorrect-fandom-quotex·3 days agoText


Incorrect Harry Potter #20

Grim Reaper: I have come to take you.

Hufflepuff: Hold up, let me ask Slytherin.

Grim Reaper: It’s not a choic-

Hufflepuff: He said no.

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incorrect-fandom-quotex·5 days agoText

Jake: What’s your blood type?

Amy: How would I know?

Jake: How would you not?

Amy: Who am I, Karl Landsteiner, discoverer of blood groups?

Jake: You don’t know your own blood type but you know who discovered them?

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incorrect-fandom-quotex·7 days agoText

Percy: There’s no way this guy knew he was gonna die. No one would want lettuce as their last meal.

Percy: For example, my last meal…

Percy: *pulls out a bag of Sour Straws from under his jacket*

Percy: Is gon’sta be Sour Straws.

Rachel: You just keep those in your pocket?

Percy: We face death every day! I gotta be prepared to go out on my own terms.

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incorrect-fandom-quotex·8 days agoText


harry: why am i in a stupid ‘the power of love’ story anyway

harry: i wanna be in a power of rock story

harry: ron pass me a guitar we’re doing the rest of this adventure to a queen medley

ron: what’s queen

harry: quiet, you

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incorrect-fandom-quotex·9 days agoText


harry: so like, are you guys cannibals or something? you eat dead people?

harry: or is ‘death eater’ more of a metaphorical thing

harry: are you eating your own death, or other people’s?

harry: does eating your own death make you immortal, or just, you know, dead?

wormtail: kid, shut up. we’re trying to resurrect our dark lord over here

harry: jeez, i was just wondering

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incorrect-fandom-quotex·14 days agoText


my therapist: so what are you thinking right now

me, out loud: nothing

me, internally: hermione granger was probably such a tryhard because she felt that as a muggleborn she didn’t really fit into the wizarding world and had to work extra hard to catch up. this manifested as a fear of getting bad grades, and is probably why she was so worried about being expelled - if she was expelled, she’d lose her only link with the wizarding world, and essentially be forced back to a life of mediocrity in the muggle world. this also shows in her frustration that other people don’t know the things that she considers to be simple knowledge about this world. but ironically her desire to fit in and be a part of the wizarding world is what causes her to be isolated from her peers, because they see it as her being an aloof know-it-all.

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incorrect-fandom-quotex·15 days agoText


Jason: you’ve been giving Percy a lot of attention lately

Nico: he was injured on a quest

Jason: I was injured on that quest too

Nico: then go to the hospital

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incorrect-fandom-quotex·15 days agoAnswer
for some reason i think piper and rachel (pipachel?) would form a good ship???? they could met bc of their parents and they would have dates by the beach and rachel would draw piper and piper would take her to dates in strange places, like an abandoned carnival or something like that. and she would take care of pipes when she get hurt skating and pipes would help her with her insomnia (for some reason i have a hc that rachel has insomnia???). idk they're just cuties.


i fucking love femslash ships especially rare ones and you are so correct!! i wish we got to see them having more interactions in canon besides the one in tlh. they‘re super cute! also rachel having insomnia is such a good hc i……..

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Nico: thinks about cuddling with Percy for 2 minutes

Nico @ himself: shut the hell up you aren’t in a John Green novel. Grow up and move on.

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incorrect-fandom-quotex·16 days agoPhoto


First they licked ice cream, then spat in mouthwash, now this? Thank god this woman didn’t have chemical burns..We really can’t even buy shit anymore

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