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tbh I think if we saw a neanderthal on the street we probably wouldn’t know they weren’t quite…us…we’d just be like “huh, that guy sure had a broad face also he must deadlift”

The newer reconstructions that they are doing show this so clearly. Both men and women, they looked….pretty much like us. Just heavier bone structure. Clearly Not Quite Us if you studied closely, but put on modern clothes, modern hairstyles, and…. yeah, they’re human.

They just look like us if we had slightly thicker bones and bigger skulls.

I love the facial expression! 

Grandpa about to tell me a story about mammoth hunting……

And they were so much smarter than we’ve given them credit for in pop culture. They were capable of creating art, which has been confirmed with cave paintings. Neanderthals had imagination. And a Neanderthal skeleton was found with an intact hyoid bone that showed they were probably capable of speaking, so they may have had language too! 

I know I bring him up a lot but I have to talk about Shanidar 1. He is a Neanderthal man who lived in what is now Shanidar, Iraq. At some point in his early life he suffered a serious blow to the head,possibly leading to paralysis on the right side of his body that caused him to lose the use of his leg and arm, and he might also have been blinded in one eye. Around 40,000 years ago that would’ve been an immediate death sentence unless he was cared for by his tribe, and he was. He was cared for so well that he lived to be 35-45 years old, an advanced age for Neanderthals. They were capable of compassion, perhaps even love. This also means that “survival of the fittest” is a bit bullshit imho.   

this is a really good post but i have a few things i’d like to point out:

experts have been speculating that neanderthals were capable of speech since at least the 1970s-80s. a fully preserved neanderthal hyoid bone was discovered in 1989, but it wasn’t until recently that we have the non-destructive analysis tools to determine that the specimen is virtually identical in shape and function to the hyoid bone of modern humans, meaning neanderthals likely spoke, and may have been capable of complex language. because of the dimensions of their vocal tract, though, they probably couldn’t produce the same quantal vowel sounds as anatomically modern humans, making their speech sound different than ours. (fun fact: this study also found that because of their relatively short vocal tract in comparison with that of homo sapiens, neanderthals may have had higher pitched voices, in the soprano range)

neanderthals could most definitely experience emotions, including compassion and love. they buried their dead. they cared for their disabled and elderly. they used feathers and bird claws for personal ornamentation. all of these things are very human things. compassion and love are also very human things.

and there’s a reason for this–neanderthals were extremely closely related to us. while recent research has upheld their status as a separate species (homo neanderthalensis) instead of a subspecies of homo sapiens, they could and did interbreed with our anatomically modern human ancestors. almost all modern humans carry a small percentage of neanderthal DNA (about 2% for people of non-african descent).

so yeah, they aren’t quite us. but they’re very, very close.

I enjoy very much the idea of neanderthals with soprano-range voices

I’m a Chinless Wonder myself (jaw like a prow, but chin? What chin?) likely due to Neanderthal blood, so I agree - they’re us.

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i hate when people are like UHM FRUIT ISNT ACTUALLY GOOD FOR YOU IT HAS A LOT OF SUGAR like shut the fuck up go eat your nutritionally complete meal powder you bought off a fucking kickstarter project okay let me enjoy a clementine 


It even goes beyond that, like if I ever eat a raw vegetable for my own health I always get shit like “yeah but the dressing is super bad for you so you canceled it out by eating ranch with it” or “carrots have tons of carbs they’re basically sugar”

And I’m just like for real? I can’t have a baby carrot with ranch? I can’t have some fucking grapes? If the only truly “”“pure”“” food I can eat is raw celery and a daily multivitamin I’d quite honestly and truly rather just be dead.

Just because something has a lot of calories or sugar doesn’t mean it’s bad for you. Veggies and fruits have a ton of vitamins and minerals and fiber and you NEED calories for like…your body to work. So who cares if you smother them in ranch. Just don’t dip a clementine in ranch

I’m gonna dip a clementine in ranch.

Why do you hate Jesus

Jesus is my homeboy but God has a lot to answer for and my rebellion will continue until he does so.

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All food is guilt-free. There’s nothing shameful about feeding yourself, ever.

Hey not to be dramatic but if you’re here to push a vegan/healthy living/weight loss agenda, please fuck off. This post is largely for people with eating disorders and generally disordered eating habits, so I’m pretty sure that if you have an ounce of sympathy or even just logic in your body, you’ll realize that those people really should not be ashamed of anything they eat no matter what.

Really, no one should, and I mean that. It’s bad enough to take a mental health post to push and agenda. Eating. Is. Normal. Eating meat is normal. Eating fat is normal. Eating sweets is normal. Eating is normal and I think that we can all agree that if anyone thinks that Eating Is Bad, they shouldn’t think that.

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Millionaire Racist Has Problem With Brown Woman Talking

“Millionaire Racist Has Problem With Brown Woman Talking”

Excuse me but bitch no

skin has nothing to do with this

I’m sure nobody would care if she was white lmfao

Also, she is an idiotic crybaby

Cool, it’s just a coincidence that he, known and repeated racist, feels comfortable telling a brown woman her experiences are wrong, because he’d do that up any comforting that must be for you.

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it really sucks that pride month means that all the aphobes come out of the woodwork, but at least it means I know who to block

gotta be really clear on this: aces are valid, aros are valid, aroaces are valid, aspec people are valid, asexuality is NOT heterosexuality, aromanticism is NOT heteroromanticism, and anyone on the ace/aro spectrum is welcome in the LGBT community

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When you go to a haunted house, it may seem like you’re being funny by trying to scare the actors or jump out at them when you go through a second time, but guess what? ITS NOT FUNNY.

You pay us to scare you. It is your choice to go, so don’t fucking go through if you’re going to ignore the rules and get too close to the actors as a ‘joke’.

These bruises happened because over the course of 4 hours, several people ignored the instructions that CLEARLY stated that they were to wait in the front room until told otherwise. Rather than listen, they ran into the next room and slammed into me- effectively throwing me into the wall. This didn’t only happen once. It happened ten times at LEAST.

Then we had this asshole who thought that once I ‘died’ for the haunt, he could pretend to kick me to see if I’d moved. I, being used to people abusing me- jumped back and slammed my head into the concrete wall.


I feel that this is relevant considering it is October and more Haunted Houses are opening up. I know it seems funny to scare the ‘monsters’ but all you do is hurt real people. So stop.

It’s not even October but I’m still spreading this


Yeah…your director may want to consider reblocking

We don’t have a director? Or blocking??? It’s a haunted house bro, not a play

Reblogging for relevance-

I work at a Haunted House every October, and have been for the past few years. Our house in particular is staffed by Volunteer workers who are either earning credits for Graduation, or people who know the Family that owns the haunted attraction. In our City, we’re one of two Haunted Houses, so while we open in late September, we tend to get incredibly busy during the month of October and often work from 6pm until 2, 3am on weekends. 

We do not get paid to help out. Due to our location, we get a lot of drunk guys coming through, and a lot of ‘funny’ teenagers. In my several years working there, I’ve seen Actors get grabbed and thrown, stomped on, kicked, bitten, everything. A lot of the Actors at this attraction are young teenagers, Middle and Secondary School students, so this kind of abuse is terrifying and potentially emotionally scarring.

There’s a position half-way through the house we call ‘Psych Ward’, and it’s essentially a jump scare. The scare is a corner-room, boxed in with walls and broken windows, that the Actor pops out of and shouts and taunts the people going through. October, 2012, a couple were going through the Psych Ward corner and the scare went off as per usual. The girlfriend of this couple got very startled but laughed it off and continued on. The boyfriend, however, back-tracked and went up to the broken window and punched the Actor in the face for scaring his girlfriend. The Actor, who I’m going to call Tracy, had a black eye for a good two weeks solid and the couple had to be escorted out of the house and were banned from the property. Ever since we’ve ruled that Veteran Actors (someone who’s been there for 3+ years) are the only ones allowed in this particular Scaring Spot.

He paid to get scared and then got violent when we delivered.

There are so many stories I can tell of ignorant customers banging back on scares and injuring the Actors inside, grabbing props from the actors and hurting them with it, destroying props because they thought it would be ‘funny’. 

I just want to raise awareness that the ACTORS ARE STILL PEOPLE. We’re instructed to get the best kind of scare out of you, sometimes with no pay at all (like this particular attraction), so please respect our work.

We wouldn’t come to your job, mock you, and push you around trying to be ‘funny’. Don’t come to our job and do that to us!

I literally cannot believe people are angry over this post saying “don’t fucking beat up actors”

I work at a haunted hayride and a guy tried to dropkick me in the chest and knee me in the face because he thought it was funny.

I got in trouble for breaking character to tell him to fucking stop.

Ive been hit so many times this season it has left cuts and bruises. Back in 2015 I was fucking choked and dragged behind a wagon because a lady was drunk and her son had to pry her hands off me because IM NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH YOU OR FIGHT BACK.

Most recently, a customer groped my breasts and twisted my fucking nipples. Apparently, she did it to AT LEAST twenty other actors.


Most recently a customer fucking kicked me and sent me to the goddamned hospital.




Why the fuck would you even do this holy shit

Hey guys i know this is out of theme but that comment from @witchcryptid was me and my old url. I plan on working this job again this year if at all possible, so here’s an added psa:

If your family or friend(s) force you into a haunting, be upfront as best you can and tell actors as they come up “please do not scare me i am too anxious / scared” and 9.99/10 times we will listen and leave you alone. just communicate with us even though we most often cannot communicate back.

We may be playing monsters, but we are NOT monsters.

Also, please remember to keep your hands off of us during your haunting, and also please try to step in or speak up if you see people trying to touch us, assault us, or talking about planning to touch or hurt a staff member.

We cannot do anything and will most likely get in legal trouble for touching you in defense.

Thank you and have a spooky fall 🌻🍁🍂🍃

I…I feel really upset that this has to be a reminder ._.

I mean they should know you’re…justacting.

jesus christ…

I don’t even do haunted houses (I’m one of those aforementioned anxious people) but boosting the signal because this is seriously not cool.

Hey guys it’s that time!!

You paid for a ticket which means you consented to be scared!

As an ex haunt monster please for fucks sake if you KNOW your reflex is to strike when scared DO NOT GO TO THESE.


Please don’t attack workers for doing their jobs.

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i know we all rag on MCU movies for being the most soulless pieces of garbage to grace theaters in the past few evers, but i think the music in those movies really doesnt get enough credit for being the least memorable or emotional music ever heard

every single piece sounds like placeholder music to give an idea of what someone might want for a scene but then they accidentally sent it off without ever actually getting a score composed

i do not know what this is supposed to mean

Frist off, that video was a damn revelation. But I have to wonder if Marvel’s spoilerphobia doesn’t also come in. Because I can’t believe that not a single Marvel executive has never thought “hey, where’s our Imperial March?” If nothing else, to be able to make shorter trailers that will get people talking (as any hint to the Imperial March in a 20sec SW trailer will do).

But if the conversation with the composer goes

“We need a theme tune for this character.”
“Great! What can you tell me about their personality, role and narrative development?”

The composer is probably going to murder you in your sleep.

Watch that video, it’s incredibly insightful.

As someone who has loved movies not only for story, cinematography, costumes, and design but also for their scores this is an interesting and insightful explanation as to why so many things sound the same today.  Even up to 15 years ago I could tell a composer in a film without looking. Williams, Elfman, Morricone, Shore, Rota, Horner, Barry, Zimmer - they all have a certain ways they develop musical themes for characters.  I have only managed to go “Hey! That is the same guy!” once in recent years and it was because of a Marvel film. Alan Silvestri did the music for Captain America: The First Avenger (and fyi, also The Avengers, Infinity War, and Endgame which is why one of the only Marvel themes I can recall is actually the one from Avengers). There’s certain kind of “hero” sound he does and as I watched Ready Player One, I went - wait a second! That sounds like Cap 1st Avenger music!  I went home and checked IMDB.  Sure enough… Silvestri.  And if you look back in his catalog of work, you’ll notice he did work on the Mummy series, and the Night at the Museum movies which also have similar tones in their “hero” music.

Today, instead of using instrumental themes movies tend to pick from popular music to create a “theme” for the characters.  Tony Stark is a perfect example of this.  When you think of Iron Man movies you think AC/DC.  Often movies today have soundtracks that remind me far more of fandom/writer inspiration playlist than anything else. Ragnarok is great but do you remember any of the instrumentals from that? I remember that they used the music from the original Wilder Willy Wonka (the song Pure Imagination) during the lead-up to Thor meeting the Grandmaster and Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song during the big fight - couldn’t hum you a bit of anything original.

That’s not to say that using popular music is bad, but I do think that there is a real problem here of composers being forced into being derivative or into mimicry instead of creative innovation.  Imagine how much more impactful the death of Natasha might have been if they had created a theme for her and for Hawkeye and carried those themes through all their movies.  Imagine their fight now with known themes for the pair of them fighting during their physical altercation ending with Widow’s theme in ascendance as she falls and dies. Imagine Hawkeye crying while her theme plays. (Keeping in mind I’d rather she not have been killed at all mind you…)

That’s what gets lost when you a) don’t disclose character development/story development due to secrecy and b) get so enamored of how you paced your editing to something else that it forces a composer into doing only emotional underlayment or into re-creating the wheel because you can’t see past your own nose.  To me the point of a composer not to mimic others but to come up with something new and original.

I wish great luck to all the musicians and composers out there working in the movie industry.  It has been, and always will be, a shifting landscape and I look forward to seeing how the next generation manages to differentiate themselves.


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racist ppl tryin to cover their tracks when they talk negatively about completely harmless interracial m/f couples by going ‘i’m not being racist i just think they’d be better if they weren’t so heteronormative… anyway here are my 100 abusive/forced white m/f ships that they will never compare to, also i hc one of them being a slightly darker white than canon so im right and you should shut up’ do u hear urselves

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do yall not see how fucking racist this shit is orrrr

this is literally what im talkin abt when i say that Asian media is so disrespected and that its all rooted in racism. your jokes like this arent fucking funny, and i know damn well that it was not an asian that made this, not an Asian that reposted this, that all those likes n rts arent asians. it doesnt matter if you’re “actually a kpop fan” if you arent asian you arent allowed to make or excuse these jokes. you dont get to pass it off as some funny anti kpop joak. hell, pretty much all “cringe” towards asian media isnt based on quality of the work, but rather its based on the fact that it gives people a free pass to be racist towards asians. all those “kpop idols all look alike/look like girls/look like [x]” jokes are racist. all those “anime is cringe and the worst thing to exist” shits that seems to be spreading all throughout the west is racist. all the jokes abt bollywood and south asian television and the discrediting of the work put into this shit is racist. yall really dont realize but your jokes arent fucking funny. this post isnt to say u cant joke around abt the quality of music, but that rather u examine the way u joke abt this. if ur jokes are based on asian traits (origin of the media, physical appearance), then ur joke is fucking racist! nobodys saying u cant joke abt namjoons inability to rap or idk….anime tiddies, but yall really need to take a step back and think b4 u speak

yall get too comfy w making jokes abt asians bc u see us as and our cultures and arts as a joke and it shows!

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this has to be the most disgusting thing i’ve ever seen

a common reason for milk being like this is mastitis (teat infection) in the cow itself…like this should have been caught before it even entered the supply chain. fucking hell.

Noah fence but that’s what I, as a vegan, have been talking about all along

don’t make this about your veganism. this is about the government shutdown and its effect on the food industry

“Noah fence”

Oh so thats why my milk had that consistancy, i just thought someone jizzed in it.

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Is it just me or does 2019 feel….off? Everything is boring, the weather is weird, summer doesn’t feel right. The world isn’t fun anymore. Breaking rules is for enjoyment. People are rude and selfish. Drugs are a priority. Everyone is loosing friends, relationships are falling apart. It’s like we’re all…stuck. There’s no emotion anymore. 2018 was weird, but 2019 just feels plain sad. We’re all growing up and forgetting how to act.

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