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jazzy-art-time·2 days agoText

I’m upsetti cuz I haven’t updated my SwSh Story in a bit even after I said I was gonna focus on it again and I also want to work on ask blog art but its!!

so hard life has been SO hectic that just trying to sit down and draw seems to be the hardest thing for me??

rip me

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jazzy-art-time·3 days agoText

Doodle of Solo! Along with his new arm and some?? Concepts which I will elaborate here:

Leg 1: his default leg that he tends to use a lot. He prefers it to be more or less like a iron spike to “seem cooler”. Functions normally and has a “bendable knee”. Bendable in quotations as it requires manual help to bend knee and does not move electronically.

Leg 2: “Monster Hunter Leg” is essentially a chainsaw. Can still bend like normal but can lock into place and be used as a chainsaw. Chainsaw cannot be used if leg is unlocked(meaning the knee cannot bend while in operation). The main “thigh” part of it is the engine type mechanism. Not for daily use.

Arm 1: basic metal arm with bendable fingers n such, more mechanical and fingers have electric wires inside so he can move them n such. Has a more “skeleton like” appearance due to Solo wanting it that way. Arm does run on a battery so needs to be charged. If it runs out the joints are still bendable but require manual bending.

Arm 2: extreme wip of a “Monster Hunter” arm. Has a shotgun attachment on top of arm that when locked into place can be used as a normal shotgun. Fingers are not electronic anymore and need to be moved manually, but has sharp fingers to stab thingies n such.

///all of his “Monster Hunter” limbs are still in progress I just wanted to give my sunshine child radical monster hunting weapon limbs fkfkdj

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jazzy-art-time·3 days agoText

Formal Apology to Solo from Ask-Scrafty.

When I first had his concepts, he had every limb

Then I completed his concept design and he had a prosthetic leg.

Now I figured out a way to fix a huge plot hole and…

Now the boy gonna have a prosthetic leg and THEN eventually get a prosthetic arm after losing one of his fairly soon.

With each development he loses another limb.

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jazzy-art-time·8 days agoText

An ASMR Story where Jody takes you outside into the darkness, she drags you deep into the woods.

There are creatures scuttling in the darkness, some vague shadowy shapes stare at you with one too many eyes.

The moon is full but the light barely seeps through the thick forest pine trees. A shiver goes up your spine as she suddenly brings you into a clearing, the moon shining down at full brightness, illuminating the area with a eerie glow

She lets go of your hand, you stare terrified as she leans down and picks something up. Your sweat feels like ice dripping down your face as you attempt to hold back your trembling of the unknown as she holds up her cupped hands to you

She stares at you, unblinking, her stare piercing into yours as she slowly uncups her hands

“Look…..” her hushed voice filling the silent clearing and your eyes slowly gaze down at what she is holding…


It’s a frog.

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jazzy-art-time·12 days agoPhoto


~+*> MY KOFI ACCOUNT <*+~ 

- Commission Art Tag -

- Art Status Tab -


  • Using PAYPAL INVOICES only please! Just to keep it more organized for both of us!
  • I have the right to say NO to any commission suggestion that I feel uncomfortable drawing. Whether it be something that I feel I would be too inexperienced to do, is on my WONT draw list, or I am just uncomfortable with it at all after all I am the one drawing it.
  • Commissions are ALWAYS priced in USD
  • Payments are paid before the piece is completed! I will do refunds if needed BEFORE THE COMMISSION IS FINISHED, emergencies happen and I won’t hold money away from you if you haven’t even received the complete piece yet.
  • I may refund you if I am taking too long on a commission. I may take a little bit to complete them but I will in fact refund you if I have been taking too long. I will try to complete them as quickly as I possibly can but if its been awhile I will give you your money back.
  • You can request to see a update on a piece if desired! I may also send in updates if I feel I need extra input! But please do note my sketching process is extremely messy and sometimes doesn’t even reflect the completed piece all that much!
  • I am allowed to post pieces on other platforms (with links crediting your characters of course) and you are allowed to post your commissions on other platforms WITH PROPER CREDIT GIVEN BACK TO ME. Also tell me if you desire to post it on another social platform as well please and thankie!

I will try my best to reply as soon as possible!!

-> Twitter <-
-> Art Blog <-
-> FurAffinity <-
-> DeviantArt <-

(If you desire to speak on Discord, DM me about it so I can give it to you!)

-Commissions Post Updated as of 2/6/2020 -

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