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40% of users visit Tumblr between 1 and 30 times a month.

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do people that say shit like “ooh nobody reads anymore, they only use their phones and computers” think that computers and phones can only display pictures and make sounds 

like do they think words can’t be displayed by computers 

what’s this post say, my phone can only display pictures and make sounds

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  • Violin soloist in the middle of a philharmonic performance

  • The person in charge of counting down a rocket launch

  • Someone in the middle of an elaborate revenge plot or with a really bad hangover

  • The flyer in a cheer squad

  • Scratch that last one, even worse, a Cirque du Soleil performer

  • A preschooler, but specifically the unsupervised one that has just put a caterpillar in their mouth

  • Coyote Peterson

I have great news, this is literally Quantum Leap. Several of these happened on the show.

Might I add:
Woman in labor
Person currently getting beat up
Subject expert giving a talk on live radio
Person operating heavy machinery you are unfamiliar with
A defendant/witness on the stand
A military person in an active war zone
A person of a different ethnicity to you who is currently in a tense situation
A person in the middle of hooking up
A kidnapping victim

All of which also happened on Quantum Leap.

And that’s how Star Trek: Enterprise happened.

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An actual genius: What if we made television convenient and inexpensive again?

Corporations: What if we milked this money cow until it fucking DIED


Still blows my mind how quickly capitalism self-destructed streaming tv

Like netflix rejuvenated a dying market and made it way more afforadable and accessible, and then… everyone needed a slice of the pie and fucked the whole thing up


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“In the lexicon of dragon breeders a female dragon is a hen, and a male dragon is a pewmet (up to eight months), a cock (eight to fourteen months), a snood (fourteen months to two years) and then a cobb (two years to death). After death a Swamp Dragon is known as a crater.”

— Terry Pratchett and Stephen Briggs, “Turtle Recall: The Discworld Companion So Far” 
(Well yes, after all that’s often all that’s left.)

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“What did I tell you about Mister Safety Catch?” said Vimes weakly. 

“When Mister Safety Catch Is Not On, Mister Crossbow Is Not Your Friend,” recited Detritus, saluting

- Terry Pratchett - Night Watch

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my forgetful ass: reblogs a post someone just reblogged from me

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“And if you want the story, then remember that a story does not unwind. It weaves. Events that start in different places and different times all bear down on that one tiny point in space-time, which is the perfect moment.”
— Terry Pratchett, Thief of Time

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Not to mention, can we stop screaming every time someone tries to figure out how to keep Tumblr solvent? Every single one of us has our own blog on here for FREE, and as someone who has worked in IT, I cannot begin to calculate the cost to keep it RUNNING. If I have to see an occasional ad, or they introduce some new paid feature, I’m okay with that, as long as it doesn’t degrade the way I currently use the site.

We’re talking shitloads of servers and incalculable bandwidth, plus an extremely small staff who–again, as a former IT guy–I GUARANTEE have been required by higher ups to do most of the things we’ve gotten annoyed about (and which they probably objected to–I know I had to do a lot of things I knew were stupid, just because a client or boss insisted, only to have them pissed off at me later when the exact things I warned about happened) , and not allowed to address some of our other concerns.

(Hell, even the porn ban was because of the US making it easier to prosecute blogging sites for content their users post that the site wasn’t even specifically AWARE of, NOT because staff woke up one day and thought it’d be a hoot. Now if only that legislation targeted Nazis instead of nipples…)

As much as we all complain about this site, it’s actually a pretty sweet deal for most of us end users overall. And if the new owners can find a way to keep it afloat without drastically changing the nature of the site, cool.

(But yeah, I DO hope they finally get rid of the Nazis, though.)


I see the problem :|


Well Twitter has 3,900 employees,

Facebook has 35,587 full time employees,

and tiktok has 833 employees that also have a LinkedIn profile (there may be more employees but I can’t find a published number beyond LinkedIn)


Is that not many?


that…. explains a lot

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Tumblr: Don’t scroll past this! Don’t ignore this! No one’s talking about this!

I’m an adult who reads three different newspapers. This is Tumblr, where I go to get away from the news. If I don’t want to read something on Tumblr, I don’t have to. If I don’t reblog something, that doesn’t mean I’m ignoring it. I’m not talking about it here because I’m talking about it to people in my real life.

Tumblr is not where I come to get news, and quite frankly, it shouldn’t be.

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How do you survive the whole discourseTM? I have some unpopular ships and while I don’t really mind antis, sometimes it gets exhausting.

I’m not sure, but here’s some of what works for me:

  • Only get into dicussions when you feel like it.
  • Stop discussion when you notice it makes you feel bad.
  • Meaning there can be days, weeks, months etc. of breaks in between.
  • Block liberally. I mean it. My blocklist is in the thousands.
  • No, really. Why would I allow people to infringe upon my social media experience who think I’m the scum of the earth? Makes no sense.
  • In discussions, don’t expect to change their minds. You’re talking to everyone who’s on the fence about the issue, not really the person you’re arguing with. This helps making it feel less personal and less immediate. You’re not there to convince this person, you’re just using their words as an example to lay out your differing opinion.
  • Have friends on here you can whine to ;) 
  • If it gets too annoying, see above - take a break. Immerse yourself in your lovely ‘problematic’ ships; after all, you know they can’t harm you or anyone else.
  • Have a fandom presence outside this hellsite or twitter - AO3 is not social media, yes, but I love browsing it and finding tons of fics that would have antis in hysterics. It reminds you of the fact that nah, most people in fandom don’t agree with them.
  • Be around for a while (I’ve been in fandom for almost 15 years now). It puts things into perspective. We’ll get through this nonsense.
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“There’s Me” is CB putting in “nice” coins in the expectation that eventually, sex will fall out. I mean, he only really gets going with his killing spree after Dinah has become single and promptly chosen someone who isn’t him. CB is a NiceGuy™.


It’s 7am I’m already on My Bullshit

Yeah it never occurred to me that CB was being SINCERE during There’s Me

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