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love-howard-potts-3000·3 hours agoAnswer
I read a story a while ago that a mother had written about her kid with cancer (or some other fatal disease) and RDJ had face timed with him for a pretty significant amount of time almost every day for quite a while until the kid passed away? Do you know if that's a true story? I don't remember where I read it, but I remember reading it. It was a long time ago I think?

hey! so there are actually quite a lot of instances where rdj reached out to the kids and their families after hearing about them. @iwantcupcakes compiled this great post that details some of them (because these are the only ones we know of, and chances are rdj’s done a lot more and we have no idea because he never publicizes any of this).

i know recently there were some posts about him with the lampman family and how he took them to long island for a short trip. the source for that can be found on their blog post here.

he really has the biggest heart in the world. i love him so much.

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So one of the things I really love about Robert Downey Jr. is when he meets a sick child (usually has a serious illness, in/out of the hospital, etc) it doesn’t stop with a photo-op.  

He continues to keep in touch with them afterwards.

EXAMPLE #1:  Brock Johnson, whom he started interacting with in ~2014


RDJ continued to keep in touch with him and his family for well over a year – e.g. here’s the two of them at RDJ’s house, and also


that’s them on Facetime.  

This went on until Brock’s untimely passing and beyond.  RDJ remains in touch with Brock’s family even over a year since then – e.g. almost three months after the fact, and as recently as a month ago.


EXAMPLE #2:  Ryan Wilcox.  

Gwyneth Paltrow first got in touch with Ryan and then she brought him to RDJ and Chris Evans’ attentions, culminating in a much-reported visit to Ryan’s house in San Diego back in May 2016.


Three months later, RDJ continues to be in touch, via Facetime



EXAMPLE #3:  Kiel Lampman, whom RDJ started interacting with last month.


From that news article (specifically the pic’s caption), it sounded like RDJ has called him a few times (usually after treatments).


There’s a couple more that we’re aware of but I just don’t have enough info to include on this list – e.g. this comment.

And that’s another thing:  with the exception of the Ryan Wilcox one (which was much publicized because Goop), all of these had near-zero media attention. 

In fact, honestly, the only reason why we know of these is because some of us tend to obsessively scour social media for anything related to RDJ.  He himself has never talked or hinted at doing these things.  Ever.

And you know, he’s a busy guy – one of the biggest movie stars in the world; has a company that has been trying to get projects off the ground for years, but also has non-film pursuits; has two little kids under the age of five and an older son whose band performances he would literally fly to middle America for, just to watch.  Yet he takes his time to do all of this.

I just think he’s a really great dude.

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love-howard-potts-3000·5 hours agoAnswer
excuse me... ‘you remember how the im3 press tour was also the “rdj being cute with all the children tour”?’ I wasn’t in the fandom at that time! do you have any pictures?!

ah no, i don’t have any pictures on hand right now but you should be able to find some in my #im3press tag

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love-howard-potts-3000·8 hours agoText


The plot of Far From Home would be ten times funnier if the whole class knew Peter was Spider-Man and just collectively decided to humor the poor boy (and Ned).

Peter: Look at the baby goats!

His classmates, already knowing there are no baby goats: Here we go again, let’s get our acting faces on.


Betty: What’s this version of Spider-Man called?

Ned: Uhhhhh….. Night Monkey.

Betty, inwardly: God, they’re just so bad at this.


Brad: Don’t you guys find it suspicious that Peter is always disappearing?

The class: Yes and we know why, but we don’t want to crush him. He thinks he’s doing well.


Student 1, texting in their group chat: He didn’t bother taking off his book bag when he went out as Spider-Man.

Student 2: He’s…. he’s wearing the same clothes. Does he really think that little mask is hiding anything?

Student 3: Shhh, he’s Trying His Best.

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love-howard-potts-3000·8 hours agoText


listen. I won’t accept any more marvel movies if they don’t slowly begin to create a secondary arc in which iron man becomes a religion

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high school teachers: if you don’t show up with a dress and full makeup or a fitted tuxedo to class everyday to college your professors will execute you

college professors: 


I once had a professor SLAM a thermos down on his desk and say to us “there’s more pressure in my sinuses right now than there is at the bottom of the sea. This thing’s full of NyQuil. I’m going to drink it while I teach, and when your heads are replaced by swirling rainbows, I will cancel the rest of class.”

The class ended up being 17 minutes long.

Your professor was trying to fight God

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I love how even though Iroh is like, the former general of the Fire Nation military, brother of Fire Lord Ozai, he radiates chill vibes so hard that after like two minutes + Toph saying he was cool the gaang was like “we’ll help get your shitty nephew out of jail”

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If I can, I always opt to ditch my name tag in a dementia care environment. I let my friends with dementia decide what my name is: I’ve been Susan, Gwendolyn, and various peoples’ kids. I’ve been so many identities to my residents, too: a coworker, a boss, a student, a sibling, a friend from home, and more. 

Don’t ask your friend with dementia if they “remember your name” — especially if that person is your parent, spouse, or other family member. It’s quite likely to embarrass them if they can’t place you, and, frankly, it doesn’t really matter what your name is. What matters is how they feel about you.

Here’s my absolute favorite story about what I call, “Timeline Confusion”:

Alicia danced down the hallway, both hands steadily on her walker. She moved her hips from side to side, singing a little song, and smiled at everyone she passed. Her son, Nick, was walking next to her.

Nick was probably one of the best caregivers I’d ever met. It wasn’t just that he visited his mother often, it was how he visited her. He was patient and kind—really, he just understood dementia care. He got it.

Alicia was what I like to call, “pleasantly confused.” She thought it was a different year than it was, liked to sing and dance, and generally enjoyed her life.

One day, I approached the pair as they walked quietly down the hall. Alicia smiled and nodded at everyone she passed, sometimes whispering a, “How do you do!”

“Hey, Alicia,” I said. “We’re having a piano player come in to sing and play music for us. Would you like to come listen?”

“Ah, yes!” she smiled back. “My husband is a great singer,” she said, motioning to her son.

Nick smiled and did not correct her. He put his hand gently on her shoulder and said to me, “We’ll be over there soon.”

I saw Nick again a few minutes later while his mom was occupied with some other residents. “Nick,” I said. “Does your mom usually think that you’re her husband?”

Nick said something that I’ll never forget.

“Sometimes I’m me, sometimes I’m my brother, sometimes I’m my dad, and sometimes I’m just a friend. But she always knows that she loves me,” he smiled.

Nick had nailed it. He understood that, because his mom thought it was 1960, she would have trouble placing him on a timeline.

He knew that his mom recognized him and he knew that she loved him. However, because of her dementia, she thought it was a different year. And, in that year, he would’ve been a teenager.

Using context clues (however mixed up the clues were) Alicia had determined that Nick was her husband: he was the right age, he sure sounded and looked like her husband, and she believed that her son was a young man.

This is the concept that I like to call timeline confusion. It’s not that your loved one doesn’t recognize you, it’s that they can’t place you on a timeline.

What matters is how they feel about you. Not your name or your exact identity.

This is so sweet omg

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annoying ass nerd guys after Suicide Squad came out: ugh every girl is gonna be harley quinn for halloween now how basic 🙄

annoying ass nerd guys after seeing joker:

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interviewer: so tony stark….what’s your favorite charity to donate to? :) 

tony: the avengers 

interviewer: i’m sorry what 

tony: you heard me 

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love-howard-potts-3000·8 hours agoPhoto


“It’s okay. You’ll be fine.”

Even though Opportunity’s mission has been declared complete, I like the idea of Tony Stark rescuing and fixing Oppy.

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