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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Cat,1966 by Rinjirō Hasegawa

Apparently it took 6 years to complete this painting.
The artist did not paint the subject unless he was actually looking at the target….

In “Memories of Tallow” by Jirojiro, he wrote that the cat takes this pose and sleeps like this for only about 9 minutes on only a few days in mid-September each year. It seems to depend on the temperature and cat’s feeling. Therefore, “I have to wait until September next year to continue the painting.” He was so keen to show the beauty of the cat’s that he forgot to paint the whiskers. He added whiskers on one side, but while waiting for the next year, Taro seems to have died from old age.


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Carnegie & Houghton, if you please :)

carnegie: what authors and/or books/stories have inspired you to write or influenced your work?

I first encountered Robert Browning’s dramatic monologues when I was 17, and that was the first time it was really brought home to me how effective a really strong and individual narrative voice could be.

I met JRR Tolkien, Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer several years earlier than that, and they all taught me that stories set in the real world - or at least my real world - were never going to be enough for me.

And every writer with a really spare style who manages NOT to make their writing dull and flat was and is an influence - in ensuring that my style is nothing like that, because my brain simply does not work that way. Believe me, everyone will be much happier if I don’t go anywhere near that sort of style. ;)

houghton: I answered this one here.

Writer asks

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luthienebonyx·15 hours agoAnswer
Journal, Mifflin, Houghton

journal: do you ever write just so you can enjoy something to read?

Yeeeees? Sort of? I mean sometimes there’s a definite element of “Why doesn’t this story already exist? Damn I’m going to have to write it myself!” about some stories I wind up writing. I definitely want to see how a story unfolds, and sometimes some of the directions it takes come as a surprise to me.

That said, it’s rarely about just that, for me. If I write something, I usually want to share it, and if I don’t share it it’s usually because I didn’t finish writing it before its moment had passed. I have a half-written Rivers of London fic that’s very firmly in that category. It would have worked beautifully if I’d actually finished it before the two most recent books in the series came out, but I didn’t and it doesn’t, so I’m the only one who will ever read it.

mifflin: I replied to this one here.

houghton: what’s something you love that people compliment your pieces on?

In past fandoms, it was almost always characterisation. I used to work very hard at trying to make the characters act and sound as close to the canon as I possibly could, and it was great when people would tell me that I’d been successful in doing that. In this fandom, though… Let’s just say that my relationship with this canon is not the sort of close bond that I’ve enjoyed in most of my other fandoms. I’m writing a lot of total AUs, for one thing, and the sort of characterisation - the degree I tried to take it to, I suppose - that used to be my focus just isn’t possible in that context.

In this fandom, I guess the thing I love is conveying emotions in a way that touches other people. That was something I loved a lot in other fandoms, too, and it was very much connected with the whole characterisation thing.

Writer asks

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input, mifflin!

input: what’s something you hate that people say to you about writing/your writing?

People rarely say things that I hate about my writing - or if they do, they don’t say them to me, anyway! (Something for which I’m profoundly grateful. lol!) I’ve had the occasional hostile comment, including a vague death threat about my characterisation of a minor character in an extremely NON-serious story - but that was HP fandom, so… *shrug* But yeah, I can’t really think of anything. I’ve been fortunate.

When it comes to writing more generally, it’s not so much what people say but more an attitude that you sometimes pick up from people who don’t write fiction: the idea that writing is something that anyone can do, so therefore creative writing isn’t as difficult as any other art. Anyone who’s ever tried to write fiction even once knows that there’s a big difference between writing and writing.

mifflin: what do you feel is your strong suit in writing?

Description, without a doubt, and inwardly focused/character focused description most of all. I’ve been told that I write dialogue well, but I don’t enjoy writing long passages of it. That’s partly because I’m very aware of how easily the wrong sentence or even the wrong word in the dialogue can knock things out of character, and partly because I’m very visual in the way I think. I need to ‘see’ the characters, even when they’re talking, so description tends to worm its way in everywhere.

Writer asks

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Six-ish sentences from the next chapter of The Personal Touch:

“Everything okay?” Brienne enquired as she moved on to his other finger, pulling and - oh, gods - squeezing that one in turn.

“Fine. Just fine,” Jaime croaked, wondering if it was possible to die from pent up tension.

Brienne seemed to take him at his word, because then she took his thumb in her hands again. Jaime had to bite down on his lip and imagine… lying by The Wall, naked, in the snow, so numb with the cold that he couldn’t feel anything.

She tugged gently at his thumb, and Jaime was suddenly back in bed last night, but this time he wasn’t alone and it wasn’t his hand strok-

Snow! Lots and lots of snow. And ice!

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unpopular opinion: it is completely valid to read your own fanfictions/stories. the main reason you probably wrote it in the first place is because you couldn’t find anything like it. it’s not weird. 

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Fandom For Australia is a multifandom charity auction created to help raise funds for the Australian bushfire relief. If you’ve heard of Fandom Trumps Hate, then you know how it works, but if you’d like more information, please see our FAQ

I am offering a JB story of minimum 5,000 words for auction. You can find my creator page with the full details here.

If you’ve ever wanted me to be your writing slave, now is your chance! And, as an Australian who’s watched her country burn over this dreadful summer, you will also have my undying thanks for bidding.

Viewing week is currently underway, so bidding hasn’t started yet. Please note: Any bids made before 00:00:01 GMT on 23 FEB 2020 will be considered invalid and may be deleted without notice. 


You have until 23:59:59 GMT on 29 FEB to submit your bids! Please make sure to read our FAQ and BIDDING POLICIES carefully before you get started.

You can find all the offerings HERE on Livejournal (@ffoz_offerings).


Happy bidding!

(Just copying and pasting the details from ffoz’s post.)

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writer asks 📃

send these to a writer you know or answer some yourself!

ink: what do you do to “set the mood” when writing?

pen and paper: do you prefer writing by hand or on a device? why?

diary: how many pieces have you written that are just for you or will never see the light of day?

journal: do you ever write just so you can enjoy something to read?

novella: do you prefer to write short stories, one-shots, or entire novels?

pulitzer: tell about/link a piece where you fielt your writing was the best.

genre: what genre do you prefer to write in?

narrator: what pov do you like writing in best?

backstory: how did you come to love writing?

time-lapse: how long have you been writing (as a hobby or for work)?

characterization: describe your favorite character(s) you’ve written.

carnegie: what authors and/or books/stories have inspired you to write or influenced your work?

faulkner: what tropes do you LOVE writing? which ones are your guilty pleasure?

o’connor: what tropes/genres do you dislike writing?

dickinson: what insecurities do you have about your own writing? what do you think you should improve on?

playlist: what kind of music/songs help you write? do you have a writing playlist?

record: have you written things based off of songs? do you like to?

nobel: have you published anything you’ve written? online or irl?

notepad: can you write anywhere or do you have to be in a specific place and mood to write?

parchment: how often do you or your personal life influence your writing?

dedication: if you were to publish a book or multiple, who would you dedicate the book(s) to?

trope: what’s a pet peeve you have about writing?

input: what’s something you hate that people say to you about writing/your writing?

critic: what’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received about writing?

mifflin: what do you feel is your strong suit in writing?

houghton: what’s something you love that people compliment your pieces on?

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Listen ma'am, I said first foray not abandoned foray.


I mean, only if you want me to admit I never stopped reading it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’m a trash panda who likes what she likes.


Is this where I admit that my first foray into fanfiction as a young teen was the taboo Snape and Hermione ship?


I had an affinity for Alan Rickman as the Sheriff of Nottingham when I was 4 years old.

I’m not to be trusted frankly.


Me to my friends when I got with my much older husband


For the record: the answer is actually that there’s a sliding scale based on the age of the younger party involved. 15 years when the youngest person is 30 is not remotely the same as 15 years when the youngest party is 18, I say as I continue to ship Jaime and Brienne.

Kindly go away.


Being asked my ideal age difference in a ship

Me, trying to keep friends:

Heh. Snape/Hermione was the first het ship I ever wrote - but the one with the biggest age gap was Gandalf/Aragorn. So there are age gaps and then there are AGE GAPS.

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The above are the first half of the slides I presented at GeekGirlCon (along with some annotations to explain things I only said out loud :) ) – for the second half, read more below the cut.  I’ll also be sharing the slides from the other presenters here, too, as they’re posted!

The gender representation work is part of a longer analysis that I will be posting in full soon!

Beneath the cut are also a few additional slides that I would have presented with a bit more time – several of which address things that came up in the question session.

…And the extra slides:

Good moment to remember that AO3 exists to support fandom.  And fandom needs to support AO3.

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