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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

monetmonaemonee·2 months agoText


I want to ruin you
Everything unique about u,
Erase it
Replace it
with me.
I want to tear you down
Brick by brick
To your foundation
Wasting no time
To rebuild you as mine
Only mine
I’ll make your shape indefinite
Unable to fit
In the space between
The arms of another
Unable to lay
Against the edge
Of another bed
You belong to me
Only me
Give me your lips
Place them on my face
They are mine
Give me your hips
Press them against my waist
They are mine
I want to strip you
Of your beauty
So it will only belong to me
Only me
I want no one to see it
Hiding in gap of your teeth
Laying in the scars on chest
Resting at your “ugly” toes
only mine
You without me
Is an impossibility one should not question,
The suggestion of
Another set of palms on your skin
Another pair of breast pushed against ur spine
Another dread head laying locs across ur thighs
those are mine
You are mine
Only mine
I want to ruin you
Make you over just for me
I want to be
The only something u need
To be complete
Without me
I want you to be obsolete
Damn near extinct
I can careless of being selfish
I want to u be selfish
with my time
Take it all
Because I am yours
And u are mine
Only mine


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monetmonaemonee·2 months agoText


I’ve been a part of tumblr for years now and I swear to GOD all these fine ass queer black women are coming out of no where.


The more you see, the less you know

I’ve been here for years too and ain’t nobody shot their shot so directly 🥵 it’s a slam dunk love I’m otwwwww! You forgot to add thick to the tags sis because SHEESSHHH 👀

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monetmonaemonee·2 months agoText


I want a love that intensifies with time and builds to a climax of understanding and peace. I want my tongue to move in a way that makes you tremble because the words that I speak solidify the bond that we create everytime our energy touches. I want to caress every curve in your thoughts to send shivers down your spine and down to you feet to make your toes curl. I want to be inside you so deep that I can feel it when you squeeze your thoughts inside but when you remember that I will never forsake you, you find release with an intensity that covers me in your glory. All your magic. All your love. I want a love, that after everything is said and done, I can hold tightly in accountability for as long as I live. I want a love.

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monetmonaemonee·2 months agoText

I’m really disappointed that I’ve allowed myself to get away from the things that I love and value in life in pursuit of something that I wanted to want. I miss writing and sharing on here my thoughts and feelings and miss all of the connections I built. I’m on the path to get back to myself and I can’t wait to find me again. I moved to LA for a reason and I am going to live it.

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monetmonaemonee·5 months agoText

I accidentally washed the T shirt that you let me wear the first time I spent the night. The smell of you gone forever. The smell of drunk nights on the balcony talking about the future. The smell of sweat from sleeping on you even though it was so hot but I didn’t want to move away. The short time of so many memories and possible futures washed away almost as fast as we fell in (and out of) love.

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monetmonaemonee·6 months agoText

I feel like my life is just one big performance piece

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monetmonaemonee·6 months agoText

If it’s not okay, it will be

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monetmonaemonee·6 months agoText

I wish I had natural sex appeal

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monetmonaemonee·6 months agoText


The next 3 😌 now to find a new inspiration lol


Been wanting to do edits for a while and finally starting in my free time. Inspired by cover art for now but really just wanna focus on rainbows 🤷🏽‍♀️🌈

IG: @yesliketheartist_

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monetmonaemonee·7 months agoText

The more you see, the less you know

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monetmonaemonee·7 months agoText

You had an eyebrow piercing… how did you not know you were gay 😩

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