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mossofthewoodsjewelry·a day agoAnswer
My dad makes hand crafted jewellery, and the best way to avoid that murky effect is to leave a hole in the underside of the ring (where it rests on your finger) so it's on a less dark background. Otherwise, you could try mirroring that side of the resin with some kind of foil maybe? Love the design, bit big for me but that's just personal taste as I dont wear statement jewellery. Love your shop though! Cant wait till I have enough money to buy something! xxxxx

Thank you so much for the suggestion! Truth be told, I realize that, and while I really don’t want to have to, have pondered ways to make a porthole at the bottom. Trouble is, it would require joining the ring at the side, rather than embedding it into the middle, which would make sizing the ring much harder as well as making the design overall much less sturdy. As it is right now, the loop of the ring is simply embedded into the center, in the resin itself, making it a sturdy fit.

If I want to be able to make adjustable rings, I’d also very, very very much prefer to embed it in this way to get all the sturdiness I can get to withstand the pressure of people wiggling the copper to size it.

Sorry, I’m thinking out loud through text basically. Thank you so much once again for the tip!

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mossofthewoodsjewelry·a day agoText

Me: I should stop naming my 3D model files weird things in case I need to work on them later

Me, 3 minutes later: 

Me, six months later, attempting to get any work done at all: what the fuck

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mossofthewoodsjewelry·a day agoText

One of the reasons I took so long with that ring (I got my supplies at Christmas and have only made my first now) is because before I even started electroforming, I first wanted to perfect a new mold-making style specifically for making pieces with angled edges.

It might be something you all won’t even notice, but being obsessive as I can sometimes me, I hate how with my old method of making mold masters, it would always leave a slight bit of unevenness on edges where the lacquering resin didn’t cling to evenly that could see if you looked very closely. So I researched and practiced a whole different way of making those types of mold masters that allowed for much smoother corners as well as a more uniformly flat broad side of crystalline shapes!

I think I’m going to very slowly use this method to start re-doing all of my older angled molds (including pendulums, which I may just use this ring mold for as it happens to be the perfect size) before moving on to more ambitious styles of pieces using the same method.

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mossofthewoodsjewelry·a day agoPhoto

Also wanted to provide a little update shot on some stuff I’ve been working on!

As I’ve mentioned, I really wanted to get into making some resin electroformed pieces, and I’ve finally finished my first ring!

This ring features a scraggly piece of Thuidium delicatulum, but it is merely a prototype for what I want to be the eventual final product, which is very earthy, slightly gothy, chunky rings filled with a small clump (that is, several individual specimens) of grave moss (specifically a combination of Pseudoscleropodium purum and Climacium dendroides).

I have a few concerns with the design as is - as you can see from the shots, the ring looks clear when viewed through the side but when looking directly at it, the copper surrounding the side and bottom block out the light and create a black, murky appearance, like that of swamp water. It certainly is in line with the vibe of grave moss and that swamp witch aesthetic, but I go back and forth on whether I like it or not.

The other thing is it’s just……. very large. Very chunky. I had endeavored to specifically make it a chunky statement ring in order to be able to comfortably fit a lot of moss so as to create a more verdant effect, but it is essentially like wearing a Ring Pop as a piece of jewelry.

What do you all think? Too big? Too murky? I think I will make a test ring with the sides a little less covered and see if that alleviates the issue.

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mossofthewoodsjewelry·4 days agoAnswer
I just saw that mod this morning; it's beautiful! Love your art style and it absolutely tickled me that it came from one of my favorite stores.

Oh I love that, the internet is a small world haha.

Thank you so so much for the compliment! This is actually my first time attempting pixel art in any real sense since I was 12 and recoloring emotes on Gaia Online, so I’m really nervous if they’re any good.

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