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taylor swift music videos [16/鈭瀅 聽
begin again (october 23rd 2012)

Most gorgeous music video 馃ズ

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stars, do u like dem? 馃挮鉁

happy lgbtqia+ selfie night y鈥檃ll! I wanted to thank taylor for making me feel more confident about myself. she has been by my side when nobody else was! because of her, i can finally say that I鈥檓 asexual and i am proud! i love you buddy, can鈥檛 wait to see you in exactly 5 months at lover fest brazil!馃挏馃枻馃


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Hey I鈥檓 tanya! I鈥檓 part of @swiftiesfinallyclean and I鈥檓 so excited to be in it! Send me posts anytime! I have been a swiftie since Red and I鈥檝e stood by Taylor ever since! 馃挆馃専馃挮馃グ


hii! I鈥檓 milie and i鈥檓 so happy to he apart of @swiftiesfinallyclean! 馃ズ馃挅馃挮

my stan song is king of my heart! taylor has helped so much, she鈥檚 my biggest inspiration in life, I鈥檓 so thankful for her! I鈥檓 going to lover fest brazil nights 1 and 2! It will be my very first time seeing her! feel free do send me posts to reblog 馃拰


hi y鈥檃ll i鈥檓 g and i鈥檓 apart of @swiftiesfinallyclean !! i鈥檓 so excited to be apart of it! my stans are style and you belong with me. i love taylor and i have been since i was like 5. i literally can not contain my excitement for this so feel free to send me posts to reblog!! 鉁煉楌煢 i also love lasagna


Hi! I鈥檓 Isabella and my Stan song is CIWYW & Miss Americana. I鈥檝e been a swiftie since 2012 馃挆馃挄 This summer I鈥檓 going to Lover Fest West Night 2. It will also be my second time seeing Taylor live!! I鈥檓 SO excited to be part of @swiftiesfinallyclean feel free to send me any posts to reblog 馃挮猸愶笍馃拰


hi! i鈥檓 megan and my stan song is ciwyw. i鈥檝e been loving taylor for as i can remember. this summer i will be going to lover fest east night 1. it will be my second time seeing taylor live馃ズ. i love making friends so dm me anytime and send the blogs links to reblog馃馃徎鈥嶁檧锔忦煉椻湪


hi i鈥檓 meghan & i鈥檓 a part of @swiftiesfinallyclean !! i鈥檝e been a swiftie for 6 years & my stan song is cbbh !! i鈥檓 so exited to be a part of this group blog ! always feel free to send the blog posts to reblog !! 馃拰鉁煠嶐煣氿煆烩嶁檧锔忦煂

Hi ! I鈥檓 Emma :) I鈥檓 a part of @swiftiesfinallyclean I鈥檝e been a Swiftie for about 5 years now. I love Taylor so much and she鈥檚 the most amazing person ever ! 馃挅 I went to Rep tour in Dublin, My stans are call it what you want, Lover, London boy and paper rings ! I鈥檓 also from Ireland ! I have 2 cats hehe 馃ズ i love vinyls, pink and cats of course ! 馃馃グ馃挅馃拰

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it鈥檚 nice to have a friend 鉁

this is me and my absolute best friend delani, @fearlessacoustic. we met through our love for taylor, i don鈥檛 know what i would do without her! she is such a sunshine angel that has always been there for me. we both made matching bracelets inspired by inthaf because we both ADORE that lil masterpiece of a song! taylor, thank you for bringing me to my best friend. 馃ズ馃拰馃馃徏鈥嶁檧锔忦煣

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