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10/10 absolutely here for this



now get ready for


- studying by the open window of ur house, feeling the breeze

- reading murder mysteries in a field of green green grass

- mysterious forces in the woods

- ignoring mysterious forces in the woods bc you have a midterm tomorrow

- following mysterious forces at 3 am because you’re done revising but couldn’t sleep anyways from all the tea

- tights and light plaid skirts;reds and maroons and whites;button downs;dresses of all kinds

-trousers either ankle length or rolled to be so;lightweight jackets;linen

i’m not explaining this well hehejs

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- ̗ ̀ reblog this is you’re an active studyblr  ̖ ́-

bonus points if you:

study english (literature or language)
study a language
study history
study psychology
study law
are from the u.k.
post pictures of books
post study tips

i’d love to follow more blogs that post similar content to mine!

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Spring Academia Aesthetic🌸🍓🍯🎻🏹

Chiffon blouses and light dresses. Sketching ladybugs and butterflies at the park. Watercolors in the evening while drinking iced tea. Standing on soft grass while you shoot photos of strangers. Soft curls in the wind. Flushed cheeks and fresh reading. Poetry in the park. Shakespeare in the night. Pressing flowers in journals. White button up shirts with soft blazers. Heading to school on bikes or by foot. Eating pastries while studying with friends. Drinking wine and reading Chatterton. Holding hands with your lover. Stealing kisses from friends.

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07.11.19 // was scrolling through my old ig posts and came across this old spread from january 😊 forgot how much i loved this layout so I’m definitely going to have to start incorporating it into my bullet journal again

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𝟷𝟿.𝟶𝟷.𝟸𝟶𝟸𝟶 “There is peace even in the storm” — Vincent van Gogh 🌸⭐️✨

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New Year’s resolution ideas for students

  • Finish all your schoolwork by 11 pm each day
  • Limit yourself to one cup of coffee a day
  • Get at least a B in all of your classes (or set goals for individual classes)
  • Stretch for 10 minutes before bed
  • Read a book each month for leisure
  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night
  • Spend less than two hours on social media a day (or some other time limit, depending on where you are now!)
  • Journal every day
  • Leave for class 5 minutes earlier than you need to
  • Listen to podcasts or watch documentaries instead of binging Netflix or watching YouTube
  • Get at least 1 hour of exercise a week
  • Only spend money on things you really need (not just things you want)
  • Finish papers at least a day in advance
  • Spend 30 minutes a day on self care
  • Wake up an hour earlier than you currently do every day

What are some of your resolutions (if you have any)? x

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As someone who doesn’t play an instrument, here’s dark academia aesthetics for the rest of the fine arts


  • paint on your hands
  • charcoal under long fingernails
  • berets
  • shrugging your coat off onto the back of your chair and getting media on it anyways
  • worn down black prismacolors
  • failed inktober sketches all over the floor
  • crinkled sketchbook pages with a hundred stories drawn on the same page
  • science notes featuring the faces of tragically beautiful women
  • holding up artifacts and bones and timeless objects to the light and trying to preserve in paper
  • flowers pressed into the inside cover of your sketchbook
  • forgetful notes in bad handwriting
  • ballpoint pen all over your forearms. reminders and doodles both.
  • sharing a reference object with your crush
  • standing around the same printer that always says it out of ink yet always prints fine anyways
  • engineering a canvas against a bookshelf and stepping away to look at t after tireless hours spent staring at a single charcoal cheekbone
  • old aprons worn by a hundred people just like you before you


  • notes scribbled on your hand
  • your mouth going dry right before your event
  • witty comebacks and devilish smiles
  • dramatic trench coats flowing behind you
  • black coffee
  • a heart beating too fast
  • laying your head in somebody’s lap and lamenting about politics and a nation’s entropy
  • libraries in unfamiliar cities
  • diners with open books sprawled over the booth table
  • hotel rooms that haven’t been cleaned since 2012
  • an hour of prep time ticking away on a brass stopwatch
  • researching in the candlelight like you’re an 1700’s young lawyer trying to make a name for themselves with this impossible new case they’ve been presented with in jest
  • one hand intertwined with your partner’s, the other raised to the sky, shaking your fist at god.


  • hot tea with honey for your throat
  • singing in the rain
  • running a hand over the piano not to play, but to let your voice match each note
  • clamping you’re eyes shut and letting your voice carey through you
  • black ankle length stresses
  • putting your hand up to the window and humming
  • sheet music hidden beneath your math homework
  • song lyrics written between the dates of your planner


  • time period costumes
  • dark red lipstick and heavily shadowed eyes
  • spider-like lashes
  • dramatically yelling lines to nobody
  • quoting Shakespeare
  • coats billowing behind you
  • reciting your lines to your mirror
  • and to your confused roommate
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A Small Guide to Journaling by Eintsein

Something you may or may not know about be is that I journal. However, only recently have I gotten the hang of it and stayed loyal to the habit of journaling. Here are some tips and tricks on how you can journal successfully. Hope you like it :)

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I have had this blog for about a year now, and I’ve come to realise the unattainable perfection of studyblrs. I created this account to motivate and educate myself and I feel as though these ‘perfect study notes’ hold unrealistic expectations. This is why I have decided to post things that are more realistic, educational and have a positive impact on the community. Please reblog this to spread the message: You do not need perfect notes, every stationary item, a macbook, top grades or an aesthetic study space to be a studyblr. All you need to do is do the best you can.

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@ studyblrs, rb if u post og content  

it’s kyra (prev akydemics) and i’d like to find new blogs to follow :)

this is my new blog btw

it might not be good but its original

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I started journaling recently and am really enjoying it. It’s hard to find time in my busy schedule to just sit down and write, and it feels selfish, but it’s so very rewarding. It’s so much easier to focus when you can empty what’s into your head on paper. And I suspect it’s going to be interesting when I read back on this later in life.

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I went to my fall recital yesterday! I played one piece I wrote and then an Irish jig with a variation that I also wrote. The performance was in a church so the acoustics were incredible and everyone did really amazing. I got lots of ideas for new pieces. I also had an orchestra concert and competition on Thursday. Now that all my performances are done, for the time being, that gives me more time to be creative with my music and play what I enjoy. I’m working on a new piece with two cellos and a guitar that will hopefully follow an epic storyline.

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Current Read: A Jury of Her Peers by Elaine Showalter 

So far this book is so, so good! It’s opened up a rabbit hole of literary history for me and I’m stoked to be using it for my English project. 

What are you all reading right now?

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