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oliviajoytaylor·5 days agoAnswer
Hey :) I was wondering, how would you feel if someone reblogged your art but also wrote a long comment (about the piece of art) under it? I've seen gifmakers complain about the "essays" written under their gifs and idk what artists think about it.

I don’t mind. Write as much as you want

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oliviajoytaylor·16 days agoAnswer
I’m just so blown away by your art. Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for liking it!

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oliviajoytaylor·17 days agoAnswer
Hi!! I wanted to ask where the wlw couples in one of your most recent drawings are from 🌻 (because i only know the 'Mädchen in Uniform' one) thank you😊💛

The ref images were given to me by other people and the only ones I recognised are the first and last one which are both from bram stoker’s dracula 1992. If anyone recognises the other one let me know

(Btw if people have images similar the drawings I posted send them my way pls)

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oliviajoytaylor·18 days agoAnswer
Are requests the same as commissions? If not, do you do the latter?

With commissions you pay someone to draw something, If someone does requests it means you don’t need to pay. 

And i’ll be opening my commissions again in a couple days 

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oliviajoytaylor·18 days agoAnswer
Hello, I wanted to ask you if you knew of a piece of Pearlmethyst art, (a comic without color) I don’t remember who made it, (it remained me of your art style) but it was about amethyst and pearl getting on a heated argument, the comic was a bit angsty in general, and it ended up with the two of them sharing a kiss but even that felt bittersweet, I don’t remember the context but I think they got together after rose died and I think that was the reason of the discussion.

This sounds like a comic by loycos

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oliviajoytaylor·a month agoAnswer
Hi!!! I love your art, what software do you use? Do you use the same one for drawing and animating?

For drawing I use photoshop

For animating I use tvpaint 11

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oliviajoytaylor·a month agoAnswer
just wanted to say that your art is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you!!

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oliviajoytaylor·a month agoAnswer
U draw v nice 😍 kudddoossss

Thank youuuu!!!!

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oliviajoytaylor·a month agoAnswer
you are literally so cool. thank you for inspiring people with all your great art

Thank you for saying I’m cool

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oliviajoytaylor·a month agoAnswer
hey! How long have you been animating?? That adora gif was the first animation i've seen in your blog but it's so good that i highly doubt it's your first time

I think since 2016? I’ve posted a couple animations on here and it’s actually the second time I’ve done a fan animation for shera

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oliviajoytaylor·a month agoAnswer
when i was watching frozen 2, i was so overjoyed at seeing the sisterly love on screen, that i completely overlooked the fact that it was gonna cause all the els*nna freak to come crawling out of the cracks once again

I love frozen but part of it will forever be ruined for me by that side of the fandom. I remember when the first film came out and me and my sister were so excited to go see it together. I remember she sent images going “look it’s us!” (Coz I’m ginger and at the time my sister had white/silver hair) We also saw the second one together too. And I loved the fact that I got to see these films with her and bond and laugh over them. Films where the main theme and relationship was the sisters coz there isn’t a lot of films like that.

So yeah I fucking hate it

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