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In an interview with inc.com, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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all my love, thought and prayers to those in sri lanka.

where are the billionaires now??? three churches were bombed during easter services. where is the outrage and mourning, and signs of support??

207 people are dead. 207.

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Over 207 people have been killed in Sri Lanka in a series of bombings that targeted churches celebrating Easter Sunday mass and a few hotels. Police are saying this is a coordinating attack led by a group of seven people who have been arrested. The Sri Lankan Defense Minister has urged people not to post the bombers names and to make them out as martyrs. A nearby shopkeeper to one of the churches said, “It was like a river of blood.” I’ll be honest I spent all yesterday, which in the east we call “The Saturday of Light”, extremely worried that something like this would happen again to Eastern Christians like it did before in Egypt and in Pakistan. It seems like too much to ask to be left in peace on our holiest day. I wonder if there will be any calls to raise money for the victims and to rebuild their churches. Or will the world look on as we continue to die. 

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following so many x files blogs was probably a mistake i keep getting frustrated im only on season 4 episode 2 im still so young and yet i know all these words “emily” “william” who the HELL are these people??? Reyes??? i just dont know. i know im supposed to be excited for memento mori and maybe tempus fugit or something? i saw a post that said mulder and scully dont ever have sex then i saw a post about their sex life. i saw a post that said ‘new years eve and chill” and im still confused by that. ive pretty much figured out about one in 5 billion although i dont know when thats happening. at some point theyre gonna fake date or something so thats exciting. slow dancing. at some point scullys got a cigarette and like 5 people are trying to light it and ive seen gifsets of that about a million times but i have no idea whats going on. ive also seen a million gifsets of scully and mulder playing baseball. i dont want any of this explained to me just wanted to get all my vague spoilers out there. also why are the children always evil

this is what we look like

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When I’m concentrated daydreaming while I’m listening to music and someone talks to me

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Lenglet’s smile after he scored!!! The pure happiness!!!! I love him so much!!!!!

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