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sleeplessintokyo87·3 days agoAnswer
your shoots are so breathtakingly beautiful.. such a warm and interesting feeling i get from the atmosphere of Japan.. fantastic work, keep it up ☺️

Hi! Thanks for your nice words.

It always makes me happy when people send me positive vibes

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sleeplessintokyo87·12 days agoAnswer
What do you think of Fernet Branca?

Only with coke, gato!

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sleeplessintokyo87·13 days agoPhoto

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot in what I’m trying to accomplish here.

And of course, that’s opening a difficult process of continous thought that I think for many reasons I don’t want to give into.

I’m always trying to achieve this kind of feeling, it’s a combination of loneliness, melancholy, natsukaji, melancolia, saudade, but also the contrast between humans and the city, that’s why I like puting subjects in contrast with huge buildings in my pics.

Sorry, I’m not trying to be deep, just need to unload some of my feelings.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot why i’m smitten with these moods, why i’m obsessed but fairly, I don’t have a single clue.

It’s something that’s been inside of me since I have memory, all of these, the city, the sunsets, the end of the summer, the end of a relationship, last looks, sundays in the city with little to no traffic, being alone at some random airport, walking alone at night, the suburbs, the countryside, the beach, having a hot chocolate on a sunday night instead of a proper dinner while watching some cartoons, last kisses, first kisses, your first love.

Maybe i’m just getting old, and this is all part of a process we all go through.

As time happens, there are less and less first times, and more understanding and prejudice.

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sleeplessintokyo87·25 days agoAnswer
heyy first of all I love your job and I'm living for it! I recognize your art is truly beautiful. I have an Instagram account where I will start posting my artistic manifests and I would love to use your pictures to go along with my texts and videos, but, of course, giving you all the credit you deserve. let me know if I'm allowed. if you don't like the idea, I understand and respect ❤ I will still support your art anyways.

Hey!, Sorry for my late response, I’ve been busy lately!.

Sure man!, You are more than welcome to share anything you want, if you mention me i willbe more than happy!!!


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sleeplessintokyo87·a month agoAnswer
Did you take all of these pics

I did!

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sleeplessintokyo87·2 months agoPhoto

Hello :)

After a couple of weeks traveling, I’m back.

This past month was a bliss for me. I went back home to Argentina,  and then to miami, one city that i grew to hate at one point of my life, but now i found wonderful.

Sadly, I didn’t take much pictures, I tried to rest as much as possible.

I got back to tokyo a week ago, but these past days were not really rewarding.

It’s cold, really cold.

I have a lot of news to share, but i’m a little bit tired now.

Hopefully, I will try to update here soon. :)

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