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somepiecesofmyheartandsoul·an hour agoQuote
The way she kisses my scars, like they are made of flower petals and the way she looks at me, like I am a garden and she is nothing more than a girl who is fervently in love with Spring.
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Lukas W. // Your spring
The way she kisses my scars, like they are made of flower petals and the way she looks at me, like I am a garden and she is nothing more than a girl who is fervently in love with Spring.
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Lukas W. // Until dawn breaks
Tonight, just put your arms on me and hold me like I am yours. Leave pieces of yourself behind on my skin, and love me like it is the first and the last time for us. Fill my lungs with your breath and make me forget my name. Tonight, I am yours and I will be yours, until dawn breaks.
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Earlier today, I almost lost a very important person of mine to a car accident. Someone whom I hold dear in my heart. My little tough cookie. Thank God that she came out okay, a little shaken up by what happened with injuries here and there but she’s still with me. And I have never been more grateful in my life.

The purpose of this post is to remind you to hold onto who and what is dear to you and to appreciate every single moment there is because no one knows what’s going to happen the next second. Say what you have to say. Do what you have to do. Love when you can, if you can. Always love. And love hard. You can never go wrong with loving hard when it comes to those whom are dear to you in heart.

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Lukas W. // Calm before the storm
You are the calm before the storm, as you are the storm after the calm. You are everything that I want, from the start until the end, from within, deep within.
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somepiecesofmyheartandsoul·10 days agoQuote
Lukas W. // Coffee thoughts #170 // Leave me when you are happy
I loved you best when loneliness found a home in you. I loved you best when emptiness was your only hope. I loved you best when sadness became your one and only.
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somepiecesofmyheartandsoul·12 days agoQuote
Lukas W. // Forgotten Words #240 // Used to care

Putting down his game controller, he turns to his friend,

“You know, if she and I were still together, she would be mad at me for playing too much games instead of talking to her.”

“And truth be told,” he continues, “I actually love it when she gets mad.”

“What are you, a masochist?”

“No, it’s not like that.” He replies to his friend,

“She used to get mad at me a lot over the smallest things, and it was frustrating. But that’s what I miss the most about her right now because now I know that she was mad for one goddamned reason.”

He pauses his sentence as he runs his fingers over the watch on his wrist that was given to him by her on his birthday,

“And the reason was, she cared. She was mad only because she cared.”

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somepiecesofmyheartandsoul·14 days agoQuote
Lukas W. // Fill me
I want to feel you all over me, like the rain fills every part of Earth, with your favorite song playing in my mind like a broken record. I want to feel you running in my veins, to feel your heartbeat in my heart. I want to feel you, and I want you to fill me.
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somepiecesofmyheartandsoul·15 days agoQuote
Lukas W. // Indescribable 
And I will name this indescribable, overwhelming feeling of love after your name, for you are the only one who can make me feel this way.
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somepiecesofmyheartandsoul·17 days agoQuote
The moment she smiled and laughed at the thought of something silly that happened years ago, something in him told him that it would hurt. Perhaps it would hurt a lot, he thought, but it would be worthwhile.
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somepiecesofmyheartandsoul·19 days agoQuote

“Though I don’t say much,” I spoke, “or maybe I don’t even say it at all,”

I reached my hand out to caress her cheeks,

“But I hope you know that no matter what happens, I will be here with you.”

I smiled when she smiled as I continued to speak,

“Wherever you go, I will follow.”

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somepiecesofmyheartandsoul·20 days agoQuote
Lukas W. // The great Sun
On days when you feel the storm in you rages more than it normally does, than it should be, I hope you remember that the biggest star is on its way to you. The Sun with the warmest love, will soon shine upon you.
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somepiecesofmyheartandsoul·23 days agoQuote
Lukas W. // Make love
Will you allow me to undo you slow, and taste every bit of you on the tip of my tongue, like fresh nectar of spring? Will you allow the touch of my hands to burn into your skin, to draw lines of ecstacy? Will you give me not only your smile, but your whispers and moans of euphoria?
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somepiecesofmyheartandsoul·24 days agoQuote
Often than not, words fail to express the thoughts we have in our heads. Often than not, we say the things we do not mean. Often than not, we end up causing more harm than good, unconsciously.
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somepiecesofmyheartandsoul·a month agoQuote
Lukas W. // Forgotten Words #238 // The most precious thing

“But I’m not drunk…” She slurred her words against his chest, her eyes barely opened.

“Says every human when they are drunk.” He replied. He stopped dead in his tracks as he saw a flight of stairs in front of him.

“Hang on tight, you definitely wouldn’t want to roll down that.” He told himself as he tried to adjust his arms around her for a better grip before taking the first step.

Looking down at her sleeping face as he slowly went up the stairs, he gave a little smile. How he wished he could freeze the time right at this moment.

“Look at you,” his voice low and soft,

“If only you could see how beautiful you are, how amazing you are. If I were you, I would embrace you like you are the most precious thing in this world like what I’m doing right now.”

“And I can only tell you this when you are fast asleep,” he spoke quietly,

“I truly adore you.”

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