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strawberriandromeda·3 hours agoText



Okay, so when are people gonna stop calling Vodou, Hoodoo, Santeria, and every other Traditional African Religion black magic and by black magic, I mean evil because it’s 2018  2019 and people are out here still thinking these religions are evil all because it’s not “Love and Light.”

You’re not “a white/light witch” you’re a colonizer.

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this information displeases me greatly thank you for sharing


Ok if u really want to know it’s a muskrat! They live in lakes and are a lil bigger than normal rats


He’s just fancying himself a little swim :)


why did it go back in the water are there rats in the water please tell me water rats aren’t a thing


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every SINGLE CHARACTER after meeting The Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric

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I’ve gotten messages from a few people about this, so I figured I should keep you guys up to date:

WebNovel has been using panels from my comic to advertise their app on TikTok ads. 

I don’t have tiktok, and I am not sure at the moment whether they deliberately chose this OR if the Ad is using data pulled from the VIEWER’s phone to slot an image into the ad to make it more appealing.

If It’s the latter, there’s not much I can do about it - it’s advertising the comic to you BECAUSE you read the comic, and it somehow grabbed those images from your phone. (I guess this is a thing ads do now. =__=)

I’ve checked out their website and have been, (so far) unable to find anything resembling my comic, so it looks like maybe they don’t actually have it or anything, they’re just using it to lure people in. 

Will keep you guys updated!


The ad appears to be using a VIDEO from YouTube user SpaceGamer10 ( who voices the comics (yes, I’ve previous given blanket permission for people to voice over the comics so that’s fine). 

Regardless of whether or not SHE gave permission, I DID NOT give permission to the app to use my images for advertising. I’ve already sent an email to WebNovel but I would like you guys to help by reporting the ad itself for Intellectual Property Violation. 

The link to the ad is here:

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strawberriandromeda·5 hours agoText


Yall think I should set up a tinder?

Also we should set a discord??? For our chats??? Shall we??

Girl, I’d join that discord in a heartbeat

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strawberriandromeda·5 hours agoText


From “Confronting Holocaust Denial with David Baddiel”


Ah yes. REAL racism. Not the kind of FAKE racism spread to mostly impressionable young white boys who parrot everything Felix says in a desperate attempt to be cool and popular with their peers and thus grow up thinking racism is humour. Not that racism.


$10 says none of you even watched it. Ya’ll are obsessed.


The shit just never ends huh

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strawberriandromeda·6 hours agoText



my HANDSOME boy…


took my cat to the vet the other day and the vet goes “well I don’t see anything wrong here…. he’s just a VERY handsome boy” & i almost teared up

Diagnosed with handsome boy disease

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strawberriandromeda·6 hours agoText

Adoration is looking up

At the warmth of a star

Even though the night is still cold

Adoration is bright yellow with a navy blue background

Love is more warm and soft

Love smells like baked goods

Love is a light, cinnamony color

But love is also pink

That’s what we call limerence, falling in love

It’s bubbly and light

Yeast in a bread

Soda so pop, it burns your nose

It’s lightness and joy

Becoming the clouds and embracing the heart

The kind of love that makes you either fly

Or crash

Love can be red, too

That’s what we call passion

It’s fiery

But not warm

It’s hot

But not soft

It’s when sparks ignite

At the moment of the kiss

It’s when fireworks come on

At the moment of the touch

Love can also be gray and blue and black

It’s serious but not scary

It’s cerebral but not cold

It’s falling in love but not losing our heads

It’s falling in love but you land on your feet,

Stronger than ever

Love can be yellow and green, too

Friendly and warm, purely platonic

It’s sunlight and crunchy leaves

It’s the roar of the ocean and the whisper of the forest

Don’t you know?

Friend breakups hurt more than love breakups

Because romance being more important than friendship is a lie

Honor the color green, please

Respect the yellow

But love can be white

That’s what we call agape

It’s spiritual

It’s religious

It’s expansive

It’s universal

It’s selfless

It’s more of a gentle floating than a falling

There are so many ways to fall in love

And all of them are beautiful

Love belongs to all of the elements,

Water, fire, earth, air

Love belongs to everyone and everything

And I am so lucky

That you make me feel

All of those colors at once

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strawberriandromeda·6 hours agoAnswer
how do you make your famous roast potatoes? i need them in my face

O M G hello I hope you are having a very excellent day and also it is an honour to be asked for a recipe for the person whose food always gives me Exquisite Envy!!!!!!!

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees celsius, or 180 if it’s a fan oven. Americans can convert that into Fahrenheit; I want no part of that nonsense.

Peel some nice big boy potatoes, very starchy boys. Maris Piper are the absolute best, recommend very thoroughly. Cut them until quite smol - I recommend about the size of a PLUM. Fruitstuffs are my metric, for some reason. Make sure there are sharp edges - cutting them into quarters is best.

Put them in a pan and pour cold water on them until they’re just covered. Add a pinch of salt, and bring it to a ROILING BOIL, like the surface of a stormy sea. Turn the heat down and simmer for about 2-5 mins, until the edges of our good lord potates are slightly soft; you can test it by stabbing them gently with a fork (please be aware that gentle stabbing is still stabbing, and won’t stand up as a defense in a court of law.)

AT THE SAME TIME, heat 100ml/g of your fat of choice; I use goose fat, but olive oil is an excellent veggie alternative. Heat it for around 10 mins, until it’s being all sizzly and quite scary actually.

Drain the potates in a colander and then SHAKE. Rough ‘em up real good, like you’re a mob boss and they’re behind on payments. Then coat them lightly in flour and rough ‘em up again, because they didn’t learn the first time. They should look slightly fluffy, like so:

(I actually slightly over boiled these because I got distracted taking photos of a cat; yours should look less fluffy!)

Put them into the fat / oil, making sure they’re not on top of one another. That is v important; potates need their space. Roast them for 15 minutes, then turn, roast for another 10, turn, and then another 10 until they’re as golden as Achilles’ hair (very golden, famously.)

Sprinkle with coarse salt (pref Maldon) and the seasoning of your choice - I like coarse pepper and rosemary, because it’s nice.

Then you eat the heck out of them and you praise the potate gods, and devote your life to roast potates.

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strawberriandromeda·6 hours agoPhoto


The Scorpii AR system

In the system AR Scorpii a rapidly spinning white dwarf star powers electrons up to almost the speed of light. These high energy particles release blasts of radiation that lash the companion red dwarf star, and cause the entire system to pulse dramatically every 1.97 minutes with radiation ranging from the ultraviolet to radio.

The star system AR Scorpii, or AR Sco for short, lies in the constellation of Scorpius, 380 light-years from Earth. It comprises a rapidly spinning white dwarf, the size of Earth but containing 200,000 times more mass, and a cool red dwarf companion one third the mass of the Sun, orbiting one another every 3.6 hours in a cosmic dance as regular as clockwork.

Read more at: cosmosmagazine & astronomynow

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