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eposette?? but with kitties!!!!! ??? any hot takes?

i do!!!!

  • éponine’s interactions with cats always involved strays, back when she was living on the street
  • cosette always begged éponine to get a cat when they walked by the pet store, but ép always said that if they got a cat it would have to be from a shelter
  • one rainy evening, they were both sitting on the couch watching an animated film, when they heard scratching at the back door. éponine got the door, thinking it was going to be grantaire or gavroche playing a prank on her. a kitten barely bigger than her boots huddled on their welcome mat. “éponine, we have to keep him!!” “but cosette…the mud in the house! and i don’t know if we can afford him..” but cosette fits the little guy into their budget and spends the evening getting him clean and warm.
  • éponine is peak “i pretend that i don’t want this cat but now i adore him & i will rarely admit it”
  • they named the cat rainy (cosette’s idea)
  • after having him for a couple of years, éponine surprises cosette (and herself) for her birthday by bringing home another cat from the shelter to keep rainy company
  • cosette lets the cats break all kinds of rules (sitting on the couch/climbing on the counter, etc) which makes éponine roll her eyes, but she can’t refuse the face that cosette makes or the purrs that come from the cats when they are all on the couch together
  • éponine sends cosette pictures of cats she sees around town on her walk to work because she knows cosette loves it (éponine usually pets the cats that she sees, too)
  • éponine teaches the cats to do tricks on the weekends, and always gets excited to show cosette the tricks she taught them.
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hi elena!! how are you? i hope everything is going well for you, sending u love

heyy!! i’m good omg i’ve just been working on assignments and doing my readings so it’s been a busy day!! i hope you’re doing good, valu, you’re so kind!! thank you for making me smile aw 💜💜💜

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how be ur friend question mark ur so awesome and i love ur blog sm *flails arms* xoxo, starksnack

i am literally screaming omg wow please be my friend i adore you

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url change! i track #userelisavet and #blackslupin

please signal boost!

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i agree with you. like, i'm a black person and when they used things from my culture, it was terrible and i felt bad. if they even know what black people go through, they wouldn't appropriate our culture that way.

i’m really sorry that you have to go thru that! 

and yes maybe if they would know that and all the things you guys are enduring everyday maybe they will stop doing this again and again

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Tagged by @minseokkim, thank you ~♡

RULES: answer 21 questions and tag 21 people you want to know better!

nickname: call me nina

zodiac sign: scorpio

height: 1,55cm (5′0 dont have sure about it)

hogwarts house: dont have one

last thing i googled: convert height from centimeters to feet and inches lol

fave musicans: nxzero, one ok rock, day6, paramore, got7, onewe

song stuck in my head: ring on my ears - onewe

following: 35 ( i want to follow more, but too many I would follow are no longer active)

followers: my blog is relatively new, so not many (but i see and appreciate you all people!!)

do you get asks? no~ yet i am tagged in things.. yay!!

amount of sleep: 8hrs

what are you wearing? black sweatpants and a hoodie

dream job: not need to work ;-; it’s not a dream, i love languages so work with translation

dream trip: Japan

instruments: im trying the piano

languages: portuguese, english (japanese, if you take it slow)

10 fav songs: 

take what you want - one ok rock (i love this live version)

ring on my ears - onewe 

celebrity - zelo

letting go - day6

여행  - yongguk (all his album is amazing) 

last hope - paramore

i wont let you go - got7

sunrise - jaebeom (got7)

island - winner

i - taeyeon

random fact: i collected rocks when was a kid 

my aesthetic: don’t know if it counts as aesthetics, but I like the sound of the waves in the sea, soothes me.


tagging: @changmi-i, @happilyshauna, @sheascendss, @yuukimuras, @jjgukks, @pinkwoos, @chihobi~

 but feel free for not do it, if u dont want to. Also, please if you don’t wanna be tagged on things let me know :))

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AHAHA i told my gf that i have a new fandom friend and she scolded me for not having enough rl ones RIP ME. I will rec you ALL THE ANIME. Aha no tbh it's a friend's bday on the 23rd and i have a fic to post for her so... i was planning on going off anon then! But i realised i never made a tumblr account (how in the world did i forget that lmao) and !! I made one two hours ago !! Lol yes YET indeed! I just have one more for this lot on monday and then i have my sem exams in nov too! But god i've-

asdfjsfs a moOD i need to make more rl friends too ;-; but i don’t know anyone irl who stans ateez so……….. AND YES PLS REC ME ALL THE ANIME YOU LIKE!!! oOooOoooo that’s so sweet! posting a fic for ur friend hhhh aND HOW DO U FORGET TO MAKE AN ACC KASJDF CURA YOU’RE CUTE BUT YOU’RE A CUTE DUMBASS :> oOoo i know you’ll do well in your exams so don’t you worry!!! aLSO IM SORRY THAT I’M REPLYING LATE TODAY HHH IT’S BEEN A LONG DAY WITH LONG CLASSES D: 

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