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Hi hi!! Just a heads up for any of my followers who are not aware! I often reblog nsfw texts and suggestive photos, so if you wish to not see that, I advice you to blacklist the tag “smut” as that is what I tag my nsfw posts as!!:))

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💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 AYATO PLS

more for my honey bunny ;; ;w;

-> even in his late teens and 20s, he hates bugs. i do too, but if there’s one in the house, i’m the one who has to take care of it and put it back outside.

-> he loves giving lots of quick little kisses and pecks, which are the kind that tend to fluster me most. he knows this.

-> he is surprisingly fantastic at mario kart and always beats me!!!!! always!!!! and gets very smug when he does!!!!

-> human / ghoul intimate relationships are extremely taboo on both sides — aogiri forbids it for its members. so until Things are worked out between ghouls and humans, what is between ayato and myself is kept tightly under wraps. for a long time, ayato resents the fact that he’s fallen for a human. i wasn’t supposed to be anything more than a quick meal - i was a new face at an 11th ward café who wouldn’t be missed. but he let his guard down. the depth of his emotions make it difficult sometimes but he vowed to protect me even before i knew he was a ghoul and he follows through. our relationship is very much built on mutual trust.

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It’s so sweet and wonderful to think that one hundred random people from all different places and backgrounds decided to take a few seconds out of their day to follow me and it means more than you know. Thank you so much! :)

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Hi Anna. I really love your art so much! I think you draw with such skill and colour your work in an amazing way that the characters, objects and locations you draw are brought to life. I know you must put a lot of care and effort into your work and it is always so wonderful to see your beautiful drawings on tumblr. Thank you for sharing your work! You are amazingly talented. 💛❤💚💜💙

But have y’all checked @henbaneriver ​?

Amazing photos, so many useful references! I didn’t even know there are ducks!


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👍🏻 - I love your blog

🕊 - you are lovely

🥂 - I want to be your friend

🍸 - you are cool

💎 - I love your aesthetic

Thank you!

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     continued from x

     you don’t get it, bailey. ❝ then, make me understand, ❞ bailey spoke in a soft, but determined tone of voice. swallowing against the lump in his throat, she looked at him. it was pretty obvious that he had feelings for her, too, so honestly, she had no idea what on earth was going on. i – sometimes… i think i’m cursed and i know… that sounds so dumb saying it out loud, bu-but it’s true. everyone i’ve ever loved i’ve lost and… s’not even their fault, and… taking a deep breath, the female’s expression softened. ❝ ryan… ❞ she spoke softly as he took his own steps closer, his hands grasping at her own. her eyes dropped to their hands, and she watched as their fingers entwined together. i love you too… i really do. that’s why… i’m scared that being with me… won’t - won’t be good for you. ❝ listen, ❞ she whispered softly, reaching out and placing her hand on his cheekbone, letting her fingers move across his face. ❝ i’m a big girl, ryan, okay? besides, i believe you’re not going to hurt me. and i believe you’re going  to be good for me. i’m… i’m not going to leave you. ❞

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