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giff eh be om det inte var vad du vill vad du verkligen verkligen inte att jag kan komma t ex att det blir förvirrande i Gbg den är amazing hem till dig då o kolla på din julgran

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Gotta ask you this question since you're finnish: ever been to Åland? (I'm from there. Fun fact: it's pretty, but it lowkey sucks to live there all year round)

No, never! Unless you count the midnight stops a Swedish ferry makes when you sail from Helsinki to Stockholm. All the other members of my family have, however, either for work or school trips. Mum actually didn’t even believe me when we talked about it once and I sad I’d never been.

Would love to visit some day, but yeah, I can believe it might be a little less enchanting during late autumn months.

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27 August 2019

+25.1 in Åland
> Meteorologist: “Cooling down isn’t coming”

In practice, people only think of Åland as part of Finland when it’s convenient. Like that time there was the escaped pet wallaby and the headline was all like “WHITE KANGAROO ON THE LOOSE IN FINLAND!!” when only a tiny fraction of the country’s population might even have had the opportunity to spot it.

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I woke up today to the news yhat there was a kangaroo loose in Åland. You can have one as a pet?

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