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#'look at his cute face'

@lycanlead asked: kiss :o   for :  FIRST THREE IN MY ASKBOX GET KISSES. 1 / 3   ( accepting. )


❝        AM  ALRIGHT,  HONESTLY.                      ❞                                                most  ‘over-reacted’  when  they  found  him  this  drunk,              but  it  was  unwarranted.            this  wasn’t  even  a  dire  occasion,  though  he  was  sat  alone.        the  Hound  had  slunk  away  from  the  public  eye  some  minutes  ago.        the  spectres  that  haunted  him  were  alive  in  the  nightlife,  and  he  had  …  needed  solace.  


a  hand  reaches  for  him  and  he  lifts  his  own  to  grab  it  before  it  hits  home.        lifts  it  to  his  cheek,  sink  the  weight  of  his  head  into  it  a  while.          tassos  eyes  things  that  only  he  can  see  a  while.        they  are  scurrying,  at  the  presence  of  Lucian.     ❝          sweet  of  you  to  check,  lovey  —                ❞                and  a  quick  kiss  is  pressed  against  the  palm  of  the  other hellhounds  hand,  before  he  moves  his  head  away  from  it  again,      ❝        —  but  i’ll  be  damned  if  i’m  a  buzzkill.              y’go  in,  i’ll  follow.      ❞        

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*adds lore onto my oc and pretends it was totally there all along*

bewoop has magic (that was always lore, i’ve just never talked about/drawn it bc i’m still developing that side of his story) and can shift into full bunny form. whether the human or the bunny is his true form is unknown. he certainly won’t tell you..

he’s a nightmare like this, more so than his human form, because he’s smaller, faster and WILL bite your ankles if you don’t give him your carrots. he has sharp canines too so that bite is gonna hurt. prefers to move around on all fours unless he needs to carry things. still just as dumb. he’s the size of a normal minecraft rabbit.

(sketches were reffed from zootopia screenshots)

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