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#'look at his cute face'
❝ Giving him a name makes him human. ❞



            “Oh don’t be like that, he’s a nice guy!” Amused laughter follows a gentle nudge to Asmo’s arm, putting away the picture of Raphael on his phone he was showing it off with pleased demeanor. “We only spoke for a bit and he’s tall.” Approving hum came with the nod, but then he stopped and perked up. “Oh! Unless– unless you two have… a past?” Brow raises, implication of his words are obvious, but the moment he sees Asmo’s face change, he reels back in apology and phone finds itself tossed across the room onto the couch away from the pair. 


           “I–oh no. I’m sorry. He– uh– he has no name. He is nothing and gone and we don’t ever have to see him again.” 

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A   TALE   OF   LOVE   AND   TRAGEDY          /          if   you’re   interested   in   interacting   with   an   independent   and   canon   divergent   ALMA  KARMA   of   d . gray - man ,   please   ♥   or   ↻  !      as   loved   by   emi .   

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