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Ya ever remember that 2009 was supposed to include a scene that showed us Spock, several decades after Jim’s “death,” continued to wear a pendant that Jim had given him as a birthday present and just go feral?

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Favorite scene(s):

- Mack trying to remind Coulson to check on May too

- Daisy happily flirting with Lincoln :’)

- Hunter and Bobbi undercover at the ATCU’s IT department

- Daisy helping Hunter hack the computer–his hunt-and-peck typing, Mack and Daisy’s exasperation, Daisy letting him pick his username–gold

- May revealing that she brought Lincoln along so that she could have the chance to apologize to him for Andrew ;___; (BUT IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT, MAY!!!)

Favorite quote(s):

Daisy (to Hunter): “Please tell me you know which one is forward slash.”

Other noteworthy stuff:

I’m sorry but the only thing I could think of when Mack was struggling to ask Coulson if he and Rosalind are sleeping together was “Are you two, uh, doing the frickle-frackle?” This fandom has infiltrated my brain too much.

Well hello IT guy from The Office! I feel like this guy always plays IT guys???

Awww, Phil was a history major!

I can’t even put Fitzsimmons’s first kiss under my favorite scenes because it’s so anguishing. :’(

Fic rec! @recoveringrabbit wrote a lovely 3x08 spec fic about Fitzsimmons’s possible conversation and even though it’s not exactly how things happened, I think about it all the time.

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Grakkus Pesci is the last of the Pesci brothers from @A_meeples_tale ’s Strigany warband - A Travelling Show! They’re putting on: The Little Merwech - A Ponzi Production. He’s using Carnevale miniatures from @TTcombatUK .
Despite hailing from completely different provinces of the old world the Pesci Brothers are a tight knit group within the Ponzi family. These light footed and even lighter fingered brothers provide the family with a large portion of their income and information. They are all cunning as a fox, agile as a rat, and charming as a puppy. They each have joined the show at separate ports, but are fanatically loyal to the Ponzi’s and the Old-Father. During the performances, the Pesci brothers play background characters. A brilliant revelation Cruella had was to have the Pesci’s spend almost as much time on stage as they did milling with the crowd. This was a hit with audiences, that loved the engagement, it was also a hit with the family coffers as the Pesci’s light fingers set to work on the enraptured throngs.
#mordheim #RtheC #warhammer #aos #wargaming #tabletop #ageofsigmar #gamesworkshop #citadel #tabletopwargames #paintingminis #pirates #sartosa #strigany #carnevale #littlemermaid #pescibrothers #ruffle #club #mask #dagger

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Favorite scene(s):

- The flashback to May and Andrew on the beach is so sweet :’) :’(

- Bobbi and Hunter’s conversation, particularly her telling him they can’t keep being motivated by revenge after Ward or they’ll lose themselves and each other

- Both scenes of Fitz going through the sim card on Jemma’s phone–his reaction to her video I CAN’T ;__;

- May talking Lash down back into Andrew T__T

- “Let’s just watch the sunrise.” :’))))))

- Oh sure kill us with another flashback to May and Andrew on the beach :’(

Favorite quote(s):

Video!Jemma: “Quite a strange feeling, isn’t it? Never wanting to be without someone. You must have been so annoyed, me following you around all the time.” / Fitz: “No. Never.”

Mack: “Really gotta commit to that shotgun-ax idea.” 

Hunter: “Well, I’m just gonna say what we’re all thinking. He has a hog face.” / Fitz: “He does have a hog face.”

Fitz: “Didn’t know you thought about settling down in Perthshire. That’s in Scotland.” / Jemma: “I know where it is, Fitz.”

Other noteworthy stuff:

It just … the whole reason Andrew becomes Lash is because of an ACCIDENT. Which, granted, is how many/most people with Inhuman DNA go through Terrigenisis. But his situation is just BAD. And it makes me upset because he’s so kind and he does not deserve this. MAY does not deserve this. >:(

Okay, I’m glad they brought up that Andrew deleted his bloodwork because I was honestly wondering about that.

Phil originally told Rosalind that he lost his hand in a shark attack OH MY WORD PHIL

I wonder if I could pull off Lincoln’s haircut. (I need a haircut, in case y’all couldn’t tell from all these random comments about characters’ s2 and s3 hairstyles.)

May in this episode. So good. So painful, but so good.

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Favorite scene(s):

- Coulson and Daisy talking about who Lash could be and Daisy checking to make sure he’s not getting too attached to Rosalind

- May making sure Bobbi’s mission-ready in her own unorthodox way

- May letting the guy at the bank think she’s flirting with him when really she’s making sure Bobbi has her batons for when they need to beat people up

- Honestly everything with them in the bank is so great

- Andrew and Jemma’s conversation about how people treat you after you’ve been through something traumatic

- May encouraging Bobbi after what happened at the bank (I liked that detail about how May had seen Bobbi at the Academy and was really impressed by her then)

Favorite quote(s):

Bobbi: “You’re not gonna say the thing?” / Hunter: “You already know.”

Coulson: “Nice of you to pick me up.” / Rosalind: “Yes, on the corner, since you won’t tell me where your base is.”

Hunter: “If your girlfriend’s ex wants to visit from Phoenix, you do not buy him a plane ticket.” / Fitz: “That’s really specific.”

Hunter: “Is that how you spell ‘Katelin’? K-A-T? I’m not sure that’s right, mate.” / Fitz: “Yeah, no, there’s lots of ways to spell ‘Katelin.’“

Other noteworthy stuff:

I really like Bobbi and May working together in the same S.H.I.E.L.D. May really seems to trust Bobbi despite clearly not liking the latter’s taste in men. Also they both look FANTASTIC when they’re undercover at the bank.

The conversation between Andrew and Daisy about Lash just makes me sad. :(

Really enjoying the Daisy + Mack + Hunter scenes though. Like I shouldn’t have laughed when Hunter just waltzed out of the van and iced Banks but I did. And Mack and Daisy’s exasperation with him–plus Daisy encouraging him to get help for his anger issues–is just great.

I hope Coulson picked up the bags from DJ’s out of Rosalind’s trash can. (This is me hating it when food is wasted.) That said, I do really like their dynamic.

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For the ship head canon meme, Fitzskimmons & 12. What first changes when it starts getting serious? :)

Oh, this is a good one!

I would think that each of them changes their behavior a little when they are sure they are walking on steady ground.

Daisy, who pretends that she is coolly detached as to not get hurt when people inevitably leaves her, finally allows herself to show how much she cares about them.  She goes from 20 to 100 with the proofs of her love, and it’s a little overwhelming, but it’s also very rewarding.

Jemma, who is professionally a nurturer, tentatively makes the first steps into changing her approach to their relationship from maternal to sexual. Once she starts she can not stop, and it’s exhilarating.

Fitz, who craves physical intimacy a lot, finally lets himself touch them to his heart’s content without fear of being rejected. Which is something that also feeds the changes the girls are making.

Thank you for the ask!

Send me a ship and a number and I’ll tell you my headcanons. 

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Absolute beauty of a YouTube comment I left once. I reproduce it below unedited for your perusal.

“ I went back and listened to your video again so that I could be clearer :) - Things I didn’t agree with or thought were simply incorrect conclusions: Movie characters being killed off vs whole factions disappearing is a false equivalence - factions are nations in our mind, not a single gunslinger or swashbuckler. The efforts, hopes, dreams, grudges, setbacks and triumphs of a people were encapsulated in the history of the Old World’s factions and much of that just got tossed because the rules were bloated and the Space Marines were selling more. I think and always did think that WFB’s rules were awful, but I put up with them for the story.

That WFB is in the past and that rendering it meaningless is a valid feeling if you collected most of the factions - because the thing you were fighting for - your homeland and people and reason for being - is gone. Just personally for me, WFB was a huge part of my social life and hobby time and seeing the Old World just gone (no matter how well people thought it was written) was like watching a national treasure being burnt down to me. A real shock of grief - not a wistful nostalgia or a longing for what was but shock at what was unnecessary and deliberate vandalism of a system that certainly needed fixing, but not collapsing in on itself. There were other ways to take a bold step forwards. It never needed to end the Old World - borders could move, factions could rise, gods could return - it’s good storytelling. Ripping everything up and starting again gives everything a gloss of impermanence and making it up as we go instead of what we had. Time won’t fix that either - twenty years could go by but how many will emotionally connect to the same deep level knowing that GW just tore everything up once before and so might do it again?

Previously, Chaos won the battles but the war continued because good people struggled - Chaos winning in the end was just a massive injection of ashen hopelessness - that’s bad story telling.

The gods of order could have been re-introduced without the wholesale destruction of decades of building history, shared memory and lore - GW did this with the Squats instead of re-working them into something better, losing a faction that to this day still has fans.

As for female gamers I will say that seeing more female models has made me feel more represented. I didn’t think that it would, and it’s a strange feeling to describe - but feeling included in something that I’ve been doing since 1995/6 was a wonderful feeling. I’m talking specifically when I saw Darkoath Warqueen Marakarr Blood-Sky and Valkia the Bloody. If men can be warriors in a setting suffused with magic and fate and do things that nobody should rightly be able to do, then having women do the same just felt good. And yes, I wish there were female Space Marines (and no, I don’t care that the limits of human biology might have a bearing when a daemon made of anger and magic with a fist the size of a man’s chest can appear and smash a battle-tank in two; discussions around how much weight a real life woman can carry at a run through a desert have little bearing. Making Space Marines be all-male reinforces more social negatives than it was perhaps intended to [read a YouTube comment thread on the matter] and simply excludes women from the hobby by dint of removing them from the story of humanity’s struggle.) Representation matters - that’s why I’d love to collect an all female army in AoS and not have to collect Daughters of Khaine - I’d love there to be female Space Marines and not just nuns with guns, even though I’m totally getting an army of them when the plastics come out. I’d love there to be options, in short. I’m not talking about having a massive discussion on whether Astra Militarum should include women - I’m saying that the fluff says it does so let’s see it. I’m not saying Space Marines need altering to fit some “feminist agenda”, I’m saying that a whole chapter of female Space Marines is totally doable given how they can just create Primaris out of nowhere - if you don’t like them, don’t buy them?.. …I’m not saying that Sisters of Battle are less-than Space Marines because they don’t have genetic enhancements; in many ways they are greater than Space Marines because they’re only human. But they’ll never have the spotlight the same as the stars of the show. I mean, Stormcast have female models?

One final point on female Space Marines. I read a lot of people saying that “you can’t just overturn decades of established faction lore” for x or y reason. Hm. Forgetting the End Times, major changes to decades-long established lore can and do happen. I haven’t been fully immersed in the scene for a while now, but can remember off the top of my head: Cadia fell. Primaris appeared. Rough Riders were written out of the codex because “there are currently no models” [yet Chaos Cultists remain and have almost never had official models]. Orks went from having green plant blood to red blood and that had to be retconned. The Tau Empire just appeared overnight. Adeptus Custodes ventured from Terra in offensive operations. Chaos Space Marines got split into several armies with standalone codexes. Vampire Counts emerged with different Houses instead of just Christopher Lee tribute acts. Space Wolves can ride wolves into battle now (because reasons). And more besides if I started to actually look. The lore changes over time, in big ways as well as small ones. Adding something is never as problematic as taking it away (the Tau passed me by so I have never bought them, but getting rid of the Old World… …see above). If you don’t like a new thing, don’t buy it? If GW made female Space Marines possible, it wouldn’t threaten the masculinity of super soldiers in the current ranks of the Space Marines, it would just add another dimension to humanity’s losing battle against the heretics, daemons and xenos out there trying to snuff them out.”

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Rough Tommy, one of our favourite characters from @A_meeples_tale ’s Strigany warband, he’s playing Flounder, Calibri’s best friend! Will is doing A Travelling Show! They’re putting on: The Little Merwech - A Ponzi Production. He’s using Carnevale miniatures from @TTcombatUK .
Tommy was a runaway child that secretly boarded the caravan in the empire town of Wissenholdt. The Ponzi family was open and welcomed him into their family, and he has flourished under their watch. As the 14th child of a milkmaid and farm labourer, life in Wissenholdt was cold, cruel and full of hunger. With the travelling show he has already seen more of the world than his original parents ever would.
#mordheim #RtheC #warhammer #aos #wargaming #tabletop #ageofsigmar #gamesworkshop #citadel #tabletopwargames #paintingminis #pirates #sartosa #strigany #carnevale #littlemermaid #knife #tommyrough #flounder

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Also I miss Agents of Shield being this light-hearted and hopeful.

It’s weird that it just got progressively darker and more disturbing as the rest of the MCU got more humorous and shallow.

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Re-watching Agents of Shield season 1 for the first time in 5+ years.

In an early scene in episode 1, Maria Hill states, “The Battle of New York was the end of the world.”

Oh, have you got a big storm coming…

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