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If you don’t think Jim Kirk has told Spock at least once “It’s VulCAN not VulCAN’T” at least once you’re wrong.

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Hello everyone :D

In less than two weeks the Agents of SHIELD rewatch will start! So excited already! A very very big thank you to the AMAZING @bunnykaye​ for creating that amazing header :D, YOU ROCK!

Here are some infos so everyone knows how it’s going to go down.

@lilsciencequeen, my amazing partner-in-crime for the rewatch already mentioned most of them in this post. This is just a bit more additional and more definitive information to get everyone up to speed ;)

-      We start on Tuesday the 24thSeptember, the 6thanniversary of the pilot :D.

-      During the first week we plan on watching episodes 1x01 – 1x05 and it’s totally up to you how you schedule watching them during that week.

-      Since most people asked for a maximum of 4 episodes a week, we’ll try to stick to that as often as possible but sometimes there will be 5 (especially until Christmas) because otherwise we won’t be able to finish all 6 seasons until May 2020 (when Season 7 will probably start airing).

-      There will be breaks during US Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Years (this one will be a big break of about a month) and Easter since those are the breaks most people asked for. For those that don’t want or need to take a break during those weeks, this is a great time to catch up if you need to!

-      If a weekly schedule is not for you, fret not you can still participate! Our rough plan is to finish S1-2 before Christmas, and S3-5 before Easter and S6 until May. But even if you binge it in one go (and if you do, kudos to you!!!), please feel free to use the tag ;). The schedule is very good for a communal viewing experience like many of us have that watch the eps live or during the weeks they came out.  

-      The main tag will be #aosrewatch. For each season we’ll also have a separate tag, i.e. #aosrewatchS1, #aosrewatchS2 additionally.

-      We’ll post the schedule for the respective weeks every Tuesday.

-      We’ll also try to make a masterpost each week for the content that was created during that week. But already an apology in advance if we forget a post (and if that happens, which we don’t hope, please give us a quick heads up + the link via DM or replies and we’ll add it ASAP!) or if we can’t make it every Tuesday to make one, both @lilsciencequeen and I have rather tight schedules. If that happens, you can always check out the tags of course ;)

-      The content you create is totally up to you. Gifsets, fotosets, edits, manips, fanfic, fanart, metas, your thoughts while watching the ep and/or live-blogs, etc. etc. Sky(e)’s the limit ;). I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with :D.

-      Additionally to creating content we also thought it would be a nice idea if everyone would go through the archives of their blogs and reblog old posts that concern the episodes they are watching at the moment. Like that, old posts that haven’t been on our dashes for ages will get a revival :D. It will also be a nice way to celebrate all the fandom content that has been created the past 6+ years!

- As soon as the Earth vs Space contest starts (October 14th!), the content created for the rewatch can also be a part of that. You can sign up for the EvS contest HERE. You don’t have to participate to take part in the rewatch but it would be a nice thing to celebrate the show and fandom even further, so it would be really cool if as many as possible sign up :D Sign ups are until 23th September!

Thank you so much to all the people that participated in the poll, that info helped us a lot :D. I can’t wait for this to start and I hope many will participate :D I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun. And probably also shed a tear or two and get VERY nostalgic!

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Ohoh alright, how about some Biorider with an overprotective alpha!Robbie. Alphas and omegas bond right? Perhaps something with that as well? Either headcanons or a prompt!

They do! Though any dynamic can be mates/bond with one another. And some headcanons heading your way :3

1. Jemma has to do the usual ‘im interested in you’ courting stuff, basically what she did in Consider Us. Because it doesn’t occur to Robbie that someone could be interested in him like that, and that he caught feelings too.

2. Courting is different in like every headcanon, but for me, it’s mostly just regular dating. Maybe with a little more gift giving and homecooked meals from both parties (to show that they can both provide for a family if need be). Also tons of cuddling. Robbie is a cuddler change my mind.

3. Robbie, once they become mates, is when he’d be his most protective. He trusts the SHIELD team, since they’re basicaly family, so they get a pass. Most of the time anyway.

4. An over protective!Robbie does a few things when faced with people he doesn’t like trust - he’ll glance at Jemma before he does anything. He puts himself fairly close to threat that should they do anything, he can promptly stop it. Typical glaring/growls usually follow. As well as a snippy attitude.

5. Most notebly he does this with Will when he and Jemma are stranded on Maveth. Growling and glaring if Will makes too much eye contact with her. Even after he agrees to work together to escape.

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