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Summary: Ben and Klaus see a beautiful flower. 

Warnings: Weird Metaphors

A/N: So in english class today we had a flower prompt and we had to use it to create a scene between two characters. And it accidentally turned into a Klaus and Ben fanfic. 


Prompt used:


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Klaus: Whoops.

Ben: Whoops? WHOOPS? This is not a ‘whoops’ situation. We are far past whoops. Whoops is a distant speck in the rearview mirror. We are solidly in 'oh fuck’ territory, and I expect you to act like it.

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Claire: *sat under the Christmas tree dressed as an elf*

Klaus: oh, wow, your decorations are great this year, Allison. Where’d you get the life sized elf from?

Allison: *playing along* oh, yeah, I had it custom made for me.

Claire: *super excited* IT’S ME UNCLE KLAUS!

Klaus: *genuinely surprised and scared for his life, jumps up on the table* holy shit, it’s a child.

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Setting: the academy are sixteen-ish and are on a school trip to a different country.

Allison: *listening to Land Down Under*

Klaus: *bursts into room from window* HE JUST SMILED AND GAVE ME A VEGEMITE SANDWICH.

Dave and Klaus: AND HE SAID, I COME FROM A LAND DOWN UNDER. *pulling beers out of their pockets for everyone in the room* WHERE BEER DOES FLOW AND MEN CHUNDER.

Five: *to Allison* why were we roomed with these knobs?

Vanya: How did you get beer? None of us are old enough to drink?

Luther: How the fuck did you produce them from your pockets?

Diego: how the fuck does klaus do anything?

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Vanya: I’m going to get a coffee. Anybody want anything?

Allison: I’ll have a latte.

Klaus: I’ll have a blueberry muffin.

Ben: I’ll have a bagel with a little-

Vanya: You know I was just being polite.

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Vanya: I just want to dance around a maypole with a flower crown on my head singing Celtic hymns.

Klaus: I just want to dance around a stripper pole with one hundred dollar notes hanging out of my jockstrap singing “my neck my back”.

Ben: like, what were we even expecting him to say, Jesus Christ.

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Luther: *is severely lactose intolerant*

Luther: *eats an entire tub of yogurt*

Klaus: Wait, aren’t you lactose intolerant

Luther: yes, but I love yogurt so much, so I suffer for it

Klaus: are you sure?? Cause you ate way to much

Luther, overconfident: yes, it won’t be that bad

Five Minutes Later

Luther: *curled up on the kitchen floor, rolling around in pain, almost on the verge of tears*

Luther: ok I’m getting no more yogurt.

The Next Day

Luther: *goes to the store to get yogurt because the house ran out of it*

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Diego: Klaus, I think it’s time we tell you your bacon allergy is a lie.

Ben: Allison rumored you so you’d eat healthier.

Klaus: What? No. No, I’m just allergic to a lot of stuff.

Klaus: Bacon, doughnuts, halloween candy, not saying ‘thank you’.


Klaus: Oh my god.

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