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Summary: Ben and Klaus see a beautiful flower. 

Warnings: Weird Metaphors

A/N: So in english class today we had a flower prompt and we had to use it to create a scene between two characters. And it accidentally turned into a Klaus and Ben fanfic. 


Prompt used:


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Setting: the academy are sixteen-ish and are on a school trip to a different country.

Allison: *listening to Land Down Under*

Klaus: *bursts into room from window* HE JUST SMILED AND GAVE ME A VEGEMITE SANDWICH.

Dave and Klaus: AND HE SAID, I COME FROM A LAND DOWN UNDER. *pulling beers out of their pockets for everyone in the room* WHERE BEER DOES FLOW AND MEN CHUNDER.

Five: *to Allison* why were we roomed with these knobs?

Vanya: How did you get beer? None of us are old enough to drink?

Luther: How the fuck did you produce them from your pockets?

Diego: how the fuck does klaus do anything?

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Vanya: I’m going to get a coffee. Anybody want anything?

Allison: I’ll have a latte.

Klaus: I’ll have a blueberry muffin.

Ben: I’ll have a bagel with a little-

Vanya: You know I was just being polite.

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Vanya: I just want to dance around a maypole with a flower crown on my head singing Celtic hymns.

Klaus: I just want to dance around a stripper pole with one hundred dollar notes hanging out of my jockstrap singing “my neck my back”.

Ben: like, what were we even expecting him to say, Jesus Christ.

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  • English Teacher
  • Korean-Canadian
  • No one calls him “Mr Ben” or “Mr Jeong” everyone just calls him Ben. 
  • He hates poetry with a passion. 
  • “It’s stupid and makes no sense”
  • “If you want to talk about something just use normal words and express yourself and not with this weird phrasing or whatever,”
  • Yet he loved Dead Poets Society, he would always cry when Neil dies. 
  • He loved creative writing. 
  • But would give the weirdest creative writing prompts. 
  • “Your creative writing prompt is umbrellas,”
  • “B-but..”
  • “No buts,”
  • If he would make his student analyze anything, it would be comic books. 
  • Oh and debates he loves those things too. 
  • Once he did an Iron Man vs Captain America debate with his students. 
  • He let the Iron Man side win, he was being slightly biased though. 
  • He would change seating arrangements every day just to annoy his students. 
  • “The new seating arrangement for today is on the board,”
  • “Again?”
  • “Yes, again”
  • After a few times, the kids just got used to it. 
  • College roommates with Klaus. 
  • Always would wear a black hoodie. 
  • His colleagues would always ask how many of the same hoodies he owned. 
  • He would always reply with a shrug. 
  • It’s still a mystery to be solved. 
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Klaus and Ben shared a room????

okay so, for a while now me and a friend of mine have had a little headcannon that klaus and ben used to share a room. Purely put on the fact we never see Ben’s room and that maybe they both couldn’t be alone when sleeping due to night terrors or nightmares from the nature of their powers.


When watching episode 10, The White Violin, back, i noticed a little summit.


do you see it???


basically there is what looks to be another bed in the room.

Now i could be wrong, obviously, but I love the idea that they did this. It makes their bond stronger. Makes the reason why Klaus can see Ben more obvious.

I’m also not gonna say anything about like, Horrance shippy stuff here cause i know some people don’t like it,,,,

buuuuut 👀👀👀👀👀

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