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Vanya: I’m going to get a coffee. Anybody want anything?

Allison: I’ll have a latte.

Klaus: I’ll have a blueberry muffin.

Ben: I’ll have a bagel with a little-

Vanya: You know I was just being polite.

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Vanya: I just want to dance around a maypole with a flower crown on my head singing Celtic hymns.

Klaus: I just want to dance around a stripper pole with one hundred dollar notes hanging out of my jockstrap singing “my neck my back”.

Ben: like, what were we even expecting him to say, Jesus Christ.

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  • Music
  • Russian
  • “Miss Van”
  • Most people thought she loved listening to classical music. 
  • But they thought wrong. 
  • Vanya loves listening to punk and emo music. 
  • She would be jamming to MCR with Klaus all the time. 
  • Students walking by her classroom would hear punk or emo blasting from her room. 
  • Is even a part of a band outside of school with Deigo and another guy. 
  • The band’s called the Prime-8′s 
  • She plays the guitar while Deigo plays the bass. 
  • She can also play the violin really well. 
  • Her skills her mesmerising.
  • Childhood friends with Allison. 
  • They are always gossiping, it’s incredible.  
  • College friends with Five. 
  • Every Friday they would have a peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich together. 
  • Has actually published a book. 
  • Ben convinced her to have a talk about it in his class. 
  • It turned out pretty good. 
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Can we appreciate that tiny Little Vanya defied the no doubt strict bedtime rules and got out of bed, went downstairs, turned on the lights, and made a peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich for her brother every night?? Like undoubtedly Hargreeves did not like his “children” disobeying the rules (punishment was probably a biscuit at the Academy), and he never even looked for Five, but shy little Vanya defied him anyway to make sure that her brother would be welcomed with warm lights and his favorite food if he ever found his way home.

Vanya is a precious little soul and I love her to death.

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