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100 Days of productivity: Day 6


I got to talk with my roommate today about my anger and depression about being misgendered. It helped a lot and I’m feeling better even though I’m exhausted.

Things accomplished today:

1. Half my English homework for tomorrow

2. Half a math section.

3. Actually made myself dinner. Roast chicken and pasta.

I’m going to go to bed early so that I hopefully have enough energy to accomplish everything I need to tomorrow.

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12/100 days of productivity — 26022020

i’ve fallen ill again… an allergy has caused my skin to erupt. in the morning, i got checked and the doctor prescribed me chlorphenamine.

but this hasn’t really stopped me from nothing at all—today is Ash Wednesday, and i attended mass with my sister. beforehand, i also solved a past integral calculus exam and reviewed my answers after finishing. it seems i’ve scored perfectly! hope i can perform as well in friday’s final.

that’s why i’m having a break tomorrow. the med is getting me sleepy all the time. getting to read a new book will be an absolute challenge…

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26/02/20 • Not-so-productive

Tried really hard to get stuff done today but wasn’t as efficient as I’d hoped to be. Still, did some readings, completed an online lecture and met up with a friend so I didn’t completely do nothing.

📚 Went to one of my favourite cafes and had to physically restrain myself from buying more books

☕️ Paid an exorbitant amount for a cup of tea but I had a good time

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25.02.2020 [day 5/100]

Spent most of the the day taking class notes and finishing my PowerPoint presentation which I submitted finally. One more assignment partly down at least.

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February 26th, 2020

100 Days of Productivity, day 5 of 100

“Sir, your vibes are rancid.” - me to yet another night of chemistry homework. I didn’t end up making it to the lecture today because of health issues, but a friend got some notes for me, so at least I have that!

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100 days of productivity - day 7

I need to get better at practicing my target language(s) daily. For now, I need to make sure I do some French and I need to get around to finally buying new earphones since my old ones died and I really should practice listening more as I’m so bad with it. I dream of learning Korean and Dutch (or Afrikaans, whichever I can get), but I need to be realistic about what I’ll actually do or not for now.

But! I did it today and I’m actually happy with how far I’ve come, it’s better than I thought. It’s also pretty cool that all the flags of the languages I want to learn are similar colours. 

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24/100 — Feb 26, 2020

Sometimes I feel like people think I’m crazy when I tell them I cannot hang out because I need to study. The thing is that my college is especially hard because every single assignment is graded and we really can’t miss a single day of school without receiving a 0. If any of you are familiar with the PBL method, you’ll get what I’m saying.

So, yeah. I prioritize. My priorities are 1) med school and 2) ballet. Everything else I’ll do when I have time, if I can. And people don’t get it. I don’t wake up at 4h30 am because it’s fun. I just really want to have good grades. And fuck, I want to read and only talk to the people who really are my frinds and I want to learn languages and listen to Lana Del Rey and classical music all day lying on my wood floor. But not if I need to sacrifice my grades or ballet. I can’t. And people!!!! Don’t!!!! Get it!!!!

Sorry about my little rant. I just really needed to get it out of my chest. Today I:

- studied heart physiology again, always good to remember

- organized my planner

- made some notes on my Green Notebook

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26/02/2020; 29/100 days of productivity with @studiesandcaffeine​:

i’ve been dealing with a cold for the past week and it’s not getting any better. i really hope it magically fixes by friday in time for placement. i wasn’t feeling too good when i woke up in the morning, but i forced myself to attend my dissection workshop at uni for 2 hours. we covered the facial muscles, blood and nerve supply to the face, and a whole lot about the orbit and extra-ocular muscles. i am glad that i did attend because it was good content to review.

i had to do my midweek share of cooking so i didn’t get much work done at home, apart from a lecture about insulin therapy in diabetes. so i have one more lecture to catch up on about diabetes (about its complications), and then two anatomy lectures from today. i’ve written a third of a poem for one of my group projects, and i wanted to get it done by friday, but i’m stuck on how to progress with it.

[the photo is an unseen oldie from a few months ago]

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7/100 dop

Just when I thought we were out of the woods, it started snowing again last night and hasn’t stopped! The weather has given me an excuse to stay inside and be productive though. The past week i’ve been freaking out about my grad apps because the first one is due on the fourth. I’ve finalized my personal statement and am justing waiting on my last two recommenders to submit their letters. Besides grad app work, i’ve been trying to keep up with my Spanish and typing.  It feels like my typing is getting so much slower but i know once I can actually type properly, i’ll be able to write things so much faster. 

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2.26.20 | 36/100

Currently working on my interview for Police and the Community.

Two and a half weeks until spring break!

I’m so looking forward to being able to catch up on my reading on break and hang out with my fiancé and his sister.

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16/100 Days of Productivity

- finished Grapes of Wrath! It’s my favorite Steinbeck for sure but I kinda hate the ending.

- did some writing and video editing for some personal projects

- watched Midsommar and freaked out a little!

- went to bed early because this is my last day off for the next 3 weeks and I’m working on self care ⭐⭐⭐

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63/100 Days of Productivity


No pics today as my phone died and I didn’t take a charger with me to nocs so today has been super productive.

I’ve had a full day working on my research project, and then this afternoon a meeting with my supervisor - we went over my calculations to double check, planned what figures I have to make, and just had a general chat about where we see this project going. I picked the best supervisor tho as he’s just so chill and helpful and I will miss him when he retires at the end of this academic year.

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19 / 100 days of productivity

I went to work a little bit too early this morning. My entire building was still locked so I decided to go for a walk and take in all this salubrious weather.

Tunes: oh GOD - Orla Gartland

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100 days of productivity [6/100]

wednesday, 26 feb 2020 // I finished reading Sharp Objects today because I just couldn’t wait to find out how it ends! I even found myself wiling class to end just so I could get back to reading 📖

Today I managed to:

  • Complete a German lesson on Duolingo (327-day streak 🔥)
  • Finish Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn (friend me on Goodreads!)
  • Proofread a friend’s dissertation
  • Prepare for an online test I have for child law tomorrow

Listening to: Bloom by Troye Sivan 🎧

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No picture today.
I started my new job on Monday, and I’m still a full time student. I’m absolutely exhausted, and was not equipped to deal with the amount of times I was misgendered today. 
Here’s what I got done:

1. Created a rough draft for my first English Essay

2. Worked from home from 5-7 after getting home from school at 4

3. Did half a section of math. But I’m starting to understand it, so it should go faster tomorrow

4. Ordered more groceries on Instacart.

5. Didn’t lose my shit. 

I’m passing out now. At 9:30 pm.


Originally posted by bow-chicka-meow-meow

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23/100 — Feb 25, 2020

I thought I was going to get more stuff done today, until I realized I had the wrong book with me. Hopefully I’ll have time enough to do it on Thursday!

Today I:

- finished my part in our paper on ectopic pregnancy

- studied a little bit more of pharmacology

Also, I havw so many books to read (books that I really really want to read) that I feel overwhelmed and don’t read any of them. I’m still trying to finish the ones I stopped in the middle but still. So. Many. Good. Books.

Tomorrow I really need to organize my planner and my notes. I also need to organize my Danish material. And oh, the never ending studying!

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☀️7/100 days of productivity challenge ☀️

I’ve got lost in exhaustion and insomnia while trying to pull myself back together and finish all of my assignments on time. To be brutally honest, i’m still struggling with that.

Today i finally finished my research paper and also, i decided to move the desk in my room closer to the window. And gods, my study area has become sooo comfortable and inspiring.

I’m currently reading “Weight” by incredible Jeanette Winterson and it’s just such a wonderful book that im literally crying.

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