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The Realms Between Us

by: JKDoYouLoveMe

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook/Kim Taehyung | V
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 100,101

Chaptered: Completed


Jeongguk doesn’t know how spirit magic or Ouija boards work. He assumes it takes something a lot more complicated than a drunk man asking for a sex demon to show up for it to actually happen. Something like cutting your hand and letting your blood drip onto the petals of a rare flower. Or saying something religious into a mirror while doing the Macarena.

That’s how Jeongguk knows that this is a prank.

That’s how he knows that the boy sitting on his bed claiming to be an incubus is lying.

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Author: carpemermaid

Draco has spent half of his life spouting the things his father has taught him without much thought about how he feels about what he says. When he unexpectedly comes face to face with the Dark Lord, he grapples with the harsh realities of the world and struggles with his changing views on life. Instead of doing what’s expected of him fifth year, he joins Dumbledore’s Army and learns how to defend himself, how to make his own choices, and how he can be something greater than his father’s example as he grows into his own man rather than his father’s shadow. The choices he makes change both his and Harry’s fates, intertwining their paths until they converge.


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Author: fantom_ftnoise

The summer following the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry Potter visited his parents’ graves and disappeared in a mysterious attack. His wand was recovered but the trail soon went cold and the world moved on. Twelve years later, Remus Lupin discovers James Charming, of Charming Chocolates, a mute man with no memories before July of 1998.

James Charming, father of identical twin boys and loving boyfriend to a Scottish Muggle named Monty, is ripped out of his comfortable life and forced to rediscover Hogwarts, magic, and a whole world of past memories. His Mind Healer helps him to balance his new life with his old memories. A rift is formed between James and Monty, and he finds himself wanting to spend more and more time with Healer Malfoy. Meanwhile, Auror Weasley tries to solve the mystery of who is out for Harry Potter’s head before it’s too late.


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Author: Raserwolf

When Draco Malfoy encounters a struggling and frustrated Harry desperately trying to tie his shoes after a meltdown in the Great Hall, his curiosity regarding the incident leads him to seek the help of the two people closest to Harry: Ron and Hermione.

After even they are shocked to hear the extent of Harry’s issues, though Hermione had her suspicions, he discovers more about the man than he ever thought he knew before.


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Style: Tribal braids
Location: 101 Lake Park Rd Ste C Lewisville,TX 75057
#jsblessinghair1 #tribalbraid
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(feat. Jimin)

By: dawnstruck

Years down the road, after the members had to go their separate ways, Agust D is hoping to overcome months of writer’s block. A collaboration with Jimin who is, by now, an internationally acclaimed singer, model and dancer seems like a smart move. However, a few weeks in New York turn into something more as the two rekindle not only their friendship but also slowly uncover something new.

“I promised I’d write you a song, didn’t I?”

No Archive Warnings Apply
M/M: Min Yoongi/Park Jimin
Published: 2017-09-28
Completed: 2018-05-11
Words: 96915
Chapters: 34/34 

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Yesterday TwoAllNighters hit the massive milestone of 100,000 subs and we are still amazed that this is real. We are so greatful to everyone who has followed us through the years with the endless love and support. Thank you everyone, we hope you are ready for many more years of TwoAllNighters because we are here to stay and we are glad you will share this journey with us!!!

Lots of Love, from The TwoAllNighters Team ❤❤❤

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I’ve like over 100k posts.

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Prod 💿🎹 BY @themagician978 AND @hkeyz1980




#jamallray #singer #singersongwriter #singersofinstagram #singers🎤 #rappers #artist #dancer #dancersofinstagram #dancers #whiteplainsny #atlanticrecords #914 #rocnation #10k #10kfollowers #100k #newyork #newmusic #newyorkcity #newartist #newartistalert #signhim
(at White Plains, New York)

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Do you guys know of the story where it’s levi/eren and Mikasa/Annie and they have to hide the fact their dating the same gender bc of grisha’s a+ parenting. I remember there was a sleep over (and I think they told grisha that it was eren/Annie and levi/Mikasa just to all ow it) and then they go on a date with the boys on one side and girls on the other and a waiter goes ‘u guys don’t have to be shy, you can sit w/ ur gf’ and Annie goes ‘I am’. Sound familiar? Thanks!

Hey! I’ve found the fic! Here you are. :D 

The Ackerman’s Guide to Dating
Summary: Levi and Mikasa start a new school.
     The first problem arrives in the form of Eren Yeager.
     The second problem in the form of Annie Leonhart.
     The third problem? Their very conservative parents who don’t know their kids are gay.
     So they come up with a plan of attack.Levi will ‘date’ Annie while Mikasa 'dates’ Eren, and when they finally get them to stay over for the night their parents will insist on the 'couples’ staying in separate rooms.
     Jokes on their parents, though.


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