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#19 days

I want Mo to have a complete fanboy moment in front of the other guys. Like I want him to have a hobby none of them were expecting from him. Like maybe he has a favorite wrestler, a favorite singer, or maybe he sees someone cosplaying as one of his favorite characters and he asks for a picture.

I want him to be so wholesome and cute about it. Like he’s nervous to go up to them. Or he’s super excited if he sees a poster about it.

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Idiot troubles

He Tian: Ugh Little Mo is ignoring me again.

Jian Yi: Yeah same, Xixi hasn’t texted me back in two hours.

He Tian: Two hours?! Try two days.

Jian Yi: Maybe we should stop fooling around and actually be serious for once and have a normal conversation about our feelings and what we want instead of acting like idiots.

*They both stare at each other*

Both: Nah! *Burst out laughing*

He Tian: Good one. *Whipes tear away*

Jian Yi: *Still laughing* We’re going to be forever alone aren’t we?

He Tian: *Completely serious* Oh most definitely.

Jian Yi: Lets go bother them at their house.

He Tian: I’ll get my shoes.

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