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This is based on a dream I had several months ago. I just now got around to writing the thing. Enjoy some spooky.


“Beware the white cat with green eyes. Don’t trust it. It’s not a cat.”

I was in an abandoned house. Well, not exactly abandoned anymore. It was my new home. It had been a looming thing at the end of the street from my childhood home. I loved it when I was a kid, and vowed to buy it and restore it to its former glory. Three floors, a basement, a huge open front room that had a staircase on either side and leading up to the floors. The top floor had a large overlook. It had probably become my favorite part of the whole house.

Several of my friends had come to help me. There were so many rooms that I didn’t know exactly where to start. So, when they had offered, I happily put them to work. There was a thick layer of dust on everything. The previous owner had left all of their things from what I could tell. And the cobwebs weren’t going to clean themselves.

As we started cleaning, I began looking through the rooms. It was mostly to wipe what I could down and to figure out what to put where. There was mostly standard fare on the first floor. Two bedrooms, an office -complete with an old school computer-, a full bathroom, the kitchen, the dining room, and a den. This alone was perfect to live in by myself. But, there was so much left in the rest of the house. Excluding the basement, all of the floors wound up with seven rooms. 

Somewhere on the second floor, I moved to open the door of what I suspected was the fourth bedroom or another study. Before my hand touched the doorknob, my friend seemed to spontaneously appear and grab my wrist, stopping me.

"This isn’t a cat. Don’t trust it.” He shook his head as if in admonishment. “Just leave it alone.”

When he walked off, I chuckled to myself. Bizarre as it was, it wasn’t exactly like there was really a cat residing in the old massive abandoned house. I shook my head, his words almost immediately forgotten. I returned to the doorknob.

And it didn’t budge. I frowned at my luck and put my shoulder into the driving force of my next attempt. A low thump reached my ears. The door was stuck, but more as if there was a short but heavy object shoved right up to it. It was a struggle, but after about a moment, it gave a few inches. I tried to peek into the room, but grew distracted.

There was this… Fluffball. White, green eyes, and the meanest looking face. He was possibly the most adorable creature I had ever seen. So, I picked him up. He seemed to be glad to come into my arms.

So easily, the room was forgotten and the warning was as well. I finished the exploration of the second floor rather quickly, most of the rooms already reached by my cleaning fairies. I made my way up to the top floor.

Idly, I had been petting this rather large cat. He was purring with content. A couple more bedrooms, each with their own full bathrooms. A new empty room, same size as those that had been studies or reading rooms in the floors below. The fourth door stood dead center of the balcony that overlooked the wide open foyer.

For some reason, I scratched an ear of my new friend and asked with a chuckle. “What do you say, buddy? Wanna go in there?”

Because he was a cat, silence was my only reply.

I chuckled at myself again before moving to grab the door.

It was another wide open, empty room. Well, mostly. Inside, the group of friends who had come to help stood in the middle of the room. They were in a circle and just looking at each other with these blank looks. It was like they were perfect replicas but that were just a statue. For some reason, they just brought a resounding fear that caused my heartbeat to thud loudly in my ears.

I heard something downstairs, just beyond the railing of the balcony. I moved closer to that, backing slowly away. I turned my head slightly, trying to keep the creepy figures in the peripheral of my vision.

Down below me, there was another group of my friends. They stared up at me with the same terrifying blank stare.

I turned back, ready to make a break for it, but the thing from the empty room had already closed in. They surrounded me, blocking any escape but down. I could hear the footsteps of the others coming up the stairs. Then another set.

I was in a completely panicked state when the third set of my friends joined the barricade. I knew I had to get away.

As if I had forgotten I had him, I looked back down at the cat. It had lost some of the fluffy fur. Its ears were bigger, longer, and had a curved point. The burning green eyes seemed to hold a gleam of malice and excitement.

I tossed him at the doppelgangers. The motion caused me to trip. The railing broke under my weight and I fell.

I don’t remember exactly how it felt to die. It was almost as if I woke up as a ghost. The creature is lurking the halls, waiting for the next poor soul to buy it.

And I hope they heed the warning I foolishly ignored.

“Beware the white cat with green eyes. Don’t trust it. It’s not a cat.”

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