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Romeo and Juliet, Anthony and Cleo, Hector and Andromache, all these classic love stories could not beat ours when it comes to tragic ending. While their burning passion was chilled by death in a cataclysmic swing of his sword, ours killed itself before it could escape my frightened lips. So I’ll just write it down here because like my heart, it has no place to call home.

-No place to call home,

Katie, May 26th

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Forgive me for being your unfinished work in progress

Your scribbled out poem, your torn up sketch

I know it hurt you when I couldn’t be fixed

It hurt me too when your fingers grazed my wounds, when you undid my stitches, when you tried to kiss it better, when you gave up.

But I got better without you

If you knew that now, would you be happy for me?

Or would you be angry that I can change for myself but not for you?

I will never find out because when you walked away, you took all of yourself with you

But it doesn’t matter anyway

Because deep down, I know that you just don’t care

And it is as simple as that.

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Sky torn and weeping

Melancholy falls

A grey lament of storms

Sharp jagged lightning opening wounds

Wet and cold seeps into my soul


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The demons I once fought have now become mine

This war, so infinitely hard,

For I am both winner and loser at the same time

I am pulled, torn, on both sides,

In this battleground I stand on either side,

Covered in ashes,

Painted in blood,

Victory and loss I suffer both

As I find a way to live and find a balance,

A way to reconcile the light and the dark.


Inspired by a post by @fragments-of-my-mind

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i have the piercings of love,

could i stay with you a little longer?

could i care for you in another context?

lost in the flames of an earnest passion

my devotion to you, seeking your presence

your elegant empowerment

i love the way you run the show

the way you smile and defy language

an empress to whose company i adore

to whom i am captivated by completely

where land is an aurora

where lips create poetries

where your tattoos are eternal in the sky

your confidence,

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Me: I just wish more of my moments were spent with you.🙁

You: I wish more moments with you, as well. You are with me, in my heart😊

Me: You are with me too, come rain or shine. In my heart, you exist out of time, eternal, forever mine. ❤

The way we love (Conversations between us)

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Growing, I am,

Quite like a tree:

From roots to a stem

Then to fully green.

Growing, I am,

Quite like the sun:

A small ball of light

Then a lovely large one.

Growing, I am,

Quite like a bridge:

I was once lost

But I got over it.

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You make me smile so early my love. You make the day for me begin when your words my heart light. Take me and fill me with your words of love and the incandescence of this, my heart, will shine more than any star. I will take you also, so tenderly and hide you inside and I will offer you everything that is in me, everything I have. I will make those eyes shine and those lips bloom into a smile because the world is more beautiful when your happiness paints above me a thousand color sky.

e.v.e. (A thousand color sky)

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When did I stop looking for souls

But contentment in the flesh?

From forever

To moments that last an infinity only in my head?

No longer scared to lose people

Or even the memories they give?

When did I master this art

of letting go to such a terrifying extent?

-Nidhi Bhasin

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