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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Hello minions! I have spare time coming up and need to make some money! So I have a huge sale happening. I will draw a custom claptrap for only $10. You can choose a hat, accessory, color, pattern, quote, or whatever you want. It is a digital art piece but for $20 I will print it and mail it to you. Contact me now for details and signing up for a slot!

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Add spank Hulk Rise of the titan to your Spotify playlists list today

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(at Huston, Pennsylvania)

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and while we’re on the subject of Amazon, I’d like to mention how it’s affected the city I’ve grown up in and love so dearly.

Amazon is in part directly responsible for the godawful housing market in Seattle and it’s surrounding towns. The average rent for a small home in my neighbourhood, 30 minutes north of Seattle, can top off to $1,900 a month. I live in a small, 3 bedroom rambler that’s nothing special and our rent is $1,800 per month and climbing as amazon tries to bring in more employees to the area. We’re in the middle of a homeless crisis because many people cannot afford to live here anymore with rent skyrocketing and the gentrification of many low-income neighbourhoods in order to create space for more amazon transplants.

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“what do you think? about? this girl. she sounds awesome. she is awesome. and what about the guy? i think he’s on drugs, and he’s not thinking straight. really? ‘cause i think he’s thinking a lot more clearly than usual. he’s not. look… he doesn’t even know this girl. and if he did know her, like- like really know her, i don’t think he’d even want to be her friend. no, that’s not true. no way is that true. listen to me, Steve. it’s shocked me to my core, but i like you. i really like you. but i’m not like your other friends. and i’m not like Nancy Wheeler. Robin, that’s exactly why i like you. do you remember what i said about Click’s class? about me being jealous and, like, obsessed? yeah. it isn’t because i had a crush on you. it’s because… she wouldn’t stop staring at you. mrs. Click? Tammy Thompson.”

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Scarjo: *wants to play roles of trans people and poc* I can play anyone. I can play any tree or any animal I want.

Dudebros: let her play. it’s about acting.

Lashana Lynch: *takes over James bond’s 007 code, not his name*

Dudebros: *crying noises* highly disgusted

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