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I do not know if there is anyone else that enjoyed this ship while it lasted but as 2x17 left me crying for a lot of different reasons (but especially for Eddie) and I desperately needed some happy Eddie/Shannon content but did not find any on AO3 so wrote this (very very very) short one myself, if anyone would ever be in the same situation :)

Read it on AO3

“I want us to be a family again. I wished for a sign. And I got one.”

“I’m not pregnant.”

Eddie retreated before thinking it through. “That doesn’t change anything.”

“It does, if this is the sign you got.” A tear streamed down Shannon’s face.

“No”, Eddie insisted, “when you told me that you were pregnant, it’s what made me think. You’re right about that. But… but it’s just what made me realize that I still want this. I still want you. Us. It doesn’t matter if there is a second child or not. You two that’s enough for me.”

“Yeah?”, Shannon asked through her tears, “I would love for us to be a family again. If you’ll have me back.”

Eddie leaned over the table to kiss her. Shannon lifted her hands to put them behind his neck.

“I’m so happy to be back in your lives”, she whispered between kisses.

“So am I”, Eddie replied breathlessly, a small smile tugging on his lips, “And so is Christopher.”

Read it on AO3

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Summary (via IMDB) Sam and Dean’s routine case turns out to be anything but.

Written by: Steve Yockey

Directed by:  Richard Speight Jr.

Tagging: @thegalwhorants @emblue-sparks @metafest @verobatto-angelxhunter @evvvissticante @sudo-apt-get-destiel @wildligia @mishka-the-angel-of-saturday @stopmakingfaces (peeps put in bold are those tumblr won’t let me tag. It’s tumblr, what else is new?)

Spoilers under the cut:

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It does indeed.


Moment of appresh for Alice’s VOTE BETTY! pin. (The portrait is from 108 fyi.)


This is…it looks like it would irritate one’s neck, you know? I like it, I just worry about chafing.

The colors are p e a k season 2 Betty. 


The color palette continues. Truly this sweater looks cozy as fuck, this is a top five Betty cardigan for me. And upon googling, one discovers that of course, it is Prada, because I do unfortunately have expensive taste. It’s a curse. 

Triangle necklace reappears. I don’t think it is as fraught with ~symbolism as it once was. Frequent re-wears do the work to diminish that. 


It has elbow patches.


I’ll admit that the shirt kind of throws me. It’s very early 00s? I think this is more an Alice-in-s2 shirt than a Betty-in-s2 shirt. On paper, yes (floral print motifs, pinky-purple!), but in execution I get more confused the more I focus on it. 




I am all about this sweater. Look at that embroidery, and the mesh panel with the swiss dot? On a gray cashmere-looking crewneck? It just works for me. 


We get a much better look at the bag that Betty first introduced into her repertoire in 215. The jacket, of course, we know very well by now, it’s reappeared with regularity. 


Oh hey. Chic’s in camo. Betty wore pink camo in 211.


At a really quick glance, the shoulder lacings and bows look like snakes, right?Which suits this moment, where Betty has apparently been accepted by the likes of Sweet Pea and co, since she’s seemingly put an end to Alice’s anti-Southside rhetoric. Alice, who in this moment is wearing a snakeskin blouse:


It just really pins the button on, is all I’m saying. Heyyyyy, I brought it back around to buttons! Ngl, a little proud of myself for that one. 

Summary: Four

Is Betty a River Vixen??: V, Josie, and Toni, yes—but Betty, no. 

That backpack?: yes indeed

The floggingink Memorial Peter Pan Collar Count: I’m counting that floral sweater as a yes in spirit 

Best outfit: That aforementioned floral number!


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