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Аполлинарий Михайлович Васнецов (1856-1933)- «Старорусский город».

Apollinary Vasnetsov. “Old Russian town”.

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Russian Singer Luna
Album: Trans

1. Zolotye Lepestke – Golden Petal
2. Punnye Gepnozy – Lunar Hypnosis
3. Podruzhka – Girlfriend
4. Serenevyy Ray – Lilac Paradise
5. Byt’ Ostorozhnoy – Be Careful
6. Del’feny – Del’feny
7. Raznye Pravela – Miscellaneous Rules
8. Pal’mera – Pal’mera
9. Sela Stona – Sela Stona
10. Zvezdochka – Star

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Russian singer Luna
Album: Mag-ne-ty

1. Luna – Luna
2. Zatmeniye – Eclipse
3. Dumala – Thought
4. Osen’ – Autumn
5. Butylochka – Bottle
6. Magnety – Magnety
7. Bembi – Bembi
8. Lyutiki – Buttercups
9. Tuman – Fog
10. Rasstoyaniya – Distances
11. On s Toboyu Ne – He Is Not With You
12. Alesa – Alesa
13. Mal’chek, ty Sneg – Boy, you are Snow

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вольнодумец /vəlʲnɐˈdumʲɪt͡s/ noun, masculine – freethinker

В этот день 388 лет назад вольнодумец Галилео Галилей опубликовал свою главную книгу о гелиоцентрической системе. On this day, 388 years ago, the freethinker Galileo Galilei published his main book on the heliocentric system.


Вольнодумец, just like ‘freethinker’, consists of two parts: “вольно” = free and “думец” = the one who thinks, a thinker. 

And I am starting a series of words about science and philosophy. 

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Glados can you try flirting with Wheatley in Spanish or Russian and completely confuse him-

“Try? You mean do.” She holds down a button on her desk that allows her to speak with Wheatley in his office, like an intercom while also hitting record on her audio recorder, like what Cave uses to pre-record his messages to the test subjects. “Johnathan, Ты мой рай, ты моё небо, ты моё солнце. Ты видишь в небе солнце? Так знай, твоя улыбка светит гораздо ярче. Ты луч солнца в пасмурный день, Ты согреваешь мою душу.”

“Wait, you speak russ-”

She cuts him off as she switches to Spanish. “Haces que yo quiera ser una mejor persona, Me gustaría ser lágrima: para nacer en tus ojos, vivir en tu mejilla y morir en tus labios. Dichosos son mis ojos por ver tanta belleza.”

“Steph, I can’t understand-”

“Я никогда не переставал любить тебя с тех пор, как влюбился в тебя в старшей школе, и я хотел бы, чтобы ты чувствовал то же самое. Я не говорил тебе, так как боюсь, что ты не знаешь, но я забочусь о тебе больше, чем ты когда-либо узнаешь, и я хотел бы, чтобы у меня хватило смелости сказать тебе, насколько удивительными и любимыми ты действительно в моих глазах.“ She said, before coughing and cutting off the intercom, leaving Wheatley very confused but pink cheeked; he did enjoy it, even if he had no idea what she said. She stopped the recording and saved it to her computer, as a back up.

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Found my old Russian notes from when my parents had me take classes in elementary school and…

Highlights include:


a piece of notebook paper on which Бум! is written crookedly in blue marker

sheets (yes it is upside down)

a piece of notebook paper on which Бум! is written crookedly in blue marker

Whatever this is….

a piece of notebook paper on which Бум! is written crookedly in blue marker

And the back side of that sheet, which is the letter “ya” but like. For the entire page

a piece of notebook paper on which Бум! is written crookedly in blue marker
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