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Name some good love songs that I can play on my radio show for my Valentine’s Day special guys :^)) !!!

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It all started when you bought a beyblade.

I hesitated to launch it initially, much like my initial hesitation to talk to you every time I meet you, years apart.

You, however, launched it with confidence without a split second thought, just like how you talk to me like time has never passed, like we are still young and bold.

We make eye contact and slowly, I learn to launch it with confidence, under your guidance. We are separated by sea, and more, but you’ve been the same to me, a mentor, in a way.

I pulled the beyblade the wrong way once, and hurt my finger. You saw me cry and dropped your beyblade, despite this being your turn to use Jenga, the most powerful one of them all. You cared about me, more than winning that match, than that beyblade, than Jenga itself.

We don’t fight like beyblades. You grew up too fast, too mature, and I missed it all. I’ve seen your temper tantrums when you were eleven. I’ve also seen how you helped me, when you were nine, when everyone else left. It’s not enough though, it never is.

We’re not exactly siblings. We’re not gonna exactly friends either. Our paths don’t collides enough, like beyblades do.

To me though, we’re both. I’ll wait, spinning and spinning like a beyblade, till our paths meet again.

See you soon, cousin.

P.S. Bring your beyblade.

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maybe ill actually buy lunch today ive been avoiding it cuz. i got Issues i keep feeling nauseous while trying 2 eat but ill try 2 eat today aaaaaaa

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Hey I’ve got a question for mythical beasts who have been around since pre-2016 or roughly 2016.

When did you see the biggest increase in gmm’s popularity? Was there a particular year where suddenly there was a flood of new MB’s?

I’m just curious, if there is a season in particular where there was a lot of growth. Another reason I ask is because I feel like I stumble upon a lot of fic written in 2016, and I wonder if that was a big year in terms of growth for the community

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