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You may or may not recall (depending on how long you’ve been following me and how you came to make that questionable life choice - just kidding, I love you all!) that back in 2016 I wrote a little series of one shots that are entirely sweet, fluffy, adorable, and feel-good.

This was back in the days before the Avengers all started hating on each other and dying and all those bad things.

Avengers on Sesame Street is where it began.

Did They Give You A Name followed, and gave interested people some backstory (yep, took place before the first fic).

Darcy and her Cat Memes explored a comment made in the first fic,but did happen after the second (in posting order, not chronological).

Tis The Season To happened next, properly introducing everybody to characters that I had headcanoned as Darcy’s family for this little series.

Talk Like A Pirate Day was another big leap backwards, and chronologically, this one comes first.

Making Christmas - It’s Ours This Time! rounded out the little series, and got posted on Christmas day so there.

And now… I’m gonna share some headcanons that never got written up, but which happened in a message conversation with @wolfsrainrules​ - pretty much right when we met and were fangirling over each other because we weren’t friends yet back then.  I still have that conversation in my inbox, or I wouldn’t be able to do this now!

Further headcanons under the cut.  (Please also remember this was written back in 2016, before the franchise made us all cry.)

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So what's the strangest Rare Pair you never thought you'd like but do?

MMMMMM strangest rare pair….

… Lmao Wen Ruohan/Wei Wuxian. I always thought ‘oh that’d be hot’ and sort of always wanted to do something with it, but just. Never did lmao. Then Platy started plotting with me and went and wrote that one WRH/WWX drabble and now


hello new fave crackship lmao

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Sometimes I forget that your username is literally WolfsRainRules, because I followed for that good KHR writing, and quite literally Wolf’s Rain is so obscure now even though it’s still number one in my heart, so when I actually notice your username my heart just jumps and I get excited and then I realise “oh wait, it’s this person!” and then I calm down until the next excited scare.

That’s actually really adorable??? 

Also YES. I actually really like Wolf’s Rain. It was my first attempt at fanfiction way back when actually  THE ENDING THOUGH. NOTHING PREPARED ME FOR THE ENDING. 

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I need everyone to see this because I found the GIFS that explain what its like with my Plot Bunnies Devils and I need everyone to see them-

I have plot devils, not bunnies, for they see me and drag me into temptation, no stops or hesitations.

The plot Devils I SEE coming for me (you can even see me there, under the overhang trying to escape):


Originally posted by redimire

And then the ones that I DONT, the ones that sneak up on me:


Originally posted by 12-3amproductions

Either way, I cant stop them

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wolfsrainrules replied to your post “HOW DO YOU MAKE A APOCALYPSE/DYSTOPIA AU SET AT MEDIUM LEVEL…”

@ladyhallen​ Maybe make it so the Muggle Thing that caused it makes magic unpredictable? Kind of like accidental magic? Perhaps the Muggle Thing screwed with ley lines they didnt know where there and it had a Cascade effect on all the others, and therefore on the wizards who draw from them???

What, use magic and get sick? I think I already read that fic…

I mean, I like my wizards to still have magic. But. I read so many superpowered Wizards in a dystopia/apocalypse scene and it gets so redundant. I don’t want magic to solve everything. 

Maybe the ferals/zombies/evil creatures are immune to magic? OR maybe magic started everything and caused THINGS to mutate. thus, using magic is now forbidden. Enter Harry, changing how magic is used so he won’t  be arrested….

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I am entirely bored, so I thought I would post asking for asks, (can I do that is that a thing I can do?)

Send me an asks for headcanons about characters, characters in certain situations, pairings, the classic “Imagine your OTP” or “Person A vs Person B”! 
Or, if you just had a question I’ll answer those too!

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I CANNOT be the only one that looks a Toshinori and like-

I love him okay. I LOVE him, but while I love All Might, I love Toshinori more.

I love him all around, I would fight for this man, but even if he weren’t All Might, even if it was just Toshinori-

I feel like I’m not making sense, but between the two between All Might, the Number One Hero, and Yagi Toshinori….

I just really love this tiny but tall cinnamon roll okay.

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